In the Zaporozhye region, there are 103 active landslide

One of the natural hazards in the Zaporozhye region are landslides. As the General Directorate of Disaster Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration, in our region, there are 206 landslides are common in the area of 50.2 sq. km. km, including active — 103, with an area of 9.43 square meters. km, within the building recorded 24 landslides, mudslides are two effects of the object economy.

Landslides are most often within the building of Berdyansk, Dneprorudnoe, Vasiljevka, Seaside, Kamenka-Dneprovki, and in the wild — in Berdyansk Obitochnogo and bays.

In 2010, the bank stabilization and prevention of landslides in the area spent

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Global warming has reached to the Laptev Sea

Lots of thin ice in the Laptev Sea in April-2012.Sea route along the northern coast of Russia this year freed from ice much faster than usual, according to experts from the Institute for Polar and Marine Research in the A. Wagner. Laptev Sea, which is a major supplier of ice in the Arctic, almost thawed, despite the fact that this is usually the end of July, and the sea is available for shipping only two months of the summer to early fall. Back in the late winter of 2012, the sea was found many areas with thin ice, which did

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Death of fish in Thailand


BANGKOK, June 3 — RIA Novosti, Yevgeny Belenky. The governor of the Thai province of Ayutthaya announced two coastal areas of the province a disaster area because of a major accident, which resulted in the Chao Phraya river spilled 1.8 thousand tons of sugar, said on Friday an electronic version of the newspaper Nation.

Wittchen Pieuphong governor took the decision to declare the area "old town" of Ayutthaya and the adjoining new residential area a disaster area two days after Tuesday barge loaded with 1.8 thousand tons of sugar cane, at full speed crashed into the coast and capsized

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SEZ Dubna — the construction of new plants and urban facilities (mini-fotooobzor)

2013th — a year of intensive building residents of the special economic zone "Dubna" own scientific and industrial complexes. Five companies have completed or are building their NPK on the right bank of the SEZ area (area of nuclear physics and nanotechnology), three of them are scheduled to launch later this year. Two more companies are built on the left bank area of the SEZ, one of them is also launching its first new plant this year. Development of the area is complex: both sites are built utilities and roads are being built on the right bank treatment plant

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Lake Tahoe area could generate an earthquake of magnitude 6.3 — 6.9

A new U.S. Geological studies have shown that the area west of Lake Tahoe, California, called the frontal zone faults Tahoe-Sierra, the potential to generate earthquakes with magnitudes ranging from 6.3 to 6.9. The results show that the Tahoe-Sierra is a major seismic source in the area. Source: Science Daily

Reclamation of the cut, which slides village in the Urals, will end in 2012

Chelyabinsk Coal Company plans by the end of 2012 to complete the remediation Korkinsky coal mine, which is located on the edge of the village rose, gradually slipping into the cut, work is being done at the expense of the company, according to the Ministry of radiation and environmental safety in the region.

Coal mine, under development since 1930, gradually crumbles here frequently experience landslides. The situation is complicated by the rock dump at 5 billion tons of titanic faults, foci of endogenous fires, a complex system of underwater plants. In hazardous area is home to over 80,000 people.

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Forest fires in Spain

Not far from the Spanish city Raskera, Tarragona province began a spring fire. According to preliminary calculations, the fire destroyed three 081.59 hectares of land, of 76.28% of the area occupied by trees, and the rest were in the pine forests and pastures. In the most affected one Raskere 370.57 hectares of forest. More southern areas where the flame penetrated, such as El Perello, Tivenis Benifallet and lost 1 248.79, 462.12, and 0.1 hectares respectively.

With fire nearly four days more than 300 firefighters fought by promoting rescue east of Tarragona. The situation could have been brought under control much

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A marked reduction in the area of the longest valley glacier on Mount Tsilyanshan in western China

In recent years, a noticeable reduction in the area long valley glacier called 12th Laohugou glacier on Mount Tsilyanshan, located at the junction of the provinces of Qinghai and Gansu / Northwest China /. These are the results of recent studies conducted by Chinese glaciologists.

Laohugou — the largest valley glacier Nan. Photo:

Employees of the Research Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering of cold and arid areas of the country at the Academy of Sciences of China and glacial station Tsilyanshan on researches concluded that the melting of the glacier Laohugou closely linked to climate change.

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Drought in the Chita region. Video


7.07.11.Na territory Nerchinsk district on July 5 was introduced a state of emergency in agriculture. The reason — the weather.

By telephone from the Chairperson of the Committee of Agriculture Administration municipal district "Nerchinsk district" Vladimir Shahi: "The reasons are the introduction of a regime of abnormally high temperatures, dry winds and lack of atmospheric moisture. Today, there is soil drought, resulting in nearly 100 percent of the affected agricultural land, in particular, hayfields and pastures on more than 100,000 hectares.

Partially affected area sown crops. We can already say with confidence that 50 percent of the harvest,

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Each region of China — its a disaster

Residents of several Chinese provinces experienced the vagaries of nature. In the north-west of the country in mid-May unexpectedly returned winter.

The temperature dropped to minus 8 degrees, some areas at the mercy of the snowstorm. The green fields of wheat powder with snow, and the streets turned into a skating rink. From the roofs of houses overhang 20-centimeter icicles, and the trees were covered with ice. Is not it easier situation in the eastern region, which showered the size of a walnut.

Emergency lasted only a minute, but in that time have been broken glass hail

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