Know-how for engineers demonstrated in Moscow

The latest technology and equipment for military engineers demonstrated at a conference on mine action in the suburbs.


Look at the video, it looks like a form of "soldier of the future" for the field engineer and mine detecting radar. A new form of combat engineers is a ballistic suit that weighs about eight pounds.

"The whole body is protected by the sapper, and in a zone of vital organs are plates ADP. This is a high modulus polyethylene, which holds the shard at over 800

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In Melitopol middle of the roadway collapsed ground

11.07.11.Vchera, July 10, about 10-00 in Melitopol (Zaporizhia region). Communal found sinkhole diameter of about one meter in the middle of the roadway on the street. Kirov near stop "Pedagogical University."

As it turned out, the ground sank due to crumbling sewer area. Asbestos cement pipe diameter of 300 mm has served exactly 50 years and will now be replaced with PVC pipe of larger diameter — 400 mm, pass "MV".

As the deputy director of the production enterprise "Vodokanal" Paul Laba, work on roll direction 30-meter section of the sewer will be conducted at a depth of

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Storm Maria got to Petersburg

Lake Ladoga is expected wave height 1.5-2 meters

Heavy rains brought to St. Petersburg Tropical Storm "Maria." Wednesday, 12:00 to 19:00, in the northern capital dropped 19 mm of precipitation, Tikhvin and Vyborg, Leningrad region — up to 25-26 mm.

Rains occurred in the area of warm atmospheric front Atlantic cyclone, which transformed the former hurricane "Maria." His center has reached the shores of Norway, Rosbalt citing Gismeteo.

Warm and humid oceanic air during the day will be delivered to the territory of the Leningrad Region. Relative humidity remains high — about 80-85%. The temperature will rise to 15-17

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New FLC opened in Nizhny Novgorod

The grand opening of the new sports and recreation center on Karl Marx Street Kanavinsky held in Nizhny Novgorod region in the morning on Sunday, November 4.

Over an area of 11,000 sq.m. will house a fitness room, dance and aerobic rooms, an indoor ice rink and hall with stands for 770 seats. The total capacity of the sports complex will be more than 600 people a day

"The discovery is the second FOCA in our city — it is a gift to Nizhny Novgorod. For residents of Kanavinsky area — it's a great event. There may

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Character death in the skies over Siberia. Continued Part 2

Lack of culture of death

The Tu-154 fell on Tuesday night. And on Wednesday, the State Duma plenary session began with a moment of silence. On Wednesday, the governor of the Irkutsk region made with the assurance: "We will help the victims' families." Returning from a trip to Ust-Kut Governor Boris Govorin vowed that the regional administration will do anything to help the relatives of the passengers who died in the crash. To start the administration began placing arriving relatives. Its representatives participated in the identification of the dead passengers. About the dead 20 Chinese citizens are no

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The new terminal Pulkovo

At the construction site of the new central passenger terminal "Pulkovo" I was on March 14 in the company of two colleagues. In this volume, and angles of the new terminal building still no one showed, so to some extent, this first report, in which the object will be shown on all sides, top and inside. Watch it! The ceremony of laying the first pile of the new passenger terminal was held November 24, 2010, and the planned date of entry of a new terminal complex completed — December 2013 View from the roof of the old terminal Pulkovo-1

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The new greenhouse complex built in the Kaliningrad region

Under the Guards is the largest building in the Kaliningrad region of the greenhouse complex area of 2.2 hectares. It raises agricultural enterprise "Orbita-Agro".

To plant the first seedlings of cucumbers and tomatoes are planned for early next year. On average, from February to November, expect to collect from a square meter of about 50 kg and 27-30 kg of tomatoes — cucumbers.

The project of "Agro-orbit" for the construction of the greenhouse complex was approved by the Council of the placement of investments under the governor area. It is the region's largest investment project in

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The new greenhouse complex built in the Altai region

The implementation of an investment project worth about 90 million rubles completes largest greenhouse company Altai Territory.


In order to ensure the resort area of the Altai Territory (its development provides regional program "Integrated Development" Altai Ob ") and the increasing needs of the population in the fresh high-quality vegetable production, in 2011 AKGUP" Industrial "began the construction of new greenhouses area of 1.19 hectares in the village of Starobelokuriha Altai district. The new greenhouse complex of "Industrial" will be put into operation in November this year. A first crop of fresh vegetables will be removed

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The new gym has opened in Kazan high school number 18

The new sports hall is open in one of the oldest schools of Kazan — high school with in-depth study of the English language number 18. The gym is built entirely at the expense of the company, "Al-Kom." Charity project cost of 28.5 million rubles.


Construction of a 2-story outhouse to the school, decorated in the style of the 2013 Universiade, was started in January 2012 and completed in March of this year. The building has an area of about 600 square meters. m changing rooms, shower rooms, coaching. This room is fully equipped with sports

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The new high-speed section of M-1 Belarus opened in Moscow

The plot of M-1 "Belarus" from the 33rd to the 45th km (Odintsovo district, Moscow region) was opened on Tuesday after reconstruction.

Reconstruction of the area from 33 th to the 45 th km was conducted from July 2007. In its course increased the number of lanes in the area (from four to eight) with a complete disassembly of the existing pavement, built four split-level interchanges at the 35th, 38th, 41st, and 45th kilometers, six elevated pedestrian transitions, with seven treatment facilities, rebuild about 200 km utilities, installed noise barriers, outdoor lighting system throughout the entire site.

As a

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