The mysteries of the disaster Dalnegorsky

"Banner", 07.02.2004, Kaluga, n22

Author: Paul Beregovskiy

According to the director of the Far Eastern Center for UFO Research Valeria Brier, in the Primorsky Krai in the fixed monthly average of 5-6 flights of unidentified flying objects. The number of inhabitants of Primorye, who observed a UFO, is now nearing eight percent of the total population of the province. Scientists speculate that UFOs are not just regularly visit the district Dalnegorsk, but also the rare earth metals are mined, produced recharge their vehicles in the field of tectonic faults with the changing energy intensity.

January 29, 1986 at 19

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Fell to Earth unidentified object

Mysterious ball was taken away by the military. Where — is unknown. Witnesses of the incident insist that the ball — the message of the aliens. In northern Brazil fell from the sky mysterious sphere of the metal. Ball consisting of unspecified alloy, weighing 30 kilograms crashed near a small village Anapurus, in the state of Maranhao.

According to those villagers, who first noticed the field, the ball fell from the sky in the early morning of February 22, and caused panic among the residents. One of the residents named

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A forest fire in the area of 60 hectares in Siberia remains unquenched

Forest conservation over the past day in the forests of Siberia eliminated nine seats on the area of 45 acres, on the morning of Thursday unquenched ostaetsya one fire — the Trans-Baikal region.

"Today, the district remains unquenched one forest fire in the Trans-Baikal region on the area 61 hectares. Fully localized fire," — said in a statement.

According to agency informants, threats settlements and economy in the area do not.

In order to stabilize the forest fire situation remains special fire mode (restriction on visiting forest) across the Trans-Baikal region, in one region of the Republic of Buryatia.

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Track from a UFO or … from the haystack?




From July 26 to August 2, was re-scouting expedition of the "Yekaterinburg-Kosmopoisk" ("Stalker") to Perm anomalous zone (which is near the village of Molebka). Expedition leader D.Volobuev said: "The results seem to be very comforting. Despite the fact that the weather hampered our efforts, still managed to

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Hundreds of pigeons in the bird disappeared Bermuda Triangle

September 8, 2012 14:51

Hundreds of pigeons, which are also used to compete in speed reach its destination in the bird disappear 'Bermuda Triangle'. Fans of pigeons puzzled that hundreds of birds have disappeared in the area, which they now call the Bermuda Triangle in England.

Only 13 of the 232 birds released on Saturday in Fersk, North Yorkshire, Scottish club pigeons reached Galashiels, Selkirkshir. This is followed by the summer, when another hundred disappeared in the same area. Keith Simpson of East Cleveland Federation announced that all holders of pigeons in the region have suffered huge losses since

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The Brest region limited hiking in the woods

Society Baranovichi, Ivatsevichy, Zhabinka and Kobrin district executive committee issued an order to ban visits to forest population, as well as their entry into the vehicle without the permission of the forest.

Such measures are taken in response to the sharp deterioration of the situation in the forests of flammable area caused by the hot and dry weather. When the fire situation will become more complex, the ban on visiting forests in the near future will be made in other areas of the region.



Avalanche danger because of the weather declared in nine regions of Sakhalin

Rescuers in Sakhalin announced warning of avalanche danger in the nine districts of the region in a strong snowstorm, said regional GUMCHS.

Active cyclone approached the south of Sakhalin. Friday-Saturday in seven districts of the southern part of Sakhalin expected strong snowstorm with visibility less than 500 meters in winds of 25-30 meters per second. Snow depth reaches 7-19 millimeters in some places — up to 20 millimeters or more. Declared a storm warning.

"According to the forecast of the regional avalanche center FSBI" Sakhalin AHEM "avalanche Friday in nine districts of the Sakhalin region: Dolinsky, Makarov, Uglegorsk, Tomari,

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Problem areas — not a problem

In life we are faced only with the problems Bernard Werber, "Empire of Angels"

How effectively do away with the bulge, cellulite and other problems figure? —These and other questions are answered MD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

About problem areas they know everything — that's why they are problematic. This area on the body, are more difficult to reduce the total volume. They are called "dietrezistentnye zone" because fat does not go out even in the most

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The grains will be less, but should be enough

Society Grain harvested in Belarus will be enough for domestic needs and export. This was announced by Sergei Sidorsky during a trip to the Gomel region.

Grain harvest This year, in Belarus will lower than planned. The main reason for shortage of the crop was the severe drought in the east. At the same time, as the prime minister, the harvested grain is sufficient to provide the population with food and livestock — feed.

According to Sidorsky, in the last two years the government has decided to provide the population with the task of self-produced cereals. Now in Belarus in

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Belarus will receive 7 million tons of grain, not 9, as expected

Company "Bread in all categories of farms we get 7,000,000 tons in svirnavay weight, "- said the Minister.

What Alexander Lukashenko said, "promised to 9,000,000 tons.'s your Start ".

M. Brown assured that next year the agricultural organizations of the country will take to the planned figures.During the working visit Head of State the Gomel region in July this year M.Rusy assured him that the This year, scheduled 9,000,000th excluding maize crop. Napyareadadni Lukashenko's visit to Minsk Region Boris Batura, Chairman of the Minsk City Executive Committee warned of "strict measures" against the officials who allow the registry. He

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