In Minsk, hundreds of people detained about

Solemn celebration failed. Yakub Kolas afternoon was blocked by police, on its perimeter iron gates were installed. Yet, on the approaches to the square with the various parties in 18 hours time, there were about 2 thousand people. People are not able to gather in a single column, were broken by police in rows into several groups. During extrusion demonstrators Yakub Kolas police are very beat them, threw on the ground.

, Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich activists of youth organizations, Ivan Shyla, Illya Bohdan Eugene Afnahel journalists "Nasha Niva". Andrew and Simon Liankevich Pechenko Middle of the detainees were also

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L.Pyatrova: The order was perfect in their

In These days are we give aired excerpts from the memoirs of participants of the manifestation of protest.Larisa Petrova worked as an assistant professor of economics at the Institute of entrepreneurial activity. On March 19 2006 she was 70 years old. Their students Petrov said, that react positively to the fact if they are not on the exercise, and on the square. If the administration of the Institute found that she wears on the area and coffee products, she was reprimanded. Larisa Petrova explained that, unfortunately, is the only thing she can do at this point for protesters. At the

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General plans to enter the roadway

We’re going on Yakub Kolas and will try to pass the claimed route. Very fundamentally for me, that the action took place with access to the roadway, because on another it will be just a betrayal of those Young people, are presently tested in a criminal case for the shares in February, when they for the first time Three years brought protesters onto the roadway, helped honor for this opposition and have criminal case. So here goes: if we do not go out on the roadway — we simply surrender. And if the next action will take place normally, as

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Share on October Square — no arrests

At 6:00 on the square began an impromptu action: here come youth activists, also the hunger strikers, which starts today at 6pm.

In addition, purpose of the present action was to draw public attention to the events that took place on the square 2 year reversed. Despite the fact that the number of participants was small enough, it was not of mandatory information campaign on the area came 6 paddy and 5 buses with special forces. On This time there were no arrests. Tags:, october, hunger, area

Belarusian authorities need to be afraid of new acreage

The last presidential candidate of the united opposition Alexander Milinkevich thinks people protest yield on October Square two years reversing a good symbolic event in the history of Belarus — such as the creation of BPR 90 years ago: "When they say that’s when we have not overcome, then I think that we actually overpowered almost everything in themselves for themselves. Those who stood up and who now helps others do. It has international significance, because we have declared for themselves as a nation, and now they say in the West, Belarus should be democratised through Russia. "Milinkevich believes that

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Belarus billed Russian company

In February there was a break in the pipeline Gomel region on the surface of spilled more than 20 tons of net oil which polluted about 2 thousand hectares square meters of land and approximately 30 thousand square meters of flood waters. Environmental Services Gomel region counted all damage caused soil, waterways and air.

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Reason volatile area

Serbiya 2000, Georgia 2003, Ukraine 2004, Kyrgyzstan 2005 — a chain of this latest "Spring of Nations", each of the links which occurred specifically in such a scenario. Bad sample to repeat the experience these states Belarus, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, despite the reverse result, did not deny the moral conclusion — the area is always right.But, as so often happens in history, principles raises doubts not a defeat but a victory. Exemplary in this respect was the experience of Kyrgyzstan. Well, "tulip" Kyrgyz revolution, which was accompanied by pogroms and generally inspired "velvet" which was quite rough, refers to the

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Youth BPF to October Square on March 16

Young activists of the party invite politicians, public figures and all concerned people to come to October Square Minsk with portraits of prisoners and hunger on March 16 in 18 hours. One of the initiators of the action Ilya Bogdan says that under the pressure of international public Belarus were released several political prisoners. That went free all policies, you must also make international requirements based on protests within the country. "

UCP going to hold convention on October Square

"We can only refer specifically to Alexander Lukashenko, — says Anatoly Liabedzka. — If it does not work here, we need to hold their own congress at October Square . "

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Housing prices in Belarus uniformly fall

The middle name and other circumstances that demand in the market at the moment are significantly higher than the demand. What to expect in the near future? According to professionals, for past year price of a dwelling in Minsk increased from 1,200 dollars per square meter in January to December 1990 dollars, in other words over 50%. Record growth occurred in the first quarter of 2007, when every month per square meter "harder" by 10-15%. Then the proportions are not as prominent, but first winter prices fixed at about 2000 dollars per square meter. Since the beginning of 2008, the

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