In the Dniester water level drops drastically


KIEV, June 7. Employees of the National Ecological Centre of Ukraine (NECU) is extremely concerned about the catastrophic decline of the water level in the estuary of the Dniester. As reported in the NECU, energy Dniester gidroenergouzla not flush, although required to do so by law, resulting in the lower delta of the Dniester HPP dying fish, flowers and water ecosystem as a whole deteriorates, reports of "In the Dniester Delta catastrophic water shortage. The temperature rises to 20 degrees or higher. Water blooms, gets a yellow-brown color. Appear dead carp and carp. Large area, which would have

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3.6 magnitude earthquake in western Georgia


© Alexander Imedashvili

TBILISI, June 8 — News-Georgia Tsitsiya Mamulashvili. Earthquake of magnitude 3.6 occurred on Wednesday at noon in the village Gebi Oni area, told Trend. "News-Georgia", the representative of the Institute for Land Tbilisi Ilia University.

According to the Institute, the earthquake occurred at 12.12 local time in the seismically active region of Georgia — Racha, 19 kilometers north of the regional capital Oni.

"The earthquake was so strong that some have felt it, and some do not. As a result of the demolition of buildings aftershocks have been recorded, "- said the representative of the

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The area of natural fires in the Far East more than 5.2 hectares

Factors of 72 wildfires eliminated for the day in the Far East, but by the morning of Saturday 38 fires going on a total area of more than 5.2 thousand hectares, said the regional emergencies center.

The most difficult situation is in Yakutia, which recorded 19 outbreaks of fire in the area of more than 4000 hectares. Burning wood in the Amur Region and the Khabarovsk Territory, ITAR-TASS reported.

For extinguishing fires in 1188 involved firefighters and 168 vehicles. In Yakutia helps firefighters crew amphibious aircraft Be-200 Far Eastern Air-Rescue Centre Emergencies Ministry, throwing for one flight up to

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Nearly 1,300 flats built in the Arkhangelsk region since the beginning of the year

For six months in 2013 in the Arkhangelsk region at the expense of all sources of funding commissioned 86,500 square meters of housing (apartment 1291). Compared to the same period last year, the pace of construction and commissioning of the new square meters in Pomerania were up 16 percent.  One third of the total housing construction falls to the individual developers, and 60 percent is high-rise sector. Today minpromstroy concluded with municipalities Arkhangelsk agreements defining the main directions of cooperation of regional and local branches of government to achieve the targets for new housing. For housing development

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25 people were killed in a landslide in the Philippines


01.05.12. Mudflow descended on the town in the south of the country on Thursday night, January 5. More than 100 people are still under the rubble.

The landslide came down in the region of Mindanao in the southern Philippines in the early morning of Thursday, January 5. Under heavy debris flow was buried Pantukan town, which is mostly inhabited by workers at mine sites and their families.

At the scene, directed all the operational services of the district. About 120 soldiers arrived to find survivors and victims.

At the moment, one of the 25 people killed, 100 trapped under

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In Krivoy Rog earthquake. Updated


14.01.11.Slabye tremors occurred in Krivoy Rog January 14 around 7.05. They have been particularly acute in the area of the stop Pioneer Square it. Artem and the Boulevard Tonight.

As reported IA "Kryvbas On-Line» in the Krivoy Rog terupravleniya Public Service Mining Supervision and Industrial Safety of Ukraine, cause mini-earthquakes could be blasting at the enterprises of the city. Related to the management of large industrial plants of the city, Gosgorpromnadzora inspectors found that the planned blasting around 7.00 am on that day were conducted on only two mines. But their explosive power could not lead to

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Numerous failures of soil in Canada

Karst holes

27.05.11.Inzhenery and geologists studying dozens of deep holes in the northern outskirts of the city of Quebec City this week, encourages local residents to move to safer places. On Wednesday, the district administration Charlesbourg where there were about 40 holes in the ground were given instructions to evacuate residents of 15 houses.

Experts consider the failures that have emerged in the area of Quebec Charlesbourg's. (Radio-Canada)

Failures of soil formed at different distances from each other, the width of craters from 5 to 8 meters diameter, depth of the deepest of which approximately 5 meters.


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In the Leninsky district of Volgograd from ASF eliminate 158 pigs



20.06.12.Vchera, June 19, in the village long Pokrovsky rural settlement Leninsky district recorded case three heads of domestic swine, two private farms.

Set a preliminary diagnosis — African swine fever. To confirm the material sent to All-Russian Research Institute of Veterinary Virology and Microbiology at the Shroud Vladimirovka area.

As the correspondent of "AIF-Volgograd" Press Service of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia on the field in the first endangered area, and it is 20 kilometers, subject to alienation 158 goals.

Resolution of the Governor of the Volgograd region on 20 June in the village

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Why White British leave London?

In the first decade of the new millennium, London has been an amazing change. The white Britons in the capital of the United Kingdom fell by 620,000 — is almost equal to the population of Scottish Glasgow.

White British, constituting 45% of the inhabitants of London, are now a minority in the city, according to the latest census.

And where did they leave? And why not?

However, if you carefully analyze all the data of the census, picture is more positive than most of the headlines in the media.

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In the Omsk region of the fire killed the animals on the farm


16.11.11.V Sherbakulskom area suffered a major fire, which killed almost all livestock and poultry. The cause of the tragedy was a violation of the rules of operation of electrical appliances.

Tonight, at 00.49 local time, in the village of Borisov Sherbakulskogo Omsk region on fire one of the town houses on Meadow Street. As a result of PE masters monastery suffered major damage.

At the time of arrival of fire occurred flaming barn, also observed the threat of fire to go semi-detached house. The fire had damaged and demolished outbuildings on the area 108 square meters. m

In addition,

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