A.Milinkevich: March 25 should be celebrated in the square Kalinowski

March 25 opposition plans to hold a peaceful march and rally in central Minsk on October Square. Committee Chairman Vintsuk Vyachorka said prazdnichek held in this new political criteria. Vecherko: "Today March 25 — it is a reminder not only of 1918, but also about 2006. About one week between 19 and 25 March, about the heroic events in the area that showed the spirit and prompted hundreds of thousands of Belarusians. Today March 25th as Independence day, occurs in acute criteria struggle for the independence of Belarus. She was under threat as a result of mindless, dead-end action of

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Quasimodo in Belarus brought snow and strong wind

On areas of the country are predicting heavy snow, blizzard, snow drifts on the road. Days of wind in some areas will increase to 15-18 meters per second. Air temperature during the day 1-7 degrees below zero in the south to plus 1, NIGHT MODE in the eastern parts of the country — minus 8-10 degrees, reports Interfax.

In the House of Writers Michas Tychina Oksana Danilchik Arthur Klinov

Creators and worksOksana Danilchik "LIFE AND POETRY touch, but do not coincide"Oksana Danilchik translates from Italian into whiteSkuju and Belarus into Italian: such example of the "double" translator in Belarus occurs very rarely. She is interested in Italian culture, every year there are at Apeninskay Peninsula and even its recently published "Logos" poetic book named in Italian — "Il mezzogorno". From the creator of the book met Michas Scoble.Scoble: "Oksana, your brand new book is beautiful but incomprehensible title" Il mezzogorno ". What does it mean?"Danilchik: "So — noon. I like that in Italian, as well as in Belarus, the

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Electrograd a supplier of equipment for the construction of a multifunctional complex Respublika

Multi-purpose complex Respublika — the whole country united new format trade, entertainment and lifestyle. For the first time in Ukraine's largest shopping center will be integrated into the housing array c 1,2 million sq.m. high-quality housing. Residents of the neighborhood do not have to waste time looking for comfortable places to relax or meet friends, and they will be able to reduce the time and the usual shopping trips because everything here — next. In the district will have their own nurseries, schools, fitness centers, health center, bus station, hotel and multi-storey car parks. After the construction of a

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Botox Gel + = minus 15 years

Each woman will sooner or later think about a face lift, with many non-surgical want — that there was stitches, swelling, scarring. And few people realize that it does take just a timely appeal to the beautician. No need to wait until the age reassert itself, frightening morning in the mirror sagging face and wrinkles. Start the prevention of aging now and get rid of the prospects scalpel!

You 23-25? It's time to start low concentrations of chemical peeling, massage Lift6, which will keep the facial muscles toned, microcurrent, oxygen-ozone therapy, especially if you do not get enough fresh

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Weather and Sports — an important choice?

Monitoring covers 20 mass disk imaging, printing and electrical, municipal and-independent. The general conclusion made on behalf of a group of professionals Ales Antipenko: Municipal media is very shy and very lightweight scheme to cover election campaigns:"National Television (ONT) disk imaging weather gave twice as much attention than the electoral process. Same situation yavna and regional electric media: at the Gomel regional radio choice given to 3 times less time than sports, and 10 times less infy than about the weather ". In rassredotachivanii area between the various actors in the "Russian Belarus’ top pick is the President — it

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Experimental area of high-speed road ballastless

In December 2010, on the road ferrying Sablino II — Tosno line St. Petersburg — Moscow stowed 1 km pilot area ballastless track. Experimental plot laid by German technology and under the supervision of German experts.

In designs ballastless path element of the permanent way — Ballast — replaced the base plate of concrete, evenly distributing the load. On a plate stacked rails using elastic elements. The main advantage of ballastless way is to significantly reduce the amount of work on the current content. Presentation on Technology

Experience in operating areas with ballastless by Germany and

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Poland agreed to arrange South American missiles

The agreement anticipates that the terrain of Poland, not counting system defeat ballistic rockets fired at the U.S. countryside, will be the South American military garrison (until 2012). It is expected that in exchange for permission to arrange on their own terrain 10 U.S. interceptor missiles will give Washington Warsaw also rocket launchers "Patriot" and, according to the official disk imaging would take "a significant role in the modernization of the Polish army.""The United States pledged to closely cooperate with us in case of any danger to Poland from third countries … This is a step towards strengthening Poland’s security

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Evenk hydroelectric power station. Dream Russian hydropower.

Around the project Evenki (Turukhan) HPS broken a lot of copies. What is surprising — a large-scale project, the largest power plant in Russia, there are none and will no longer be a unique target. So, what is this project?

The bottom near the Tunguska alignment Evenkiyskaya HPP. Photos from here

Evenkiyskaya target plant is located on the Lower Tunguska River — a major tributary of the Yenisei. This river flows in the north of the Krasnoyarsk region, in the Evenki. With the strong average water (more than 3000 m3 / s), the

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School buses — children of Bryansk

Educational institutions of the Bryansk region awarded 46 new school buses.


Certified school buses "Peugeot" got Neginsky orphanage Suzemskogo area high school number 3 in Bryansk, Starodubskaya secondary school number 1, Domashovskaya Secondary School Bryansk region, Netinskaya Secondary School. Yuri Levkina Bryansk region, Staronovitskaya mainstream schools Gordeevskoi area Gordeyevskaya Secondary School, Zhiryatinskaya Secondary School, Zhukovskaja secondary school number 1, Zlynkovskaya secondary school number 1, Larnevskaya Secondary School Krasnogorsk district, Mglin secondary school number 2, Shcheglovskaya secondary school Navlinsk area Dolbotovskaya Secondary School Pogarsky area Sopychevskaya Secondary School Pogarsky area Pogarskaya secondary school number 2, Voronovskaya

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