Number of flood victims in Nepal has increased to 17

Number of victims of a landslide in northwestern Nepal has risen to 17 people are considered missing 47 people.

"Police said that by Monday, rescuers, search affected by landslide in north-western Nepal, have found 17 bodies," — said in a statement.

The landslide occurred as a result of the flood the web, which flooded villages along the coast. At least one bridge was destroyed — it is 200 km from the capital Kathmandu.

Flooding occurred on Saturday — the day when the villagers usually wash clothes, bathe in the river network and rest along the

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Volcano National Park burned in Nicaragua

Molten rock, escaped from the crater of the volcano in Santiago, located 23 km south-east of the capital of Nicaragua — Managua, have led to a fire in a nearby national park. Park is temporarily closed to the public.

According to representatives of the National Institute of Territorial Studies, of the village, located at the foot of the volcano, were not injured. The eruption was a fire on an area of 1.5 hectares, which already works on fire. Despite the increased activity of the volcano, the Nicaraguan authorities have not announced the alarm in the surrounding area.

Since the

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In the state of Washington have discovered a new fault crust

In the north-western Pacific Ocean are quite serious tectonic events. From the Cascadia subduction zone, where the tectonic plate of Juan de Fuca is moving under the North American plate, and to the fault zone near Seattle, where 1,100 years ago the real earthquake happened to 7, there was the risk of renewed seismic activity.

The figure shows five areas paleoseysmicheskoy activity (red circles) and three Holocene fault (solid red lines).

Approximately 60 km north of the described location and located close to the extremely dangerous fault in Bellingham near the Canadian border, they found a number of previously

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Alpine lake in the Altai Mountains Maashey washed away by rain

Experts of the Geological Survey of Gorny Altai explain the reasons for the disappearance of the lake Maashey that literally washed away by rain and mud flows in the Kosh-Agach region of the Republic, according to the website of the government of the region.

According to the authorities, which refer to the region's tourism forum, lake, located in the North-Chu ridge at an altitude of almost 2000 meters above sea level, just disappeared. It was considered one of the most beautiful in the Altai and was very popular with tourists. As a result of heavy rains, which came more than

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In the Rostov region because of the drought killed crops. Video


14.06.12.V Dubovsky's drought introduced a state of emergency. 25 000 hectares of wheat crop will not yield. Villagers count the losses and do not expect more precipitation — 70 percent of the planted area in the last two months of rain is not watered once. Even now, walking on the field, the wheat could be hurt hand. But the plants are still no taller than 20 centimeters. From the field to collect more nothing — it perekultiviruyut. And there in the 25 000 hectares today.

"We have 70 percent of the area in April and May have never

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Locusts in Bashkiria. Video



21.06.12.V a district of Bashkortostan introduced a state of emergency.

Due to the massive invasion of locusts and caterpillars webworm for sowing enhanced pest in Chekmagushevskom area.

This is the first in the north-western region of Bashkortostan. Prior to this pest was found only in the south, where they came from Orenburg and Kazakh steppes.

Emergency mode operates Chekmagushevskom near the third day. The real trouble for farmland was locusts and caterpillars webworm. Landowners have counted loss. About 10% of the farmland area damaged. Fortunately, thanks to early detection, the field had time to process chemicals and

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In the Yenisei River water level dropped. Video


12.05.12.V Yenisei River water level has fallen sharply. In Kazachinsko area nearly five feet, Yartsevo two. Shallowed coast main waterway edges spotted and residents of Krasnoyarsk. Where did the water, and what effects it threatens figured out Irina Rumyantsev. Boat cleaving the water surface more draw attention to Esniseyu. And do not notice how much it shallow shore is not possible. Especially in the area of municipal and cable-stayed bridges. Where there used to be a big water today in Boots can safely walk. Every day, the water level is lower, says Alex Slobodyan fisherman.

Alexei SLOBODYAN, fishermen

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Chelyabinsk again complain Tremors


12.12.12.Chelyabinsk shakes again — for the last day duty officer in the city has received more than 60 messages complaining of vibration of buildings, the agency news "Access" referring to the United duty and dispatch service to South Ural capital.

"For the past day from residents received 66 posts complaining of explosions and vibrations of buildings," — said in a summary of a day on 11 December.

Recall, residents continue to associate data with the destruction of ammunition variations on Chebarkul training ground — the story has been going on for more than two years, from September 2010, when

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Karakorum threatens ice age?

Recently, scientists were surprised to find that the glaciers in the Central Karakoram mountains rising rapidly. And it's not about "spreading" of the ice cover. A rise in full — the thickness of the glacier at the same time also increases. And despite the fact that there, in the Himalayas, the ice continues to melt. What is the reason Karakorum ice anomaly?

It should be noted that, given the global trend to reduce glaciers situation is quite paradoxical. Mountain glaciers in Central Asia were "white crows" (in both senses of the expression), because their area is growing at

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More than 100 people were killed by landslides in Bangladesh

The number of dead in Bangladesh by landslides caused by strong monsoon rains, more than 100 people in the disaster area had about 250,000 people, said on Wednesday the Indian edition poster DNA.

Previously reported 76 dead.

According to media reports, the hardest hit three districts in the south-east of the country — Chittagong, Bandarban and Cox's Bazar. Strong monsoon rains do not stop here for five days. Mudslides washed away houses, destroying farm buildings.

Forecasters warn that in the next few days, heavy rains may continue. In the southeast, Bangladesh interrupted rail and air links. Army units and police

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