On the federal highway M-53 (Irkutsk region). Complete reconstruction of the bridge over the Oka

On the federal highway M-53 "Baikal" in Irkutsk region Zima area opened after reconstruction bridge over the river Oka length 330.54 meters.

The bridge was built in 1976 and did not meet modern requirements for traffic. Now the building is capable of pass vehicles in a single order total weight of up to 100 tons. Also on the bridge increased overall travel — from 9 to 11.5 meters. Thus, the builders managed to ensure traffic safety and increase the capacity of this section of the M-53. Warranty period of bridge construction — 8 years. At

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Earthquake in Canada

Earthquake of magnitude 4.0 occurred in the Pacific coast of Canada. According to Seismic Service of the Ministry of Environment and its epicenter was at a depth of 25 kilometers to the west of Vancouver Island. This quake — a consequence of a more powerful 6.3 magnitude earthquake that occurred on September 9 in the same area.

In an interview with CBC television seismologist Natural Resources Canada, John Cassidy, British Columbia after the earthquake recorded for dozens of aftershocks, and the magnitude of the strongest of which was 4.9.

Pacific Coast — the most seismically active area in Canada.

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In the UK came cyclone

Almost all UK since yesterday in the grip of a very extensive North Atlantic cyclone that came from Iceland. This cyclone by tomorrow will cover the area from Reykjavik to Stockholm.

While the effect of the active vortex effect in the British Isles in a marked enhancement of wind, but the rains will start soon, which on Tuesday will be everywhere. Winds are currently the strongest in Scotland, where the closer to the center of the cyclone, the wind force reaches 25-26 m / s.

In the north of Scotland this morning the wind increased to a hurricane, up to

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The Story of a miracle: Julia Liskova


Their joy was so open and with the intimacy that I felt like I was spying on them. One young man took the girl into his arms and spun so on Kolyuga a strange music merge … His pieces are merged in this downpour was a moment when time stood still, there is no longer something — maybe a minute passed, and maybe a lifetime.

At least one intimate and dreamy image of dancing in the rain stayed in my memory forever. Nowhere else is nothing like I have not seen, except in the movies. Now here

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— Hello! Hey, man. I'm sorry I did not come. Imagine missed. On what floor are you? At the 173-m? Well, exactly, so it is: I somehow you on 371-m looking for. Eternally confused with similar figures. So you're right above the area of the Great Fountain

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Vladivostok mired in PoMo

As stated by the RIA "Data" in a number of management companies, recently presented a landfill solid waste management is not able to cope with the growing number of debris, and for certain categories of waste it is not adapted.

According to Deputy Director Anton Bibikova landfill, the company produces no waste disposal problem categories, such as construction waste, because it is not in their jurisdiction. To date, the new plant just installed crusher for large debris, it will be here until mid-September. In addition, according to Mr. Babikova, contrary to media statement last fall, landfill has not yet been

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The monstrous snake-eater terrorizing northern Primorye?




These boats and turns Bikin monster.

In the boreal wilderness on the banks of the Bikin River disappear udeygeytsy and hunting stories about the terrible "pythons" can be heard in almost all regions of Primorye.

The most hackneyed plot, saying that a hunter in the winter

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On the Troitsk GRES commissioned a modern warehouse

The branch of JSC "OGK-2" — Troitsk GRES (Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region) launched a new logistical warehouse, built as part of the region's largest investment project for the construction of new coal-fired power tenth CSP capacity of 660 megawatts.

Modern warehouse for storing spare parts for equipment and raw materials for industrial purposes, lubricants, clothing and personal protective equipment consists of six buildings, densely covering an area of one and a half acres. Administrative building, two warm and one cold storage, box trucks for parking and outdoor storage areas form the optimal storage system designed to provide all the needs

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The SEZ in Togliatti in November will begin construction of the first plant

Russian-Slovenian company "TPV Rus" will begin construction of its production on the territory of the Special Economic Zone in Togliatti in November this year. Ltd. "TPV Rus", specializing in the design and manufacture of car seats, will invest about 560 SEZs million rubles. The plant will create about 600 new jobs. Enterprises will be supplied to automobile assembly plants operating in the territory of Russia. Becoming a resident of Togliatti SEZ, "TPV Rus" signed a contract with AvtoVAZ to supply seats for the new car LADA Granta. To date, about 75 potential residents met with the management of the

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On the territory of JSC Kirov Plant has opened a new shop

Due to the large volume of orders of "ENERGY-STAR" has opened a new shop in the territory of JSC "Kirov Plant" (St. Petersburg), where is the entire office and production facility of the company.

Of "ENERGY STAR-" provides a full range of services for the production, supply and construction of autonomous power on the basis of diesel, gas engine and gas turbine engines for the oil and gas industry, large industrial companies, utilities and infrastructure. The new shop with a total area of 4500 m? required for the expansion of blank area, which is part of the production

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