FC Krasnodar opened in the village arena Dinskoy

October 11, in the village of Dinskoy solemn ceremony of opening a new arena of FC "Krasnodar". In today's sports complex, which was funded was conducted entirely from private funds, will now be able to engage students of the local branch of the Academy of "citizens".

Participation in the event was the director of the Academy of Aram Fundukyan, head Dinskoy area Sergei Zhilenko, deputy director of the Academy Oleg Kubashev, representatives of the contractor, as well as coaches, young players and their parents.— I would like to thank the club president Sergey N. Galitsky

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As noted on May 1 in the regions

May 1 in the village AmicablePukhavichy district planned another rally against the construction of chemical plant Russian personal office "August".But in the afternoon "Freedom" received a message that the police blocked the local hospital. Prior to this, watching Sergei Obrazovskogo — an informal leader. He currently is treated after a confrontation with police on April 26.Obrozovsky"This day is another activist — Tatiana Rasinets — came to this hospital. Police besieged the building, despite the fact that we were under the dripper. They are all in civilian clothes. Three crew — at the hospital, and the next — my home"

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Golf NPP — 5 x 5 km

"While nobody really understands that danger. Now disk imaging more, there is an official announcement about the construction. Because maybe the public will protest. For the opposition, it is a signal … "Tags:, LC

Lukashenko’s Chernobyl nuclear power plant construction and Russia

As reported by the news agency BELTA, now visiting Hoinikskii area Alexander Lukashenko remembered that he became president, visited the dirty areas and then read that the time will come, and "we will return to this land and live with dignity."

90% of the milk from the affected areas are suitable for baby food.Lukashenko 

According to head of state Lukashenko, at the moment, "we litsezreem refreshed town. In these areas, 20 percent lower mortality, increased fertility." According to Lukashenko,90% of the milk, which is produced at facilities in the affected areas, according to the most stringent standards of the European

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NPP: Choose between 4-pads

April 1 at the press conference the head of the expedition geafizychnay Department gealegii MEP Vasily Losich as possible placements of the Belarusian NPP called four sites: Krasnopolyanskaya (Chaussky district Mogilev region) Kukshinovskoy (Shklovsky district Mogilev region) Ostrovets (Grodno region) and Verhnedvinskaja (Vitebsk region).

Probable site of NPPApril 21 control department of the Ministry of Natural Resources Misha Bursch said that the examination is on 3 floors, he did not call Verkhnedvinsk.According to the current application expertise Deputy Minister of Energy is still on 4 floors.According Bursch, in late April Municipal Commission will give the government the results of analysis

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Farmers from Chuvashia and agro Kurgan

Federal program to support beginning farmers working less than a year. During this time, in Chuvashia its participants were more than 50 people. Posadskov family from the village of Imenevo Krasnoarmeyskiy region benefited from a grant to create your own farm for the breeding of sheep Romanov and Kuibyshev breed. The other day, a visit to the farmer visited the crew STRC "Chuvashia".

Leonid Posad worked all his life on the farm, was engaged in animal husbandry. When a farm in the village closed, he decided to create his own. Bet placed on the sheep. The jurisdiction of the economy

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NPP, of course, necessary, but some things are alarming …

Lady: "If it is built with good quality, is not dangerous, then why not build, we will have cheaper electricity. And if, as usual, we first built, and later being completed, then I’m against." Reporter: "One of the possible sites for the construction of nuclear power plants — in Astravets district of the Grodno region. How do you feel about that?" Lady: "What is the difference in what area, we still inhabitants of the same country. Will it be in Grodno, Vitebsk, Brest region — all the same it will be ours. " Man: "If it is such a modern

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Chernobyl March 2008 from the Academy to the Memorial Church

After the meeting decided to go down the street procession Surganova to an Orthodox church, a monument to victims of the Chernobyl disaster on the corner of Orel and Karastayanava. With this solution, not all agreed.

Routes "Chernobyl Way — 2008"Immediately after the meeting of the organizing committee of one of the favorites "Junior Front" Zmitser Dashkevich said "Freedom":"We will stick to the route originally claimed. And although I personally also"Young Front"Do not consider this a perfect route — in fact convinced Belarusian Democrats should be collected only in one area — this area Kalinouski, the organizing committee also decided

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Pinsk met Milinkevich commandos parade

April 17th Alexander Milinkevich met with residents of Pinsk. This meeting was accomplished in the town square. According to witnesses participated in the meeting of 80 — 100 people. Even before the meeting brought to the area power company of commandos, who then paraded, then stood silent in the square. Participants of the meeting have not ruled out that this was manufactured specifically to disrupt a conversation with the inhabitants of the town politician. And yet many could ask their questions Milinkevich. "They asked what to do and how it can be sustained. They say life is worse and worse,

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Scientists have a new building of Akademgorodok

Two scientific research institutes of got a new building in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. The building has a total area of 7 thousand square meters. m

 Photo source:ngs.ru

Two floors of the building will take Institute of Soil Science. The second part of the building is designed to Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which is isolated from the Institute of Cytology and Genetics.

The new building of the two institutions will be included in the biological cluster, which also includes a vivarium area of 5 thousand square meters. m deposited 2 years

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