«Kaliningrad Sea Commercial Port (PHOTOS)

Kaliningrad Sea Commercial Port — The only ice-free port on the Baltic Russia. It provides a full range of services related to the transportation of goods from source to destination and parking courts.

The port has an advantageous position: the distance from it to the capitals of neighboring states ranges from 400 to 650 km, the largest foreign ports on the Baltic Sea — from 400 to 700 km. For example, to Hamburg can be reached by sea for 36 hours.


Port is considered to be the founding year of 1339-th, when

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Nationalists rally on Bolotnaya Square

"Interfax" reports that on Bolotnaya Square, where on Sunday took place to be sanctioned meeting Nationalists militia White-reinforced security measures.

At the same time, the ITAR-TASS news agency transmits information that at the beginning of the rally in the square have gathered about 400 people, demonstration occurred without incident, the organizers have implemented all the leaflets nationalistic, to the participants of the meeting were the leaders of the Russian nationalists.

At this event brought together people of different ages — both retirees and young people, in addition, among the activists of the rally were seen young girls, unfolding transports

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UFO helped Americans create a superweapon

Leading scientific expert of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on the issue of anomalous aerospace phenomena Colonel Alexander Plaxin believes that the United States became a superpower because studied the "flying saucer" …

— Alexander, arguing: when readers see what the article, many pomorschatsya and will not be read? We all have been vaccinated against UFOs. I'm sure if tomorrow will land on Red Square aliens, about a month will have to prove that this is not a joke. Is it possible to blame the "yellow" press, swing problem?

— Not only that. Yet the

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The trains stopped because of falling trees

Society Because of falling trees on the tracks, in the evening on August 17 in the Mogilev region were stopped two trains Minsk Asipovičy and two passenger trains Minsk and Minsk Anapa-Feodosia.

About This was announcedand the "Interfax" in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Belarus.

The movement of trains on the railway stretch "Talc-Vereytsy" Osipovichy district, Mogilev region stopped for 1 hour 35 minutes.

According to the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, "there were no injuries, emergency crews conduct the restoration work.



Cholera on the basics: For 15 cases, the discovery of the sea is delayed

For the holiday season on the Azov Sea are two news — good and bad. Good — yesterday have been discharged from hospital 11 patients with cholera, and another 6 patients are ready to leave home for a few days. All of the infection is treated 9 patients and 5 vibriocarrier. The bad news — June 14, found in another patient with cholera (thus, 15 cases of the disease). The last case — again because of the fish. According to Chief George Gusakova sanvracha Mariupol, the cause of the disease was still fished in the river May

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Mogilev city executive committee banned the three social pickets

Society Mogilev city executive committee refused to allow activists to create a party of freedom and progress to three pickets. Party members were going to put them in a three bedroom communities to collect signatures from residents on a petition to the authorities, so that she began to solve pressing local problems.

As the "Freedom" is one of the applicants Yuri Stukalov (In the picture), The officials explained their refusal by saying that the elected seats for the pickets are not specific to public events. Letter of refusal signed a new Deputy Mayor Igor Shardyko.

Yuri Stukalov"The answer is formulaic.

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In Russia stopped Shejman

Society According to the Russian site Pravo.ru in the Moscow region for speeding out by Russian traffic police (traffic police) arrested a jeep, which was traveling assistant to the president of Belarus at Large, a former Attorney General of Belarus Viktor Sheiman.

As thecamping, it happened in the Ruza district of the Moscow region on Sunday, August 15. Sheiman was driving his jeep "Toyota Land Kruzer" from Moscow to Minsk in Belarus highway.

80-km highway traffic police car escorted the Moscow region — said the site a law enforcement source Russia. — Thereafter machine continued to walk unaccompanied.

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Hail the size of a hens egg fell in Gantsevichi district

Hail the size of a hen's egg dropped in the Brest region. Anomaly in 20 minutes destroyed the gardens and thousands of hectares of crops in Gantsevichi district. 161 damaged house, 22 Agriculture, school, kindergarten, and House of Culture. Three farms area — "oak forest", "Krishilovichi" and "Agronacha" — suffered serious damage.

Just Gantsevichi area as a result of heavy rain, wind and hail damaged 190 houses, destroyed crops on 713 acres, is on 740 acres — is damaged.

According to forecasters, in the region on May 29 was recorded wind gusts up to 14 meters per

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On the progress of harvesting work in the Russian Federation as of September 10, 2013


According to the operative data of agricultural management entities of the Russian Federation as of September 10, 2013 grains and legumes threshed from the area of 29.2 million hectares, or 63.4% of the sown area (in 2012 it was 31.6 million hectares in 2011 g — 29.2 million hectares). Gross harvest of 67.2 million tons of grain (in 2012 — 58.5 million tons, in 2011 — 71.5 million tons). Yield of 23.0 t / ha (in 2012 — 18.5 c / ha, in 2011 — 24.5 c / ha).

Including wheat threshed with an

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In the Himalayas, glaciers are melting

Abnormally high temperatures, in part associated with the general climate of the planet, are the cause of melting glaciers in the Chinese mountain ranges of Himalayas, carrying a threat to local residents, tourism and the economy — so says the report, published on 25 October. 77% of the 111 weather stations installed on the south-western China have recorded a significant increase in the average temperature over the last 50 years, the report, published in the British newspaper for Environmental Research — Environmental Research Letters.

At 14 monitoring stations, located at an altitude of 4 km, the growth temperature was 1.73

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