New kindergartens built in St. Petersburg

In Shushary Pushkin District of St. Petersburg opened a new kindergarten number 41.The new preschool will visit 190 children. Kindergarten meets all modern requirements. The building is equipped with comfortable classrooms and recreation, there is a swimming pool with wellness area. From the city budget has been allocated for the construction of 218 million rubles.

This is the third kindergarten in one of the newest areas of St. Petersburg. Work on the pre-school will continue. Prior to July 2014 in the new quarters of Pushkin area will appear 4 kindergartens. And only in 2016 in St. Petersburg

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The newcomers brought down on the taiga black cubes




Yuri Lavbin, leader of the expedition to the area of the Tunguska catastrophe, insists in the Evenki detected object of alien origin

Correspondent "KP" on August 12 it was told to the readers to be extremely sensational information provided by the Jury Lavbinym ("found the wreckage of

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In Kostanai region, Kazakhstan, wolves killed a 50 head of cattle

In Kostanai region wolves killed a 50 head of cattle. Told a news agency «» head of the department of natural resources and environmental management Kostanai region Kazbek Tuleubaev.

"Wolves are seen in Kyzbelskogo aul Zhangeldinskogo County area. District leadership appealed to us to shoot wolves. However, in the area of about 70 thousand hectares of cane, predators will not drive out ", — said K.Tuleubaev.

According to him, shoot wolves difficult because land Kyzbelskogo aul District are protected zone.

"There's about three wolf pack. The point is that in this conservation area annually winters approximately 3-4 thousand saiga.

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The new clinic will open in the villages of Nenets Autonomous Okrug

In the eastern district town on the coast of the Kara Sea has opened a new health care facility. Earlier clinic was located in an area of 100 square meters. The new one-story building in the wooden performance — is 640 square meters, on which the specialists' offices, pharmacy, laboratory. For almost 700 residents of Ust-Kara is a good gift in the Year of Health, announced in the Nenets Autonomous District in 2012.

— This is not the first such facility built recently in the area, — commented on the event Deputy Chief of Staff for Social Affairs NAO Olga

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The new buses arrived in Sakhalin region

Keys to the 25 new buses marks "LiAZ", "PAZ" and "NefAZ" were representatives of the municipalities of the Sakhalin area.

The updating of the bus fleet in the area started in 2008. During this time, purchased 85 units for sale.

The new buses have 30 schools of the Orenburg region

Nov. 10 ceremony was held school bus area.


30 schools Adamovsky, Ai, Dombarovsky, Kvarkensky, Pershamaiski and ten districts of the Orenburg region have new comfortable buses to transport children within a set of measures to modernize the general education at the expense of the federal budget.


The acquisition of a comfortable, specially adapted buses to transport children would address the transportation of their children to support the school, and give them the opportunity to participate in various contests, competitions, visit exhibitions, museums, concerts.

Buses will operate between municipalities, they are

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Chelyabinsk meteorite was given the name

Chelyabinsk meteorite scientists gave the name of

Ural scientists discovered near the lake in the town of about fifty Tchebarkul fallen meteorite fragments. According to preliminary estimates, it is common chondrite with an iron content of about 10%. Immediately after finding the bolide was given legal title to which it may enter into the International katalog.Vozle city Tchebarkul Ural scientists have found fragments of a meteorite that fell on February 15.

"The scientists of the Ural Federal University (UFU) found in the Lake Tchebarkul meteorite fragments. On Sunday, members of the University of meteorite expedition brought to Yekaterinburg found the

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Belarus has changed the boundaries of protected areas

National parks of Belarus will be converted to the change of their boundaries, areas, protection and utilization. These changes are intended for the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve and National Park "Belovezhskaya Pushcha", "Braslav Lakes", "Pripyat" and "Narochansky." Decree N59 "On some issues of protected areas" February 14 was signed by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

By decree approved on Berezinsky biosphere reserve and national parks, borders, and composition of the land area of national parks and their functional and protected areas, changes in regulations.

"As a result of land-use specified areas of land using modern methods, and are excluded from the

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New temperature records in Bragin and Chechersk

Society August 4 Bragin observed temperature is the highest for the entire summer in the Gomel region — plus 37.9 degrees.

This figure is also the highest on record in the district center, which have been conducted since 1944. The previous temperature record was recorded in Bragin in 1946 — 36.8 degrees.

As BelaPAN learned Gomeloblgidromete, temperature record was broken yesterday and in Chechersk, where the mercury rose to 36.8 degrees. Thus was a broken record 2008 — 35.8 degrees.

The air temperature in Gomel on August 4 was 36.9 degrees, which was also a record for that

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New village Isetskoe Tyumen region

For 10 months in Isetsky region of Tyumen region commissioned 48 houses. According to the federal target program "Social development of village" and "Housing" support is provided 146 young families. They paid 87 million rubles.

During the construction season in the village Isetskoe already commissioned 20 houses, and 30 more under construction. Each house has its own feature, because the owners want to see the house, not only comfortable, but also smart. But the key to any home — merit. To see this, it is enough to drive through the streets of the village new Isetsky. And to make

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