Flooding in Lankaran, Azerbaijan

Lankaran. Agaddin Babayev — APA. The consequences of heavy rainfall in Lankaran, which began on September 18 at about 16.00, severely affected the private households and public facilities.

According to APA's south bureau, agriculture went through villages Tangivan, Shovu, Gyunehir, Osakyuche, Vilvan, Veravul and Dashdatyuk. In general, the area seriously damaged more than 150 houses. The village came down Vilvan gas line. Sel destroyed by 2 bridges in the villages Shovu, Gyunehir and Wilman, 4 bridges — in the village Osakyuche and 1 bridge — in the village Diryan. In villages Gyunehir, Horavendzh and Beliton Gyunehirskogo territorial district occurred

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In the Urals Railway slides into river

Landslides can destroy area of South-Ural Railway in Orenburg region. The river banks collapsed Sakmara so that breakage to the rails is about 35 meters.

For emergencies caused floods and other climatic factors in recent years. Under their influence began intensively to crumble the left bank of the river in Sakmara Saraktash near Orenburg region. The length of the problem area is about 600 meters high cliff 25 meters.

Jeopardized web site of the South Ural railway Orenburg Saraktash-Aydyrlya. Before collapsing banks it is only 35 meters. "Trains on this section of road is now walking without stopping" — quoted

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The personal space of the person

Inside of living space, which individual animal shares with other members of the species, and which provides it with security and food, it is usually allocates a territory with clearly defined boundaries. Are deep in this area cover, burrow, nest or den up individual area, fiercely protects animals against any intrusion (not excluding the invasion and sometimes male, if the pairing has already happened).

On what areas or individual sites are needed for individuals, little is known. Size of the territory and the degree of protection vary from person to person, depending on age, social status, etc. Individual

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Open stretch of road-Ryazan Hodynino

 Photo source:mediaryazan.ru

November 1 the grand opening of the road-Ryazan Hodynino Rybnovsky near Ryazan region. Before making a decision about the construction of the road to traffic carried by the Fish M5 highway (9 miles), then on the road "Moscow-Samara" — Fish-Konstantinov (2 kilometers). Everyone knows the big road congestion in this area. The second line runs along the highway Fish-Perekal-Settlement-Nedostoevo length 8.4 kilometers. This road, popularly nicknamed "drunk", no longer meets its specifications. So, in 2010, the project documentation for the construction of the road-Ryazan Ryazan fish in the area, Hodynino passing on the existing route. Road has

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Because of the risk of flooding in Japan evacuated 114,000 people

Meteorology of Japan on Friday ordered the evacuation of 114,000 people due to heavy rains and the risk of flooding in Niigata and Fukushima prefectures.

In two days of heavy rains since the beginning of rainfall exceeds 650 millimeters, a record for this area. In some areas, dropped out of more than 100 millimeters per hour.

Management believes that the risk is very high out of the river banks in the two prefectures. The city Sandzesi water flooded the sidewalks and driveway, reaching the mid-wheel vehicles.

In one area of the city due to flooding of roads over the

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Diary of a Writer: paddy wagon with music

Society Debriefing — oh, what a useful and interesting work! The guards regime of all stripes, breaking pens, write reports about a "revolution in the heads" of his sluzhbistskae care, the mass arrest of people (I will only talk about Grodno), that had to dissolve all the houses because they do not have a team — yes jail space available in the "kutuztsy" no. And on the back of the "barricades" — a heated discussion of how an accelerated rhythm of "law enforcement officers" kicked surpass the plan, was seized, loaded into a paddy wagon even your favorite person with

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Opened new fire stations in the Tomsk and Pskov regions

In the village of Ust-Dolyssy Nevel district of the Pskov region opened a modern separate fire post. Fire post in Ust-Dolyssah — fifth, built in 2010, and the second — in the year.

"Creating a fire post in Ust-Dolyssah will strengthen the cover area of 60 km from the Pustoshka to Nevel and improve fire protection are all situated in the area of objects.

The village Tsiganova Zyryansky district of Tomsk region opened fire post.

It will protect the right of two villages — Semyonovka and Tsiganova — with a population of 1,305 people, as well as

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Hurricane in southern Kuzbass tore roofs off houses

Hurricane swept through on Monday in the south of the Kemerovo region, the roofs of several buildings have been torn down, along with fixtures. In the city of Osinniki regime introduced emergency, said city government civil defense and emergencies.

Strong wind, whose speed was 30 kilometers per hour, tore several roofs in cities Myski and aspen forests. In Aspen was declared emergency mode. In Novokuznetsk by gale was broken power supply, which is currently being restored.

In Aspen with the House of Culture in the street road was blown away with the fixtures and chimneys. Tearing the roof

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Guatemalan residents fleeing from the fury of the volcano Fuego

More than 10.6 thousand people were evacuated from the vicinity of the Guatemalan volcano Fuego, the activity of which has increased dramatically. National Coordinating Council to address the effects of natural disasters declared the highest level of anxiety in the vicinity of the volcano. The decision was taken after the crater Fuego strong explosions occurred, after which define gas emissions reached a height of over a kilometer.

On the slopes of the natural lava flow down the colossus. Currently, residents evacuated eight villages in the immediate vicinity of the volcano. People housed in temporary shelters. Guatemalan authorities do not

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Forest in the Tyumen region of gypsy moth caterpillars attack

Tyumen, July 12 (New Region, Olga Panfilov) — In the forests of the Tyumen region emerged gypsy moth caterpillars.

According to the regional department of forestry complex lesions registered Berdyuzhskom, Armizonskoe, Aromashevskom, Golyshmanovo areas. The total area of forest pests, reached 22.5 thousand hectares. Officials state that the affected area will increase.

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