Above the city in the Ulyanovsk region Barish Hurricane


The hurricane tore roofs of several houses. Photo: from the archives

23.06.11. Squall hit the area on Monday, about 17 hours. Strong wind knocked some old poplars, broken wire, carried satellite dishes. At 27 homes did not survive the roof — literally iron sheets being uprooted. After pouring rain and hail turned the upper floors of an apartment in the shower.

— We returned home, and found the kitchen now flooding — said a resident of one of the houses on the street Lunacharskogo pensioner Tatyana Mikhailova. — Dripping from the ceiling, wall wet, it seemed that the

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Hurricane in Kazakhstan. Photo. Video


27.06.11.Nachnem us your release with the next disaster! Today in Almaty a great storm, which was accompanied by rain and hail, uprooted trees and blew the roofs of houses. The city having power outages and communication. For several hours, was paralyzed traffic. Shyngys Bisari felt the effects of the hurricane. These amateur footage fearsome. A powerful storm with rain, and then hail and uproot trees, tore off roofs and blocked the highway. 12 drivers were trapped in their cars. The lower part of the city in a matter of minutes was flooded. What, in general, happens every time

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Report / Vladivostok aerial (Spring 2012)

The bridge across the Golden Horn

Central square

Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Dynamo Stadium and Sports harbor promenade

Cinema Center Ocean

Construction of five-star class hotels in Cape Stormy


Ferris wheel on the waterfront

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Report / aeroexpress Vladivostok — Vladivostok

In connection with the commissioning of the airport complex, located near the village of Vladivostok, July 23, began translating from terminal "B" terminal "A". At the same time from Vladivostok to the new terminal started to run express train.

Get on the express train to the airport, bypassing traffic jams Vladivostok, really comes in handy: the train runs every two hours from 8.00 to 20.00 and arrives at a new terminal in 55 minutes. On the way Express — only three stops, and the train is moving at a speed of 70-100 km / h Tickets — from 200

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Fish kills in the Lipetsk region


File photo

14.07.11.V village pond Red Lipetsk fish kills occurred. One of the causes of the accident area environmentalists called sewage runoff that occurred as a result of the accident at the CND.

— This place is a cascade of water, but suffered only Furmanov pond located in the center of the village — told state inspector environmental Lipetsk Natalia Bessonova. — The valves are on the pond, above and below the affected area, have not given water and contaminate it.

Preliminary estimate is killed all the fish in the pond — from small to large.

Now experts

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Arhiva.V of Berezniki building collapsed in failure. Photo. Video

Karst holes

October 19, 2006 at the mine potash mine № 1 OJSC "Uralkali" (Berezniki, Perm region) after the crash began to notice a sharp increase in water inflow to the face.

The influx from the aquifer was strong, which was extremely dangerous — if the water saturation of solid salt layer will turn it into a kind of "ryapy", in the presence of a large system of cavities formed in the extraction of salt water will dissolve rocks with possible consequences on the surface .

To do in this situation, people have nothing they could, and October 28,

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A record number of salmon caught in the Arkhangelsk region

The highest rate in 20 years was recorded in the current year.  — More than 76 tons of salmon caught in the area by far — said the head of the Agency for Fisheries. High levels of collective fisheries area, organized the timely harvesting, showed the economy — said the head of the Agency for Fisheries Alex Korotenko.

This year brought the refrigeration equipment in coastal villages, — said Sergey Kon'kov as chairman of the fishing farm "Tide". This gives the opportunity to farm individually freeze every big fish, and it is —

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Hail the size of a hen’s egg dropped in Belarus. Video


1.06.11.Grad size of a hen's egg dropped in the Brest region. Anomaly in 20 minutes destroyed the gardens and thousands of hectares of crops in Gantsevichi district. 161 damaged house, 22 Agriculture, school, kindergarten, and House of Culture. Three farms area — "oak forest", "Krishilovichi" and "Agronacha" — suffered serious damage.

Just Gantsevichi area as a result of heavy rain, wind and hail damaged 190 houses, destroyed crops on 713 acres, is on 740 acres — is damaged.

According to forecasters, in the region on May 29 was recorded wind gusts up to 14 meters per second, dropped

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Argentina: After the earthquake there was dust that changes colors

February 2, 2013. According to the publication El Tribuno, Ditch the neighbors place, located in the hills surrounding the Quebrada de Eskoipe (GoogleMap), Very worried. Since last Tuesday, a series of 22 natural phenomena violated a normal life. Day and night, they felt a strong earthquake, which was accompanied by a drone.

On Wednesday 23, at dawn, they heard a loud explosion, and the next morning blue cloud covered area. Some complained that the dust stung their eyes.

The next day clouds color changed to red. The first visitors of the explosion found a huge land subsidence, which

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In Siberia, the fires are burning

In Siberia, the fires are burning Natural Disasters

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia reports that in Siberia found 37 locations of fire, covering an area of 917.3 hectares. At the moment, under the control of firefighters are 13 of them, with an area of 705.8 hectares. To extinguish the mobilized 960 officers were firemen and 174 pieces of equipment.


The main heat source is located in Eastern Siberia. Considered to be the most affected of the Republic of Khakassia and Buryatia (22 focus), the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Trans-Baikal region (16 seats). According to experts, the further

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