Near Krasnodar crashed AN-2


9.10.11.Samolet fell near the village Zassovskaya Labinsk rayona.Na board was one of the pilots. Information about the plane crash came to the remote standby emergency department of the Krasnodar Territory from eyewitnesses.

Residents of the village Zassovskoy saw a small plane went into the second round, and then collapsed on the field.

— Call was made in 5 of the Federal Fire Service Order Labinsk area — told Life News, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Krasnodar Territory. — The witness said that in the area of the village Zassovskaya Labinsk area came the

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Design and construction of a new aquarium in Bulgaria have entrusted the Russian NGO Mostovik

June 12th mayor of the Bulgarian city of Burgas Dimitar Nikolov and the general director of "Mostovik" Oleg Shishov signed the concession agreement for the design, construction and operation of water entertainment and relaxation complex "Park Oceanarium" inside the park "Jezero" in Burgas.

  In accordance with the terms of a five-year contract, works for which is estimated at 50 million euros, NGO "Mostovik" will perform the design and construction of "Park Aquarium." The project implementation is at the expense of the Omsk association. Currently, the municipality of Burgas

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Record fires raging in the United States. Video


1.09.11.Lesnye fires raging in the southern United States. This year, the fire covered a huge area. Burning for nearly two thousand acres of forest.

The reason was the unprecedented prolonged heat. The air temperature in the summer months, rarely drop below 40 degrees. Because of the strong wind the flame spreads rapidly. Several firefighters were injured. Hundreds of residents fled their homes.

Camaya difficult situation in Texas. In this state almost every day there are new temperature records. All of its territory declared a disaster area. There is such a drought that religious zealots talking about the imminent

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Drought threatens grain harvest in Transnistria


Dubossary, June 01 (New Region, Irina Galtseva) — Farmers Dubasari Transnistria concerned dry weather, which can damage the future harvest tons of crops I group.

As the correspondent of "New Region", head of the agriculture area Vyacheslav Lubinsky, in May of this year fell to only 13 mm of rainfall, while in May 2010, this figure had reached 68 mm.

"On the impending drought still early, but rains are urgently needed. At present the education and formation of ears of barley and wheat, and in the absence of moisture grains formed inadequate and frail. If in the near future

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A fish kill in Germany


Photo from:

3.12.11.Posle death of fish in the lake Baldeneysee in Essen, the fire brigade on Saturday continued to drag the corpses of animals.

In the artificial lake in the Ruhr area on Friday as a result of poisoning by unknown poison killed thousands of fish. Find the culprit is not brought results, said a police spokesman in Essen on Saturday.

Fire and water rescue team from the company «DLRG» collected floating on the surface of dead fish until late Friday. On Saturday they were searching the lake. Has collected thousands of fish. The exact number can

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Kaliningrad Oblast gasification continues

August 22 ceremony release of the gas in the village of Fish Gurievsky municipal area. Guriev district is one of the leaders in the gasifier. Strong performance in the townships Road, Orlivka, roads, Large Isakov Vasilkovo and Small Isakov.

Last year in the Kaliningrad region has built more than 300 kilometers of gas pipeline networks. Was supplied with gas to cities like Gvardeysk, Gusev, Mamonowo, Pravdinsk, Slavsk. Were built or renovated gas inlets in the cities of Pioneer, Polessk, Slavsk, Krasnoznamensky, Neman, Bagrationovskom and Zelenograd areas. As a result, the natural gas has been connected 8,336 households.

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Because of the failure of soil in Jersey USA, people lost electricity, gas and water

Karst holes

13.05.11.Kak report and in Greenville area of Jersey, USA, there was a sinkhole, which led to shortages of electricity, gas and water. The area was blocked by the failure of the local authorities. Failure is about 30 square feet and has a depth of about 5 feet. It was formed around 4 am local time. In this area, the United States it has become common, and in February, the failures caused damage fire trucks for the local department — they just fell into them when the land to sink under the weight. City officials have thrown

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Bulgaria. In the Yantra River fish die for no apparent reason


21.09.11.Kak passes citing Rios-Rousse, the Yantra River in the area between the villages and Styrmen Beautrais near Ruse found a lot of dead fish.

Check inspectors "Water Bureau" to no avail, the chemical properties of water are OK, any businesses that could pollute the river in the area is not located.

Experts baffled. While the version of the application is considered by poachers some prohibited items, which led to such negative consequences.

Source: Bulgaria news on-line

The Comprehensive District textile workers. Social protection.

Order of the Government of Moscow № 1979-RP of 21 September 2010 set up a public autonomous institution of the City of Moscow "Moscow Research Center for Rehabilitation of the Disabled as a result of cerebral palsy," the Department of Social Protection of the City of Moscow, 08 February 2010. — Received the state registration of the Center.

The center is located in a 2-storey building with a total area of 1,962.3 square meters residential development in the neighborhood area of textile (SEAD).

In 2010 to 2011. overhauled and created barrier-free space provided equipment.

With the participation

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The death of marine life in the South China Sea


Massive fish kills occurred in the South China Sea. August 2011. Photo from

* 08/28/11 * The maritime zone Inshatan near Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province of southern August 26 was an unusual phenomenon — on the shore littered with thousands of dead sea creatures, including a deep-water fish, shrimp and crabs.

According to the Chinese edition of "Southern City", in the early morning fishermen discovered that the entire coastal zone literally covered with dead fish.

However, they did not panic and started to collect the nets of dead sea creatures in their cages.

Maine fisherman named said

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