Bulgaria: Yantra River marine fish for unknown reasons

As the Dnes.bg citing Rios-Rousse, the Yantra River in the area between the villages and Styrmen Beautrais near Ruse found a lot of dead fish. Check inspectors "Water Bureau" to no avail, the chemical properties of water are OK, any businesses that could pollute the river in the area is not located. Experts baffled. While the version of the application is considered by poachers some prohibited items, which led to such negative consequences.

Source: Bulgaria News Online

The number of poultry in the Stavropol region has increased significantly


According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Stavropol Territory, agricultural organizations today are more than twelve million heads of chickens Ruffle that 26 percent more than last year. The maximum increase was recorded in the area Izobilnenskaya — almost eightfold, Kochubeyevo — 4.4, Blagodarnenskogo — twice, Kirov — seven percent. Ltd. "Megaferma-2" from Izobilnensky area increased livestock almost eightfold, CJSC "Kochubeevsky Poultry» and «Stavropol poultry complex" — more than twice, Ltd. agrofirma "Kitz" Neftekumsk district — more than five times. Egg production was more than 197 million pieces. The leader in this area Shpakovsky district, where

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South Ural attacked butterfly. Video. Photo


24.06.11.V Chelyabinsk region on the highway on the way to a settlement Bagaryakskoe Kasli area observed the invasion of cabbage butterflies. All roadside studded with white fluff. What caused this phenomenon is still unknown, but it is assumed that this is something similar to the migration of butterflies.

The first report on butterfly migrations dated 1100 year, and in 1104 a butterfly "eclipsed the sun" on one of the French towns, causing panic among residents. In 1272, the same fear experienced Italians, and in 1248-m — Japanese. In 1745, a cloud of white cabbage butterfly fell to the

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In Siberia resumed wildfires

KRASNOYARSK, September 19. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Victor ridge /. In Siberia erupted again extinguished four days wildfires. By the morning of this day there were six outbreaks of fire on an area of 58.7 hectares. Of these, two fires at 6.2 hectares located, Itar-Tass learned at the press service of the Siberian Regional Emergency Center.

In just the past day rescuers found 17 wildfires in the area of 81.6 hectares. In the light of the day Sunday they managed to eliminate 11 outbreaks of fire is 22.9 hectares. "Combustion of forest occurred in

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Sinkhole in Oktyabrskiy.Bashkortostan

Karst holes

Asphalt went down right in the parking lot of cars.

22.06.11.Proval formed outside geophysics, opposite the Palace of Culture. At the top left a hole about one meter wide, and at the bottom, at a depth of two meters, the diameter of failure increased to 3-5 meters.

On this edition of amateur researcher said underground utilities October Fokin. "Reason for leaving the ground clearly manmade, — said Maxim. — Communication in the well, which could cause subsidence, no. Obviously, this karst processes that do not first make themselves felt in the area of the city. "


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On the way to the North Pole opened a new island

The expedition aboard the nuclear-powered icebreaker "Russia", the following changes to the Arctic drifting station, has found a new island in the archipelago of Franz Josef Land. Thus, the number of islands has increased to 192.

Back in 2006, the captain of the nuclear icebreaker "Yamal" Stanislav Rumyantsev said that the elements has eroded the isthmus between the western and eastern part of the island of Northbrook. But then confirm the hypothesis is not possible because of the weather. "We are now convinced that formed a new Strait, and in the Arctic in the structure of the archipelago of

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Hail broke harvest Kotayk region of Armenia

YEREVAN, September 17 — News-Armenia. Hail the day before broke agricultural land in the village of Bjni Kotayk region of Armenia, the rescue service MOE.

According to the release, as a result of disaster damaged sown area of agricultural value and orchards with a total area of about 50 hectares.

Source: News Armenia

A fire in a natural park near Odessa


The fire was burning a few meters from the gas pipe. Photo I. Roussev

14.02.11.Grandiozny fire occurred on February 13 in Nizhnednestrovskogo natural park. Burned dry reed. The situation is aggravated by the strong north-easterly wind, told the "Today" eyewitness PE — ecologist Ivan Rusev.

According to him, all as a result of fire (it had multiple lesions) affected about 5 hectares belonging to nature preserves! By comparison, about one fifth of Odessa. In the fire, according to the volunteers, killed many animals — mostly small rodents and shrews.

See photo: Odeschine Reserve underway

"The fire started

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Due to heavy rains in Belarus suspended grain harvesting

Past in the Vitebsk region, heavy rains led to suspension of harvesting grain, BelTA learned from the Committee on Agriculture and Food Executive Committee.

The rains began on 8 August in the afternoon from the western regions, and by night have covered almost the entire area. As a result, the rate of harvesting has decreased by almost 2-fold compared to the previous day, and the total for August 8, farmers managed to mow the area a little more than 9.5 ha, with the previous day cleaned almost 20 hectares Resume harvesting campaign under favorable weather conditions, says the committee.

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In the area of Fiji earthquake with magnitude 7.3

Seysmomonitor: http://realnoeblyndelo.ucoz.com/index/monitoring/0-11Earthquake of magnitude 7.3 occurred in the area of Fiji in the Pacific Ocean. This was said on Thursday the U.S. Geological Survey National.Hotbed of underground tolchkovZemletryasenie magnitude 7.3 occurred in the area of Fiji lies at a depth 626.1 km. The epicenter was in the Pacific Ocean, 425 km west of the capital of the Kingdom of Tonga — Nuku'alofa city and 1 thousand 788 km north-east of the Auckland, New Zealand. According to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, located in Hawaii, the earthquake has not resulted in big waves. No injuries or damage have been reported yet.

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