The Urals have exceeded the annual plan for artificial regeneration

By the end of June, the planned regions of the Urals Federal District work on artificial regeneration were carried out on the area of 15,720.7 hectares and is generally performed on 103% of the annual volume.  In particular, work on government contracts are made by 104%, and in the concession area — by 102%. Reforestation efforts undertaken over an area of 15.7 thousand hectares.

Clear leaders on the implementation of the annual plan of reforestation are the Tyumen region (artificial reforestation carried out on 112% of the plan for the total area of 3558.1

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Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky was covered with ashes



2.01.11.V the first days of the new year over the capital of Kamchatka were precipitation in the form of volcanic ash, the news agency VOSTOK-MEDIA.

The culprit of the accident was Kizimen volcano. Its eruption experts waited all of December, but the powerful natural fireworks volcano arranged exactly on January 1.

As RIA "Vostok-Media" referring to the chief information officer Kronotsky reserve, January 1, at dawn on Kizimene there was a series of explosions, over the top of the fiery mountain ash column rose high in 8 kilometers.

Volcanic ash blanketed cordons, located 30-40 km from

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In the Gomel region because of the heat killed fish


File photo: from the site

18.07.11.Rechitsky executive committee meeting on July 18 allowed the tenants of fishing ponds to fish from fry and resettle them in their lands. This measure is intended to stop the involuntary loss of fish.

Villagers Island Rechitsa district on July 17 reported in the MOE of the death of fish in the local reclamation channel. The information was passed to the inspection area of natural resources and environmental protection. Experts have found that the problem is relevant to other regions of Gomel region.

Late on July 17 for the survey area to

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Fish kills in the Lipetsk region


File photo

14.07.11.V village pond Red Lipetsk fish kills occurred. One of the causes of the accident area environmentalists called sewage runoff that occurred as a result of the accident at the CND.

— This place is a cascade of water, but suffered only Furmanov pond located in the center of the village — told state inspector environmental Lipetsk Natalia Bessonova. — The valves are on the pond, above and below the affected area, have not given water and contaminate it.

Preliminary estimate is killed all the fish in the pond — from small to large.

Now experts

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Environmental disaster in the Kirov region. Video


29.06.11. — You know, we have a catfish die — says Leonid, a local resident. — Trehkilogrammovye. And guys that always go on a fishing trip, so tell that to the dead fish in the river this year, as long as there was still on their mind.

You know — Leon goes to a whisper — of course, not without that network and sometimes fill up (and this is according to the law poaching because a whisper — Comm. Aut.). So the networks full of dead fish. More than alive, double.

Leonid — little man of forty, lean,

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UK: heat and fires

UK: the heat and the fire weather and climate

Britain continues to break temperature records. For a week the temperature even in London showed +20 ° C, which is 10 degrees above normal. In Five Castle, County of Aberdeen, Scotland, recorded a temperature record in 22,8 °.


Holidaymakers on the beach, drank about. Man, UK. 26/03/2012.

Something similar happened in the country during the second half of March 2005, when the Botanical Garden Kew Gardens in London was 21.8. As then, now reigns over the islands area of high atmospheric pressure, backed by warm air currents from more southern

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In search Vyatkian leshego

"Vyatskiy edge", 29.11.2002, Kirov, n219

Recently in our field expedition visited the famous Moscow ufologist Vadim Chernobrov. Together with experts of scientific and public association "Kosmopoisk" in Verhoshizhemsky area in search of Bigfoot, avdoshki, or Bigfoot, and went kirovchanin Anton Goldfinches.

In the wake of avdoshki

— Why such a strange, unearthly name from the association "Kosmopoisk"? — I asked in Shcheglova. — Yes, because the ufologists are studying the most incredible phenomena that can not be explained by mainstream science. No wonder the logo "Kosmopoisk" — our galaxy, where billions of stars like a grain of sand

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USA: Rain and hail

USA: Rain and hail Weather and Climate

In the U.S., from the south-west Virginia to South Carolina, although the temperature in the 17-20 ° C above zero, come this winter. However, instead of the snow on the street hail, covered the 13-cm soil layer. This weather in the region has brought a cold atmospheric front, hit the south-east of the country real ice Rain. It is reported that in some areas of North Carolina Rain by their characteristics were very similar to a tornado.

A resident of Franklin County, Virginia, is trying to dig out your car, bombarded by hail.

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What is that tramples rover Russian vegetable garden?




The Yankees were only going to launch a rocket to Mars, when our countrymen have bought up on a distant planet thousands of hectares of land


What is that tramples rover Russian vegetable garden?

Thailand: Underground fire in the province of Phitsanulok


April 26. Relevant officials went to explore the place in Nakhon, Phitsanulok (Phitsanulok — one of the provinces of Thailand, located in the north central part of the country. — Approx. Ed.) In the Thai area where, reportedly raging underground fire. Also alleged that the fire burned four dogs.

Last Saturday, a resident Chatree Boonyarit also suffered burns while trying to save the dogs in the area.

"Before that, another person injured in the same place. He said that the road surface is slightly collapsed and opened fire blazing under the earth, "- says the village elder NACHA

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