Ust-Luga — the biggest port under construction in the Baltic Sea


Ust-Lou? Ha — Sea port in north-west Russia, the Leningrad region, in the Luga Bay of the Gulf of Finland near the village of Ust-Luga. He began work with the opening in December 2001 coal terminal.

Today I would like to take a few lines of the project, which is not drawing much attention of the media and the general public is implemented in the Leningrad region since the early 2000's and is built from the ground port complex, the turnover is growing by an average of more than 70% each year and for the first

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The girl from Belarus still in the cave

"At this point on the surface of 21 people, among them there are Belarusians," — said the interlocutor. According to her, in the cave are Belarusians Vabishchevichy Inna and Alexander, and with them — a daughter, whose age one year and eight months. " Also prosecutor Bekovsky area confirmed the information, now Rescuers are intense work on clearing the entrance of the cave to the other. "Those who come out, even medical assistance shall be removed from the" — says Attorney Voltchkova:"I would not say that they are hungry. Basically, they are ok and did not" Buchenwald prisoners "as write

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Belarusians with the children remain in the cave

Attorney Bekovsky area Penza region in an interview with Alevtina Voltchkova our radio confirmed that in the midst of the ladies who left the cave, there is a Belarusian. "It will not be deported until from Russia because intensively involved in the negotiations," — said the prosecutor. Next she said about padtaplenne caves and the need to save people: "Persuaded these people leave — seven men, ladies. Others still remain. They are negotiating. Fact, that there is a real danger. That it was not, then the negotiations were not held. The danger is real, and so every day to persuade

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Cartoons have deposited in the KGB

About 30 people were in the square chain along Independence Avenue, holding portraits of political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin, businessman Victor track and youth activist Andrei Kim. The rally lasted about 20 minutes. Some passers-by, which was much in this time on the area, approached the picketers.The policemen drove into the courtyard of the Palace of the Republic three paddy wagons, watching the picketers were operational and movies. But the protesters were not touched.UCP chairman Anatoly Lebedko Pronunciation:

"I think we can only solidarity to fight this regime, with its aggressive attitude towards its citizens. That’s what our mental victory: we

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Belarus left the cave in the Penza region

The health status of the ladies does not cause anxiety. Vice-Governor of Penza O.Melnichenko said that as a result of flooding the third part of the dugout fallen arches and that soon it may collapse completely.Negotiations with the remainder of the people under the ground last. According to the prosecutor’s office of the Penza region, remain under 28 people (10 of them Belarusians), in including and four kids (two of them — from Belarus).

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Yields of wheat, Astarte at 64 kg / ha

Structural units ASTARTA "Astarte-Kiev" harvested winter wheat area of about 7 hectares, accounting for about 25% of the total area, the press service of the company.


The average yield is 50 t / ha, which is significantly more than last year in the region.

In the best agricultural firms yield higher than 64 kg / ha, which is a result of the effective application of advanced agricultural technologies, optimal use of technology and the professionalism of the staff.

"Just to harvest scheduled for about 60 thousand hectares of early grain. A

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Harvest-2011 in Russia: there is cause for optimism


Participants of the Russian grain market in the current year have every reason to forget about last year's colossal drought. The harvesting campaign covers every day more and more regions, experts and officials predict near-record harvest and large-scale exports, which will allow Russia to return the lost ground in the global market.

According to official data of the Ministry of Agriculture, harvesting is carried out in all federal districts of Russia.

On August 10 grains and legumes threshed on an area of 14 million hectares (32% of the planted area). Harvested more than 41

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Peach crop in Ukraine is three times higher than last year

Ukrainian farmers harvested peaches. Despite the April snowfall, peaches in Ukraine freak three times more than last year.

Proposal and formed the corresponding price — from 5 hryvnia per kilogram in the high season, 12 hryvnia — now.

  In Ukraine, the peach is grown on seven hectares. Mainly in the Crimea, Kherson and Odessa area.

But, as notedNews Agency "Kazakh-Grain"the Department of Information and Communication of the Secretariat of the CMU, in the southern area of the neighbors and the climate is much more favorable. So goes the fight for the consumer.

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Vintage 2012 Kuban sow their sugar-coated sugar beet seeds

CJSC "Schyolkovo Agrokhim" started construction of a plant for the production of sugar-coated sugar beet seeds in the village Platnirovskoy Korenovsk area.


The cost of the project — 650 million rubles. The first symbolic foundation stone of the new plant laid on June 9. It is planned that the power plant will be planted 400,000 units per year. This is enough to sow 350,000 hectares of sugar beet — the need for 5-6 subjects of the Russian Federation.

Thanks on behalf of all the villagers expressed by the head-platnirovtsev Korenovsky district Vladimir mine: "This is

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Night Siege, March 26

Now NIGHT MODE occurred hacker DDoS attack on the website Charter 97. Manages project coordinator Natalia Radin.Radin: "DDoS attack — this is when the communication channel with the provider of hosting services clogged fake requests to the Web site. This was not associated with an increase in visitors, although guests yesterday on the website of the Charter was very many, because all are interested in news from Belarus. Attack took place about 4 minutes in the morning. Our tech service struggled with this as I could, and when they tried to stop the attack, appeared a problem with the server.

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