Pacific threatens void

Humanity lives in anticipation of disaster. Global warming give the world so much misery that death from a meteorite or explosion collider seems the best relief from the slow and inevitable disaster. But the problem is that people are more inclined to trust the screaming headlines and disregard serious studies.

Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) calculated how climate change will affect the period from 2010 to 2099 to life in the San Francisco Bay and the mouths of rivers Sacramento and San Joaquin. The conclusions drawn in the end the long and hard work, are valid

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South-East Asia hit by heavy rains

As reported, the Philippines due to flooding evacuated at least 50,000 people. 11 people remain missing, said "Russia-24".

Tropical storm "Meara" brought to the region by heavy rain and strong wind. At sea, the storm played out. The water level in the rivers exceeded the critical level, the dam could not stand the pressure — flow of mud flooded the streets. In the area of flooding dozens of settlements. Hundreds of homes were destroyed.

Effects of another tropical storm — "Chaim" eliminate in Vietnam. Squally winds tore roofs off houses and felling trees. Local authorities report:

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Five days later, a huge area of activity on the Sun is facing the Earth

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 5. / Itar-Tass Kachalin /. Solar Dynamics Observatory, USA / GSO — American scientific satellite / register one of the most powerful solar flares. Activity in the area luminary capable soon cause a series of new disturbance slowly moves to the point facing the Earth. In this position, area of activity will remain two weeks, predicts the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States.

Flare that occurred on the Sun on Thursday, in line class X1, 9 / Latin letter / and "provoked after about 45 minutes of

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In the Ternopil region because of bad weather deenergized 14 settlements


12.02.11. Spokesman of the Ternopil Regional State Administration reported that 14 settlements have been de-energized during the night of 11 to 12 February due to inclement weather. "As of 9.00 were de-energized 14 settlements due to high winds, which led to the operation of the automatic systems for the protection of power lines in the area," — said the spokesman.

According to a source in the area of de-energized Zborowski seven settlements, Shumsky — 3, Kremenets — 2, and Ternopolskom Monastyryskom — 1.

To restore electricity settlements involved brigade power companies.


Flooding in Hungary


26.12.10. Due to heavy rains in Hungary under the water were more than 300 thousand hectares of land area flooding and flooding evacuated 81 people.

Only in the last day in the area of water intake Tisza, which flows through the border territories of Ukraine, Romania and Hungary, have fallen nearly 30 mm of rain, which led to the rise of water levels in rivers pritisskih Tour, Somes, Red and flooding of settlements in Szabolcs-Szatmar-Berezhskoy, Chongradskoy and Bach-Kishkunskoy areas of Hungary. In 32 villages taken comprehensive measures to protect against flooding, but it still faces more than 430 homes.

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Between Eastern and Western Georgia interrupted by road

Heavy rains in the area of the pass Rikotskogo June 18 caused mud flows and landslides. As a result of vehicular traffic between eastern and western Georgia was temporarily stopped.

Vehicular traffic in the direction of the pass Rikotskogo suspended approximately 19.00. On the bypass road was a large traffic jam.

In the area of Surami flooded ground floors of houses, "Novosti-Georgia."

A week flood, hurricane, storm leave different regions of Georgia. As reported by the "Caucasian Knot", June 17, as a result of heavy rains and a problem in the main facility Grmagelskogo water company Tbilisi

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In Thailand, the promise to pump out the water, but is nearing a new flood

Cities in Thailand still flooded, AFP photo

Flooding in the Thai capital continues. Streams of water, which in the beginning were only marginal in poor neighborhoods, getting to the industrial area. State House is enclosed by a 1.5 meter high wall of sandbags that there has not penetrated water. Authorities promise to pump water up to 10 November, as November 13 will begin next tidal cycle in the Gulf of Thailand. Recall, the strongest in 50 years began flooding in Thailand in late October.

In Bangkok, the cases of theft of cars, abandoned residents. The laws of

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Park Avialesookhrana resp.Komi added 2 aircraft

July 5, in the district of Kazan Izhemsky arrived AN-2, which if necessary will be promptly delivered to forest fires to extinguish professionals. Today is expected to arrive in the area Knyazhpogostky (Emva) light aircraft Yak-18, which will be used to patrol the area.

In addition to new aircraft in the Park "Avialesookhrana" also listed three other small-engine aircraft, which are located in Izhme, Ukhta, Syktyvkar, and four AN-2 (in the Trinity-Pechora, Ust-Kulomski, Kortkerosski and Udorski areas). In the past year, to fight forest fires in Komi has been involved three aircraft An-2 aircraft and three small aircraft.

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Washington prepares for snowfall — Weather promises up to 10 cm of snow

© RIA Novosti. Yuri AbramochkinAmerican capital is preparing for the upcoming snowfall — The National Weather Service confirmed the forecast that on Saturday in Washington, DC and the surrounding area will fall from 4 to 10 inches of snow.

If meteorological predictions are true, in the metropolitan DC snow fall in October for the first time since 1979. The annual snowfall in the capital of the United States begins in December and January, and the first night frost — in late November.

"Warning of impending snowfall comes into force on Saturday at 02.00 local time (08.00 Moscow time) in

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Sinkhole in Moscow

The failure of the road in Moscow

October 27, 2011. In Moscow in connection with the drawdown of the roadway in the area of the house number 52 on the street, Lipetsk limited traffic. This was informed in the Moscow traffic police, writes

Currently, Lipetsk street towards the center of a traffic jam is longer than 600 meters. According to the service "Yandex", in the area from Moscow to Lebedyanskoye street traffic flow is moving at a speed of 10 km / h

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