School of Rostov region received 64 new buses

Schools Rostov area received 64 bus. At a ceremony in the capital of the Don came to the teacher and students from 28 districts and cities. The new "slots" purchased the modernization program of general education.


The purchase of school buses has increased access to quality education for more than 34 thousand children Rostov region. In the area plan to buy 208 school buses.

Grodno — the first museum in Belarus Obstetrics

M.Birukova, in which This year going to run for parliament, noted that at the moment in the area seek out means for opening supersuchasnaga honey center, adding that they certainly went out and brought. The museum is located in the 2-rooms. Really impressed with the exhibits: a unique improvised anatomical atlas of Germany in 1876, pram cradle-30s of the last century and various medical tools. Exhibits really a lot, and they are placed tightly enough.

Chief Dr. Victor Lisovich stated that exhibits found throughout the area during the a couple of years. We have braked himself an old exhibit

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CHEMK completed in Magnitogorsk complex reconstruction of ore dressing

Group CHEMK (Chelyabinsk Electric Factory) Magnitogorsk in the village of Kusa district has commissioned an industrial enrichment complex ore and turn it into a concentrate, which is then used for the production of ferrochrome.

Starting a new business in Magnitogorsk has become one of the stages of a large program of environmental and technological upgrading of enterprises group CHEMK. New enrichment complex ore in Kusinsk area — this is only a small part of the overall work CHEMK aimed at improving production processes, taking into account environmental and social components.

"Now, with the launch of

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Mogilev: The city is ours!

According to participants, the flags were hung in public places Mogilev: Russian space on the site over the visual Bykhov market, also on the city’s main street Pervomayskaya."Today we have finished the flags hanging three-month nationwide campaign in Mogilev" our City. " Follow our shares, we will devote the campaign "Boycott-2008" — noted the Young Mogilev.By activists during the campaign "Our town", they hung a 2-10-s flags and a huge amount of Young Front labels.

Stretching "Our town" on the Russian space Mogilev, next to the town hall rebuilt. Tags:, young, sovereignty, flags

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At the Beijing Olympics will be three Bangalore

The decision to make so called "Protest zones" in 3 public parks in Beijing — Chinese authorities attempt to answer those critics who they say that this country absolutely no freedom of speech. However, to get permission to protest must be previously apply where be based on the theme of protest, the names of the organizers and participants.

Creating a "protest zones" — a departure from the previous policy of the Chinese authorities, if any demonstration dissidents were forbidden

Guests sporting events is unlikely to see these protests, because all three parks far from the places which will going competition.

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CTZ introduced forest engineering machine

In Moscow, at the VI international exhibition-forum "Forest and Man" Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant is a forest engineering machine created on the basis of a tractor B-10M.


Chelyabinsk unit with a tree stump and forest plow equipped with protection from falling trees, is shown at the Forest Forum this year, but now it's a real trade pattern. Attachments have been thoroughly tested.

Plow seen in the work of foresters in the Chelyabinsk demonstration exercises in the area Chyrvonaarmeiski area. Next to the guard band, laid wheeled tractor crawler dozer B-10M did his routine,

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Or becomes less than in Mogilev streets with Russian names?

Question how to rename Soviet area, going to submit for public discussion. Toponymic commission executive committee offers Soviet area renamed Glory square or Heroes. Says Deputy Mayor Theodore Mikheenko:"We want to offer and veterans, and the deputies, and the general public through the town mass disk imaging to take a role in the discussion. Maybe someone will offer more worthy of attention here. "Generally, the question of how to rename the Soviet space, executive committee reflects the second year. In Last year, when the recovery town hall bureaucrats have not ventured to rename in Heroes Square. Then referred to the

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In area 34 Pukhovichi unreliable person

On Saturday, July 12, to the police station Pukhavichy district that is located in the village everybody caused Tatiana and Anastasia Rysevets — Mom and daughter. They, as it turned out, included in the list of 34 persons in respect of whom the police Pukhavichy district begins to conduct investigative actions. The purpose of the investigation — to learn the likely involvement these people an explosion in Minsk. Ladies offered to make fingerprints and pass a saliva for analysis. Mom and daughter refused do without warrants. Representatives Democratic Forces were able to obtain a copy of the list of 34.

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The tragedy at the Victory Square

Injured drivers mc. From a collision with a bus at the car "Porsche" paadlyatali wheel.Photo Pechanko Seeds:

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Cherepovets farmers beat the 20-year-old record for milk yield

Agriculture under the Cherepovets (Vologda region). Rapidly increase milk production. Manufacturers believe that we have achieved such astonishing results thanks to modern technology and the quality of the grass. According to local farmers, in Cherepovets area of milk production was in 1990.

"In May, a cow on the average milk yield of 421 kilograms of milk, once considered a good indicator of 350-370 pounds" — says a leading specialist local Ivestock Svetlana Smirnova.

This efficiency is due to several factors. Besides the high quality of the grass, yielding results improved breeding, raising the level of work culture and the

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