Cheremhovo — the revival of the city


Traveling the Trans-Siberian railway, 130 km from Irkutsk, is bound to attract your attention to the city Cheremhovo. After a long period of contemplation depressed cities and towns in Eastern Siberia, yearning for the bright colors look here waiting for a riot of colors brand new facades … Cheremhovo located in the Irkutsk region, was founded in 1772 as a village Cheremhovo at the post station on the Moscow post road. It received the name from the river. Cheremshanka, so named because of the abundance of bird cherry in the area.

In the second half

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For the closure of American Corners responsible Bobruisk Courier

The reason for the claim was the publication in a newspaper dedicated to closing in Bobruisk Pushkin Library "South American Corner." Ideologists say Bobruisk city council has not received official orders to close them with the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee.Editor "Bobruisk Courier" Anatoly Sanatsenka ideologues claim does not recognize. Material on closing "of the South American corner", he says, was written on the basis of official documents. "We have our hands on a letter head of the regional department of culture of Mogilev Regional Executive Committee in the name of the charge d’affaires of the U.S. in Belarus Jonathan Moore

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Mogilev awaiting the opening of the restored Town Hall

While it is not clear which institution will be located in the premises of the modern town hall. The other day celebrations in the executive committee and discussions are options to rename the area over which towered from 1681 Ratushnyj bully. Currently, this area is called Russian. It is proposed to change this title or the square of Fame, or at Town Hall.Mogilev journalist and ethnographer Nikolai Nozhnikav claims that the town hall was rebuilt on old drawings:"Since the City Hall stood less than three centuries, it was restructuring, but that of the original here — premature Belarusian Baroque. There

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Centre for Policy Development opened in SEZ Dubna

November 1, 2011 in the Innovation and Technology Center Special Economic Zone "Dubna" (left-bank area) was inaugurated Centre for Policy Development (CPR) Russian holding company "Trackpore Technology" (SEZ resident status has its subsidiary "NANO CASCADE"). The main objectives of the center — the development and introduction of new products on the basis of track-etched membranes.

at the opening of the Center for Applied developments acts CEO of "Trackpore Technology" Vyacheslav Terentev


Among the main areas of research activity EDL: ? development of new projects in the use of track-etched membranes; ? obtain samples of the

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The temple has a 200-year history opens after restoration

Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in the village of Soldatka Krasnogvardeisky area was dedicated in July 1812. After the service, it was read a manifesto on the beginning of the war with Napoleon. Now this temple with a unique destiny restored in preparation for the anniversary. The Board of Trustees for the reconstruction of the temple headed by the deputy of the regional Duma Anatoly Popkov. Circling the area as part of "A Day with the deputy," he drove to a soldier in the temple, where he himself was baptized. In the Kazan church has

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Tribunal warned activist memory of Chernobyl

He was found guilty of an offense under Part 1 of Art. 23.34 of the Administrative Code (role in unsanctioned action) and issued a warning.BelaPAN reports that police activist detained on April 26 about 22:10 after starring in the "hour of memory", dedicated to the anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy. The action took place in the central square Birches, where there were more than 20 people who silently from 21 to 22 hours stood with lighted memorial candles. After the detention of activist was taken to the police station Berezovsky, where he seized the remains of the candle and made

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Not so long ago was born cells completely without viscera …

"Free Belarus" in 1918, writes about the Belarusian State Commissariat in Moscow: "A huge part of their work, members of Belarusian bolshevitskago Commissariat — pp Zhilunovicha, Chervyak (which for some reason calls himself — Chervakov), Cork and others — give weekly newspaper "Dzyannitsa" where incessantly write all sorts of disgusting denunciations of Belarusian organizations in central Minsk and Vilnius, as well as self make denunciations in his own newspaper on individual figures … ""Lim" in 1938 prints a bunch of songs and poems Belarusian poets of the Stalinist constitution. Among them and such:"Caught rapid rush only,And I overclocking eagle in

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Lukashenko — Latvian agent

In discussions about the disposition of the current authorities in Belarus are inevitable questions — where these people occur and who identify themselves in history. Paradoxical conclusion went. There is a big part of the nomenclature of those families affected by the Stalinist repression, and they identify themselves with those who produced this repression. Information about the repressed as previously closed archives of the KGB, but a hundred times deeper hiding there is information on those punished. Greedy of information extracted and placed against the will of the current government in the books of Alexander Lukashuk and Anatoly Makarov, also

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Lukashenko: Nobody and nothing will force turn off the chosen path

Companies show their presenceIn the procession, organized by the authorities, assumed the role of representatives of different district of Minsk, companies and educational institutions. Virtually all paraphernalia was Russian language and red and green colors. Representatives of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks carried portraits of Lenin and Stalin, Stalin’s portraits present distributed in Victory Square. Member of the party said Vyacheslav Konyshav: "We stalinka true. We birthplace one — the USSR. And we have a president — this Russian power." Part veterans riding in cars, and some went on foot. During the procession to the prospectus had a

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Continue close American Corners

"South American Corners" in libraries formed from books that introduced South American embassy. At the opening corners and almost yearly replenishment spent more than 400 thousand dollars. Apart from books, libraries transmitted audio and video, computers and other office equipment.It was assumed that through the "American Corners" Belarusian citizens find out more about the United States.Mogilev Regional Library "South American Corner" lasted about 10 years. At the moment it was closed. In Bobruisk Pushkin Library Area such as there is, but his fate is uncertain.

South American corner anymore. Due to the fact that there occurred some action

The disappearance

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