Because of the unprecedented drought in autumn Carpathian villages disappearing water from wells


21.11.11.Takoy dry autumn, this year, in Transcarpathia not recall even the old-timers.

Dry weather holds in most of the area from the middle of July. Lack of rain in the mountainous villages was disrupted autumn mushroom picking. Harvest wild berries was also much smaller than usual.

Now the water level in the rivers of the Carpathian down almost to historic lows, and the water table had gone to a critically low levels — from 2.5 to 4 meters. Because of this, in rural water wells began to disappear — a thing at the end of November in Transcarpathia unheard.

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Plates on the Dalnegorsk





UFO again on frequent coastal "north". At the end of last year, a resident of Dalnegorsk Alexei Kolesnikov was traveling with relatives of Spassk home. At 3 am in the area of the pass in the Crimson Chuguyivske area he and his passengers noticed a

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District is transformed, challenges remain

For the second year with the onset of autumn, we acquaint our readers with the outcome of the Comprehensive Programme on improvement of the area. The results of the work done by the utility services in the current year, we talk to the head of the Civil Code "IP Yuzhnoportovy District" Natalia Kuvardin.

— Natalia G., remind our readers how much work has been planned for this year and how the whole process of this accomplishment?

— Despite the fact that in the previous year, we have done a very large amount of work on the landscaping of

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The collapse on Bald Mountain in Sochi. Video


23.11.12.Vchera outdoors near Bald Mountain House 36 B, which is building the tunnel 4A Kurortny Avenue, subsidence occurred. To prevent gas leakage, it was decided to discontinue the supply of gas to the damaged pipeline. As a result, no natural gas remained five private homes.

At the scene in the evening there were 23 people and six pieces of equipment, including four rescuers. Employees of Southern gornostroitelnogo control quickly began work on backfilling soil.

According to the Directorate for the construction of roads, "Black Sea" The incident occurred because of the surface sediment of the earth. Work on

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Seismic activity in the Astrakhan region continues


19.04.12.V recent months, the number of aftershocks reached the level 25, and even more. What is the reason can not answer and the Governor of Astrakhan region.

You sit there, going about their business and feel that something is wrong! Chandelier swinging, ring dishes and shakes you, thought the phrase appears earthquake? Stop in Astrakhan from such natural disasters. The only time the earthquake was recorded in 1688! So where is all this? Naturally the city rumors that eminent military range Ashuluk conduct underground explosions.

Polygon famous August 23, 2011 to its explosion, which killed eight people, the reason

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China produced about 700 karst holes

Karst holes

In central China, was formed about 700 karst valleys. Photo from

28.02.12.V the central Chinese province of Hunan for the year 693 there was a large quantity of karst collapse, and their number is constantly growing.

Yuetszyatsyao village suffered the most. Local residents are excited cause of the disaster they consider over-exploitation of groundwater resources. Large gaps appear for a long time, but local authorities have done nothing.

According to mainland media reports, from January to February 24 this year, residents located in the Lake Dongting nine townships that are administered by the city Iyana Hunan

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In Kungur area collapsed ancient tunnel depth of 22 meters

Karst holes

20.02.12.U village of Upper Talitsa Perm Territory land literally out from under his feet. Here a few days ago suddenly formed a 20-meter failure. According to historians, this is mine, where 200 years ago the miners mined copper. While cavers hope to find in the pit curious artifacts, villagers are worried about their safety. Details at Julia debt.

Children rural fireman Nikolay Kiryanov Dasha and Dima played on a snowy meadow. Suddenly the earth abruptly collapsed and formed a huge hole. Dimensions failure diameter of 3 m in depth — all 20! By happy coincidence the brother

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Berezniki revealed three aftershocks. Video

Karst holes

22.02.12.Seysmicheskie post in the village of Romanov and Solikamsk recorded three underground point occurred in the forest, 300 meters from the village and Zyrianka Nartovka in suburban Bereznikov.Mestnye residents reported in the MOE that is heard a lot of noise, varying soil.

Third the size of a battery failure BSHSU — 89 to 85 meters. Photo:

At the scene, immediately left the head Berezniki Sergey Dyakov, rescue workers and representatives of the mining company. However, since the events took place in the dark, directly to the place shocks no one approached.

Now forest near

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Ashuluk reeling from all of the Astrakhan region


31.01.12.Zhiteli Astrakhan region complain of daily earthquakes that ustaivayte military, blowing every day Ashuluk range of about 1400 tons of ammunition.

Astrakhan scare dancing chandeliers and doors in the apartments in the area Harabalinskom people feared that the vibration will destroy their homes. Intervene promised the chairman of the regional government.

Earthquakes local scale

Konstantin Markelov Harabalinskom visited the area last week. As the portal organs of state power, during a private meeting with the Prime Minister, many residents are outraged at the "too active demolition landfill Ashuluk": homes shaking walls, windows, people are simply afraid of that,

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Berezniki Perm region formed another failure

Karst holes

Place a new failure fenced. Photo: Forum

4.12.11.Segodnya Berezniki Perm region formed a failure in a non-functioning building Berezniki mine construction management (BSHSU).

According to some, the failure diameter — about 15 meters. Left in place emergency specialists of "Uralkali" and EMERCOM. Place the funnel formation of a new fenced and cordoned off. Soon the press service of the Berezniki promises to publish official information about the incident.

Formation of new scientists predicted the failure of "Galurgiya" and Mining Institute of Sciences. Studies have shown a potentially dangerous site, located 400 meters from the crater-strewn, non-functioning

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