Pushkin: The central square in the Beavers will be performance

Pushkin"Very principledI thing — that the standards and this prazdnichek BNR 90th anniversary — spread horizontally. To possible more people at different points in Belarus noted that prazdnichek. Very modern methods. You can start with smsok, flash mobs. I will very simply and creatively …In our village there is a central area of Beaver. Imagine curves fences, the village council with red-green flag, the church. In the center of the local area — catchy table, rinsed in the wind a few white-red-white flags. Pushkin sits at a table near his two kids — Marika and Mikolka, spouse. On the table

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Ukraine: new housing in the I half of 2012 grew by half

The volume injected in Ukraine in January-June, housing completions totaled 4,241 million square meters. m, which is 55.4% more than the same period in 2011, reported the State Statistics Service.

State Statistics says that this dynamic is caused by the fact that 39.9% of the total housing, or 1.678 million square meters. m have been introduced according to the time of the order for the commissioning of houses built without a permit for construction work.

According to the Statistical Office, the area received commissioned housing in single-family homes increased by 2.3 times.

Excluding this

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That showed Lukashenko his love for children …

State Academy of the Ministry of Energy and argue about the probable construction of the first nuclear power plant in Belarus Astravets district in Grodno. Comment listener: Sir, Smorgon: "Our leaders decided to build nuclear power plants in Astravets. Wish I would find out what they are thinking for themselves. Fact that this area is densely populated, it does not bother them, that there kids improve their health from the Chernobyl zone, does not apply to them, too, that This area is rich in drinking water and promising — too. Finally, the area of seismic scary. We dominated the terrorists?

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For nearly 500 villages of the Altai Territory is connected to the Internet

During the first 9 months of 2012, "Rostelecom" has provided the ability to connect to the Internet in 112 villages of the Altai Territory. It is reported by the Altai press.

Among the connected villages — Tulata Charyshsky area Burabai Krutihinskogo district, Yasnaya Polyana Rebrihinskogo area Bobkov Rubtsovskoe area Michurinskoe Khabarsky district and others. Thus, Now broadband Internet access from the "Rostelecom" is available in all cities and 490 villages in the Altai region.

The company makes the connection as the technology ADSL, and the optical technologies. For ADSL uses existing copper lines, allowing you to

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An amazing journey in Yamal in photos by Sergey Anisimov

Most "Torch"

Obdorsky jail

Salekhard Airport

City Administration


The mosque and the Yamal versatile college

The district center of national cultures

The Government of Yamal, a fountain "Earth"

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Share of entrepreneurs in Minsk dispersed

At 12:00 journalists who in the square watching the events, the police were ordered to leave in 5 minutes. Views on police, the press "meant the place." Appeared in the square activists campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Coley and Ales Taustyka also chairman of the United civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko. Commandos formed a chain and drove all from the area. Anatoly Lebedko said:"Right here does not smell. Turns out," grabbing "we started. Privatize and virtually pieces of terrain on which people can not be. Man came to me in the form of Colonel, is not he just boorish

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NPP land in Grodno?

Higher priority for NPP construction in Belarus remains Ostrovetskaya site in the Grodno region. This NASB Presidium Chairman Misha Myasnikovich told reporters on October 14 during the opening of the exhibition in Minsk EnergyExpo. Second in priority, he said, is Krasnopolyanskaya (Chaussky district Mogilev region), the third — Kukshinovskaya playground (Shklovsky district Mogilev region). Myasnikovich explained that Ostrovetskaya site more profitable "in matters of the resistance of soils." Coupled with the fact He singled out, that at the moment studied all three potential sites, and no reason at all to ban the construction of nuclear power plants is not. Misha

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Minsk slum resettlement for construction casino

According to Marx street construction plan should be pedestrian, and a few houses on the street and Marx Volodarskogo going to arrange a three star hotel, casino and shopping center. House number 21a want to carry, and in its place to make a parking lot. And it is absolutely the freshest Polga after repair. Inhabitants of the future pedestrian area never ceases to amaze."Look here at this house, the windows of which can be seen here — says Victor sovereign pilot-pilot retired. — Four-storey house. Somehow I do not believe that at all four floors will be a restaurant. Means

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The third station GLONASS mounted in Tomsk

The works are a part of the establishment of satellite geodetic network and information security in urban Tomsk. The new station GLONASS / GPS will measure plots of land with centimeter accuracy, which will assist in the resolution of land disputes.

The first set of GLONASS established in 2008 on the building of the city administration. The second station is located in the northern area of technical innovation zones. A third appeared in July in the airport area. 

Chairman of the Committee of geo-information for Sergei Sidorenko said that under the project in the city

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Highway M-58 Amur

At the end of May this year, drove a car with Vladivostok to Bratsk. Last year, just lecturing on your site a great report about haul road and about the Chita-Khabarovsk. During the year I was on the site with the search engines come a lot of people interested in the state of the Chita-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok. There was even one such query into a search engine, which has led to my site "is it true that after the drive Putin Chita-Khabarovsk highway asphalt removed?". So I think that a report on the state of roads in 2013 will be

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