Video shares businessmen in Minsk

Protesters emerge from Independence Square and Independence Avenue cover about BSUDemonstrators come with October Square to the administration building prezdyentaDemonstrators in the area October Square — According to various estimates there are about 3 thousandOn the approaches to the building Presidential Administration rows of riot police blocked the road protestersDemonstrators took to the roadway Independence Avenue, to go to Independence SquareMarch to Independence Square StaffGAI try to oust protesters from the roadwayThe commandos are not allowed in the building protesters House of Representatives.At the monument to Lenin The demonstrators in Independence Square chanting "Work!"One of the demonstrators with flags climbed

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Action businessmen turned into political

Now at noon on October Square Minsk gathered hundreds of businessmen. They came to express their attitude to the authorities’ policy with respect to small business in Belarus.According to estimates protesters, police officers and observers in a rally and march was attended by just over 2-thousand people. Preventive police detained several activists of the movement of entrepreneurs. Commandos in civil observed during the campaign for the favorites political parties. Favorite "Perspectives" Anatolia Shumchanka and several businessmen have delegated the administration to negotiate Alexander Lukashenko. Meanwhile a rally in the square, in which participated not only businessmen, and politicians. Anatoly Lebedko

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Procession of businessmen in the center of Minsk (photo)

We bring you the second photo report protests businessmen.

Entrepreneurs gathered at October Square Minsk after 12-hours

One of the mottos of protesters

Entrepreneurs turned to A. Lukashenko

Blocked traffic on the avenue

Protesters occupied the roadway portion of Independence Avenue

Column moving toward Independence Square

So special forces met the demonstrators


A.Yaroshuk: Desired bureaucrat like Tityankova and Zhuravkova

Commented recruitment purpose chairman of the Congress of Democratic Trade Unions Alexander Yarashuk. Cà management style Nicholas Damashkevich he knew from previous work in the Minsk region."It is completely obvious that Nikolai Domashkevich will at some point need. Understood why. This is perhaps one of those officials, who spent more constructive line today head of state. In particular, as for frames. Well, just trampled the land remained in the Minsk region, after the last eight years, with something of his reign.Can recall and Mrs. Galina Zhuravkova also Ivan Titenkov. Perhaps it’s time for this kind of person. And, sure, it

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Businessmen getting ready for space

Followers entrepreneurial movement announced their intention to enter the October Square in Minsk on January 10 in 12 hours.

Part Pavilions shopping center in Minsk "Maximus" on Sunday did not work

From January 1 to 15 entrepreneurs on strike, which takes place in the form of enforced holiday from paying taxes and rents. But last weekend part of traders started jobs.According to the activist movement of entrepreneurs Oleg Shabetnik Rechitsy of the effect from the protests would be tangible, if entrepreneurs actively finished first in Minsk and regional centers:"People are calling, many loaded on Zhdanovichi. Anybody friends and acquaintances. 30

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Lawlessness was classy actors

"Farmer’s Field" in 1927 as a result of experiencing a natural disaster, "cold wave bearing down on Europe from Siberia Russia … In the UK, come cool winters. Frosts achieve up to 20 degrees even in London. U-France also reign frost of 20 degrees . There are even deaths from zamyarzannya. Yugoslavia In severe frosts on zamerzli guards fighters pilnavavshyya border. transfixed Found 17 people. Even River, which attracts bourgeois area, where trees are green forever, and that temperatures reach up to 3 degrees. ""Vitebsk proletarians" in 1937 arranged such announcement: "Vitebsk Tram Management informs that in order to determine

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The visit was nothing extraordinary

Belarus is ready to negotiate on all matters

According to official sources, the main topic of the agenda was a day or union budget of the country. While previously the presidential press service has reported that undergo review also draft Constitutional Act. "We have a lot of questions. Questions — on defense, the security of our country to economic and social issues. These questions we did not hide from anyone. We will voice them, for sure, at a press conference on our arrangements. Because nowhat is there to not unusual. And I again stress that the Belarusian prepared for

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For Independent Belarus! On October Square

19:59 Very beaten during a protest Dmitriy Fedoruk recovered, currently in 9th medical clinic he make-rentgen pictures skull and spine.19:28 The rally ended, but about 30 commandos continue to patrol October Square.19:27 All protesters, which pushed aside Komsomol lake, police planted the tram in a side street of Orel. Total — more than 25 people. Themselves as police officers left.19:21 Activist beaten Dmitriy Fedoruk delivered in 9 clinical clinic Minsk. According to doctors, it difficult condition.19:20 About 2-10-s demonstrators currently Komsomol lake nearby. Next worth paddy, Activism none of the parties has not yet doing.19:14 Mobiles many youth activists do

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Vital Stazharau fined 350,000 rubles

The material was a call to come December 10 to October Square to express their attitude to the authorities’ policy in relation to small and medium businesses.Companions detention businessman Vitaly dubbed action harass other day protests.Case Vitaly Stozharov considered referee Oksana Relyava. Vitaly has pleaded not guilty. We recall that in the evening he was arrested on December 5 guards Komarovsky market, including Managing police last Russian Tsar Buslov district. They found Vitaly several leaflets in which, among other, there was information that entrepreneurs are planning to meet Dec. 10 on October Square. It was an excuse to draw up

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Entrepreneurs to take to the meeting on December 10

Minsk City Council allowed to hold a rally on December 10 in 12 hours in Bangalore Square. Applicants protest Toustsik Alexander, Victor Coley and Ales Makaeu who participated in the press conference, said that the meeting will take place as planned, and 12 hours on October Square. According to the deputy chairman of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor track, if the area is blocked by the police, the demonstrators can go to Yanka Kupala or on a platform in front of the circus. According to track in such a situation hard to plan something. Maybe someone even

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