Lukashenko never cancels its decisions

Tsigankov: "Contrary to some gloomy expectations, despite countless arrests, entrepreneurs still have now come to October Square. Pavljuk you present during this action on the area that you seem more principled and distinctive?" Bykov: "This action took place without recognizable favorites entrepreneurial movement that is currently behind bars, but it turned out that they have more people who can go to the microphone to call and lead. Promotion remembered violent crackdown on its members in the Independence Square, because January 10 of the government’s actions did. intimidation using riot police in helmets, batons, shields, brought a lot of paddy to

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Video from the protest action of entrepreneurs

Rally on the steps of the Palace lasts Republic Speaker entrepreneurial movement activist V.Krival Demonstrators have occupied more than half October Square Participants of the meeting decided to go to Sidorsky Participants of the rally marched toward Independence Square The column goes on sidewalks along Independence Avenue Despite the obstacles created by employees of traffic police, demonstrators break into the roadway Independence Avenue The policemen could not squeeze demonstrators carriageway From paddy, which moved from the back of the column, the police jostle protesters on sidewalks The demonstrators are fighting for traffic on the avenue Demonstrators escorted paddy Demonstrators

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Businessmen once again came to the square

Participants of the meeting sought the release of arrested after action on 10 January, the cancellation of the presidential decree number 760, and the development of the role of entrepreneurs’ movement is following the law on small business. After 12 hours on October Square began speeches of politicians. The first participants of the action appealed vice-chairman BPF Mikhalevich. He handed the demands to the authorities on behalf of the activists arrested after the rally on January 10, are in jail on Akrestin. "Power is an open confrontation with businessmen, with half a million voters. She prefers to protect the interests

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Authorities dispersed share of entrepreneurs

Minister Interior Vladimir Naumov personally controlled acceleration demonstration on Independence Square, where the demonstrators came from October Square. Detained protesters businessmen are in the Metropolitan Police and the Central district of Minsk. Several people were detained during the dispersal of the rally, still 3 — after, as the people dispersed. Entrepreneurs have decided to pass Independence Avenue toward Independence Square. The demonstrators expressed their determination and demand meet with bureaucrats to decide in the end the question about the repeal of Decree number 760, which prohibits businessmen to hire non-relatives. Column of demonstrators comped "paddy" and the machine with sound

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Mogilev and Bobruisk: small businessmen in the area

Mogilev on Lenin Square entrepreneurs began to gather at noon. An hour later, the square was already about 100 fifty people.

Action in Mogilev

Lenin Square in a day or two Mogilev not cleaned from the snow and the participants of the meeting had to gather near the roadway.Four policemen without nametag — Three majors and lieutenant — the distance followed by businessmen. When the square came from Mogilev politician Grigory Kostusev, the police asked: "Who will be the organizer of the rally?"After standing in the square for two hours, entrepreneurs decided to disband."They stood, it seemed that we came.

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Online report from the shares of small business

Photos. Part 1 

Photos. Part 2Photos. Part 3                                                                           


  15:25 Share business ends. People crawl. 15:14About GUM police detained youth activist Misha Subach. He was told that he was suspected of stealing a mobile phone, and offered to drive to the police. People ousted from October Square to the street internationally. Several people have been detained. 15:00SWAT police in response to a clique of businessmen "Fascists!" chant "speculators!". 14:58SWAT people thronging from October Square toward Freedom Square. There detention. Detainees are imported in Metropolitan police department. 14:57Several 10’s of demonstrators squeezed Independence Square on Engels Street towards

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Transas is a modern 3D VTS module

Company "Transas" market is an improved version of the module three-dimensional visualization of the situation in the area of the system review. First demonstrated in 2008, to date feature 3D VTS significantly refined and successfully implemented in a number of projects.

This function adds a number of developments "Transas" providing transportation and navigation safety in ports and coastal areas. This product provides a full-scale three-dimensional representation of the situation in the navigation area of the VTS in real time. Visualization is performed in a separate window display modules Carrier VTS.

At its core, 3D visualization module is

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Tractor CTZ ordered winemakers Abkhazia

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant shipped bulldozer B-10M enterprise "Wines and Beverages of Abkhazia", the press service of the company.

Included with this machine is supplied attachments — a new unit, the German topper, as well as stump and staff dozer with ripper. Tractor will work on development of fields for future vineyards. With the stump and flail winemakers will be able to clean these areas of stumps and bushes, reclaim the soil. Four interchangeable tools will make it possible to maneuver, and the effective use of technology Chelyabinsk.


The plant has already

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The grand opening of the Kiev experimental production area

May 23, at the Scientific Production Concern "Science", in the framework of the International Conference "Ukraine-Russia-Skolkovo — a single innovation space" opening the experimental production area popromyshlennomu production nanoheterostructures — for super-bright LEDs, concentrator solar cells and high-power microwave transistors.

    The gala opening was attended by the Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alferov, Deputy Head of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Yuriy Avksentiev, vice-president of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Anton Naumovets, rector of the Kiev National University. Taras Shevchenko Leonid Guberskiy, and leading

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Retail and office center Gagarin

"Gagarin" — the only major trade-office and entertainment center, located within the city limits and accessible to everyone. And the only one where there is a world-class entertainment area: 1,500 m2 professional ice!   In the Ice Palace, we are trying to 190 people: free, without the hustle and queues in locker rooms, dressing rooms and rental. There are international and Ukrainian hockey competitions, discos on ice, working groups for children and adults. And even declared a set of the women's hockey team!

This level of entertainment and there will be no other shopping and entertainment

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