In the Gomel region because of the heat killed fish


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18.07.11.Rechitsky executive committee meeting on July 18 allowed the tenants of fishing ponds to fish from fry and resettle them in their lands. This measure is intended to stop the involuntary loss of fish.

Villagers Island Rechitsa district on July 17 reported in the MOE of the death of fish in the local reclamation channel. The information was passed to the inspection area of natural resources and environmental protection. Experts have found that the problem is relevant to other regions of Gomel region.

Late on July 17 for the survey area to

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Environmental disaster in the Kirov region. Video


29.06.11. — You know, we have a catfish die — says Leonid, a local resident. — Trehkilogrammovye. And guys that always go on a fishing trip, so tell that to the dead fish in the river this year, as long as there was still on their mind.

You know — Leon goes to a whisper — of course, not without that network and sometimes fill up (and this is according to the law poaching because a whisper — Comm. Aut.). So the networks full of dead fish. More than alive, double.

Leonid — little man of forty, lean,

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In Chuvash village again bloomed lilac


Lilac blossom again

8.7.12. "Once a year, the gardens are blooming" — these words of the famous song may well be challenged. October residents of rural settlement area Poretsky wonder: what to do — to meet spring or autumn to wait? Directly under a window at home Galyamin Nicholas Street in Traktornaya Antipinke flowered lilac. True, the plant forth her flowers on the very top of a bush. And it should be noted that they are not as lush and luxurious, what are the spring, but they are many.

The house, where there is an unusual phenomenon, a

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Village Delayed


20.12.12.Sotni villagers Zhanbay Isatai area were in the zone of ecological disaster. According to them, to live in Zhanbae every year becomes more unbearable.

Dangerous neighborhood

Zhanbay village was founded in 1957 and eventually turned into a dense ring of oil fields.

The most dangerous neighbor Zhanbaya — Zhanatalap field, the development of which has been TOO "Potential Oil". We have already mentioned that the oil company at night bleed-through gas flare system without connecting torches («AJ» № 49 of 12.06.12, "Open burner for Zhanbaya").

— After the "Ak Zhayik" article appeared, pungent suffocating smell that dizzy, ended abruptly,

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Locusts in Kharkiv region


14.07.11.Po to the deputy chairman Vitaly Alekseichuk Hogan, July 13 at Dvurechanskom area was detection and removal of the source is very dangerous pest — Locust.

Pest is on the site of perennial grasses, and has held its movement to the border with sunflowers.

"The quick action taken today at 3:00 am outbreak was localized to the area of 100 hectares and sunflower on an area of 100 hectares of perennial grasses, — said Vitaly.

— Weather conditions in 2010 and wintering conditions contributed to the accumulation and conservation of locusts, so the threat of such centers exist in

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In Orenburg locusts threatens crops


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11.07.11.V Orenburg in 2011, the greatest danger of crops is locusts. According to the autumn survey processing is planned for an area of 60 hectares in 27 districts of the region, as well as in the cities of Orenburg, Orsk and Novotroitsk.

On REGNUM correspondent reported July 11 in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Processing Industry of the Orenburg region. From the regional budget for the purchase of chemicals to control insects allocated 10 million rubles, and declared a public auction.

Specialists note that the emergence of nongregarious started on 10 May, and the

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Locusts attacked 120 thousand hectares in the Astrakhan region


ASTRAKHAN, July 11 — RIA Novosti. Locusts spread to 120.3 thousand hectares of land in the southern Astrakhan region, in four regions introduced a state of emergency, according to a report Monday in the regional Ministry of Agriculture.

Locusts in the region began in early June in Kamyzyaksky area, then spread to neighboring territories. As of June 20, the area on which settled locusts, was 79 thousand hectares. To date, the state of emergency declared in Kamyzyaksky, Liman, Ikryaninsky Enotaevsky areas and the Astrakhan region.

"On July 11, examined more than 427.6 thousand hectares, the population of pests is

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At Yuzhnouralskaya crops comes locusts. Video


22.07.11.Fermery Southern Urals moving to a state of siege. Their crops come swarms of locusts.

Threatened — almost half the field Agapovka area. In Bashkortostan — there, where the army is a multibillion-dollar insect pests have eaten dozens of hectares of crops.

This enemy does not shoot at the enemy, and takes no prisoners — just very hungry. Breakfast grain crops, lunch grass in pastures. Another week of such a rich diet, and throughout the year there will be nothing to the local villagers. "Breathe freely — pay it back, and here such attack" — lamenting farmer CX "Field"

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Locusts in the Samara and Irkutsk regions


The fields in the Samara region locust attacks

Photo from report

23.06.11. In the previous two years in the Samara region was loss of crops due to the unprecedented heat wave this year farmers had fallen a new attack. Field locust attacks.

Increase in their numbers is observed in an area of 23 thousand hectares in Alexeyev, Bezenchukskaya, Bor, Volzhsky, Kinelskiy, Kinel-Cherkassy, Red Army, Neftegorsk Pestravskom, Volga, Sergius, Stavropol, Syzran, Khvorostyanskaya, Chelno-Vershinskaya Shigonskom and municipal areas.

This outbreak — a consequence of a hot summer last year, and a warm, mild winter. This weather has helped the

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Locusts in the Penza region


1.07.11.V Gorodischenskoe near Penza region continue to actively fight the locusts.

As we learned from official sources, the situation is now under control.

Over the past two weeks in the area were processed Gorodischenskoe locust 570 hectares. While 110 hectares of sunflower is on 50 acres of oats and winter wheat, the rest of the so-called fallow land.

It is worth noting that in other parts of the Penza region signs habitat dangerous pest not obnaruzheny.Maksimalnaya density locust Gorodischenskoe area is 1,000 individuals per square meter.


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