The school opened 186 Nizhny Novgorod fitness center

During construction

The school number 186 on the street Genkina in the Soviet area has opened a new fitness center. In the school Fox has a 25 meter swimming pool, two gyms for basketball and volleyball, modern fitness equipment.

FLC is designed primarily for students at the school, but in his spare time, learned there can be engaged neighborhood residents living close to the educational institution. Season tickets for activities for children will be free.

The total area of the building pools with ancillary facilities — 3 163.18 sq.m.

Total building area

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In the area of nuclear power plant emergency, Fukushima was a new strong earthquake


22.03.11. Tremors of magnitude 6.6 recorded on Tuesday, March 22, to the east of the Japanese prefecture of Fukushima. Recall that in this area is the emergency plant "Fukushima-1". The epicenter of the earthquake that struck at 16:18 local time (09:18 on Kiev), was located at 312 kilometers east of the city of Fukushima and 415 miles north-east of the capital of Japan, Tokyo, RIA Novosti reported with reference to the USGS .

According to the service, the earthquake lies at a depth of 26.5 kilometers. The threat of a tsunami has not been announced.

Recall, March

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Black Curse Caspian


23.02.11.Ceverny Caspian — This is a unique body of water feeding the highest category, which is unparalleled in the world. The volume of water here is only 0.1% of the total volume of the sea, but the ecological capacity of the zone is not in any way be compared with the central and southern water area together — the total value of renewable bio-resources, according to experts, is estimated at 500 billion U.S. dollars .

It is clear that combine in one place feeding high-value fish, especially sturgeon, and production in the North Caspian is almost impossible,

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Storms brought chaos in the eastern U.S. and Canada


28.12.10.Obilnye snowfalls and strong winds disrupted normal life in the north-eastern United States. This severe weather is not seen much let.Nyu York became the epicenter of the weather. Central Park in Manhattan dropped two feet of snow in some other places snow was even more abundant, and the wind speed reaches 100 km / h.

Disrupted air, rail and road links. Drivers are advised not to take any trips, unless caused by extreme necessity.

In many cases, emergency vehicles and emergency services can not get through to the call site because the road blocked by abandoned cars.

Snowfall in

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Tremors in the Astrakhan region continues


3.05.12.Razlichnye natural disasters on our planet every year take away hundreds of thousands of lives, but is it a natural disaster, but not by human carelessness and mistakes.

Most recently, I touched on the subject of that in Astrakhan frequent tremors. And where in our Caspian lowlands such displays of seismic activity? Yesterday, the repeated shocks. In all, I counted seven of their pieces at intervals less than a minute and the duration of 0.5-1 sec. Earthquake? No, that interval and the number of them simply can not be in nature. Especially in our area. Echoes of the earthquake

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The aliens glut of fruit in south-east London




Aliens glut of fruit in south-east London near Lewisham, says the publication icSouthlondon, citing local ufologists.

According to the survey 40 British towns held by the former head of the department for the study of UFOs UK Ministry of Defence Nick Pope, Lewisham area of London became

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At the landfill became blow up more Ashuluk



26.03.12.Na Ashuluk range in Astrakhan region since the beginning of this year, the works on the destruction of munitions that have expired, making shakes and Harabalinskogo and Narimanov districts, and Astrakhan.

February 7 at this place were stopped demolition work. On March 10, work on the destruction of ammunition is resumed. "March 20, the population of Astrakhan, Harabalinskogo and Narimanov districts in the Main Administration has received more than 435 calls upon seismic, — said Head of Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Astrakhan region Inna Antipov. — Tremors were more powerful

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IN RUSSIA In 2013, construction will begin some new radar

Construction of several radar stations will last generation in Russia in 2013, told reporters on Saturday by a representative of the Russian Defense Ministry troops aerospace defense (VVKO) Colonel Alexei Zolotukhin.   VVKO — a new genus of the Armed Forces (AF) of Russia, which was formed in 2011 by the President of Russia. Exactly a year ago back, December 1, 2011, the first duty shift command Fri VVKO intercede on alert.   «Next year in some regions of the Russian Federation plans to begin construction of several more radar stations highest operational readiness» — said Zolotukhin.   Earlier,

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08.08.12.Gibel pigeons in Kostroma



08.08.12.Vchera residents witnessed the eerie paintings in the city center.

At about 18.00 near the fire tower on the area fell to the pavement Susaninskaya six pigeons, the correspondent of the portal K1NEWS.RU. According to witnesses — the birds are literally died on the fly.

Walking area Kostroma not understand what was happening, some impressionable women even cried. "Eerie sight — go to the area, and right before you fall down dead birds" — said one of the women — eyewitnesses.

Parents are frightened children rushed to withdraw their children rather to the main square.

As commented

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Introducing MICRO-class yacht Electra 18 — we are exporters!


MICRO-class yachts are officially recognized class in the ISAF international sailing community and belong to the category of "Trailer" yachts. For their transportation vehicle category does not require a change in the Rights in driving. These yachts are designed for racing, family vacations and travel on water. The yacht "Electra 18" has the following advantages: 1. It is fast and comfortable "CRUISER" — everything is here for travel and speed reached 10.5 knots. 2. The yacht is fitted with a "dagger" daggerboard can get up on the ground at low tide the water. 3. If you put

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