In Kostanai region wolves killed a 50 head of cattle


ASTANA. February 3. — In Kostanai region wolves killed a 50 head of cattle.

Told a news agency «» head of the department of natural resources and environmental management Kostanai region Kazbek Tuleubaev.

"Wolves are seen in Kyzbelskogo aul Zhangeldinskogo County area. District leadership appealed to us to shoot wolves. However, in the area of about 70 thousand hectares of cane, predators will not drive out ", — said K.Tuleubaev.

According to him, shoot wolves difficult because land Kyzbelskogo aul District are protected zone.

"There's about three wolf pack. The point is that in this conservation area annually

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Kuzbass is preparing for a major flood

March 25, 2013. Due to the extremely snowy winter in the Kuzbass region this year is expected to more ambitious than usual spring flood. In the area of flooding may be about 22 thousand local residents, who will have a mandatory basis to temporarily leave their homes.

More all regional authorities fear rapid warming and rain, which will only exacerbate the already difficult situation in the region. According to meteorologists, this year in the Kuzbass snow fell almost twice more, than usual, and the snow depth in some areas than last year's figures on the meter, so flood could prove

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27.04.12.Na Lake Kotokel found dead birds


27.04.12.Odin of residents counted in the lake three dozen dead birds. — Alexander, a resident of Baikal region (on the phone): Why bother is started, because the last time the lake was poisoned, it all started with the fact that the birds began to die, and then started dying cats and dogs, then came to the people, and after that took up the diagnosis. In addition, small children sick with pneumonia. Here's a two-way where a small child come from? Does not one of our kind? Meanwhile Burprirodnadzor urges people not to panic. By themselves, the etiology

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About a thousand homes damaged after the earthquake in Kyrgyzstan


9.02.12.Okolo thousands of private homes and public facilities were damaged as a result of a 6-point earthquake on Sunday in Kyrgyzstan, said on Thursday the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic.

An earthquake of magnitude 6 on the MSK (magnitude 5.3 on the Richter scale) occurred on Sunday in the Naryn region of Kyrgyzstan. The epicenter was located in the area of the ridge Moldo-Too, 25 km from the city of Min-Kush and 155 km south of Bishkek. In Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan Almaty tremors were felt in the 2-3 points.

"The Min-Kush was

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Tremors in Georgia. Video


7.05.12.Gruziya today was at the center meteosobyty. On the natural phenomena more talk Khatuna Kondzhariya.

Source: Channel PIC

In eastern Georgia were five aftershocks

TBILISI, May 7. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Tengiz Pachkoria /. Five aftershocks with magnitude of up to 5 occurred today in several regions in eastern Georgia, in particular Dedoplistskaroyskom area. This was reported by representatives of the National Seismological Service.

According to them, the epicenter of the aftershocks was in Azerbaijan — in the area adjacent to Dedoplistskaroyskomu area. Head of the Service explained that after a strong earthquake in the morning for the day

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Cherkassy region suffers from pests


9.08.11.V seven districts of Cherkasy region a surge in pest activity — American white moth.

According to the press service of the Cherkasy Oblast Department of Forestry and Wildlife Service, in a survey of forest protection specialist company "Kievlesozaschita" cells revealed normal pine sawyer in plantations Prokhorovka, Liplyavskogo Olhovsky forestry and forestry Zolotonosskogo an area 2502 hectares and forest plantations Chornyavskogo Chigirinsky on forestry area of 4970 hectares. Population density crowns mentioned pest represented between 20 and 140 colonies sawyer, which threatened the destruction of 50% of plants.

In this regard, in order to protect crops from total destruction

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Mount Etna in Sicily resumed its activity


ROME, July 10 — RIA Novosti, Sergei Elders. Mount Etna, located on the Italian island of Sicily, has resumed its activity, reported Sunday service of civil defense in Italy.

According to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy, the activity of Etna, expressed in strong vibration earth's surface and lava emission, has been observed as early as Friday in the area south-east of the crater.

During these events Saturday became much stronger, and in the evening in the same area was reported major ashfall.

Wind ash drifted towards the second-largest Sicilian city of Catania and other communities

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From the sky poured laundry detergent?


25.08.11.Strannye white puddles, though covered with a thin film of soap suds, and the same color streams with noise traveling to urban livnevki could watch over the weekend residents of Nizhny Novgorod and the region.

Sunday rain is particularly remembered for its unusual white townspeople tsvetom.Grazhdane accustomed to consistent reports about another weather anomaly, though surprised.

— It seems that the cloud in the sky someone poured detergent, and she poured out to us on the ground rain soap — says a resident of Nizhny Novgorod Andrey Vasilenko. — When the rain calmed down, the water in the

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Astrakhan region on locusts attacked


15.06.11.Rezhim emergency because locusts introduced Kamyzyaksky near Astrakhan region, ITAR-TASS reported. Locusts pests in large numbers filled Area.

In southern regional emergencies center said: "Phytosanitary situation in the area is rated as strenuous. Massive accumulation of locust pests (Italian locust) revealed an area of more than 9 hectares. In the processing area pesticides involved five emergency vehicles and two small aircraft. "

Italian locust is a dangerous pest of crops in areas of irrigated agriculture. Insect destroys buckwheat, corn, sunflowers, beans, melons, potatoes and cereals. This kind of locusts spread in the Middle Volga region, in the south of

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Snow fell in Khakassia



08.08.12.V predgoltsovoy taiga border Ust-Abakan and Khakassia Askizsky areas snowed.

This was announced by the witnesses during the raid for Environmental Compliance in the hunting areas of the country.

Natural collapse accompanied by a sharp decrease in temperature and descended from the mountain mudslide. Abnormal for this time of weather led to the destruction of roads and trails in the area and the death of wild plants.

During the raids, the State Committee for Wildlife and Environmental Khakassia had to rescue a group of tourists from Krasnoyarsk. She was in the area of poor visibility and left

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