The company Tubor — producer of high-quality starter batteries.

TUBOR company was founded in 1999 in Bor Nizhny Novgorod region. The name of the company consists of two parts — the first syllable is taken from the TUDOR — partner supply under the contract equipment, technology and trained personnel production, the second — the name Bor.

Was purchased for the production of the most advanced equipment in the corporation EXIDE; and together with the specialists TUBOR developed technology, first used the production line of TITAN, organized with specific Russian conditions operation and the differences of climate zones.

Plant TUBOR — is this: • The latest technology •

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Cellar on stream …

In your area high water table? They are wet in the spring of the basement walls? You have nowhere to store homemade wine, fruit drinks, jams and organic harvesting for the whole family? In your cellar frozen vegetables?

The design "insulated cellar", and the technology installation in the ground allow you to place the product in any soil, both inside the house and outside, in the open area.

Insulated wall construction and ventilation provide a year-round constant temperature in the range of +2 to +10 ° C and relative humidity between 30% and 60%.

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Investors develop Olhovatsky Sugar Factory

The group "Prodimeks" Igor Hudokormova invested in upgrading Olhovatsky sugar mill (Voronezh region), about $ 50 million reported in the government area. JSC "Olhovatsky sugar plant" is one of the largest sugar refineries in the area. Planned daily production of sugar beet processing of 7.8 million tonnes. Raw materials for the company comes from the seven districts of the Voronezh and Belgorod regions. Late last year, the company introduced the workshop for deshugarizatsii molasses (a waste of sugar manufacture, syrupy liquid is dark brown in color and odor). Deshugarzitsiya allows molasses extract of its mass 75% sugar, which remained

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Transas is a modern 3D VTS module

Company "Transas" market is an improved version of the module three-dimensional visualization of the situation in the area of the system review. First demonstrated in 2008, to date feature 3D VTS significantly refined and successfully implemented in a number of projects.

This function adds a number of developments "Transas" providing transportation and navigation safety in ports and coastal areas. This product provides a full-scale three-dimensional representation of the situation in the navigation area of the VTS in real time. Visualization is performed in a separate window display modules Carrier VTS.

At its core, 3D visualization module is a

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Don grew up on acreage


26 of the 43 districts of the Rostov region started Yarovoy sowing. Today in the southern, central and Azov area sown is 90 thousand hectares. In general sowing of spring crops is planned on an area of 2.3 million hectares. Thus under spring grains and leguminous crops area to increase by 265 thousand hectares.

Today, the farms in the region are actively conducted spring field work. Don farmers throughout the region spend fertilizing of winter crops. In the region already podkormleno nearly 1017 hectares, harrowing conducted on an area of 500 hectares, cultivation — 100 hectares.

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The village Karakulino opened one of the best clinics in Udmurtia

The main event in January of this year for the residents of the village and the area was the opening of a new clinic building Karakulinsky central hospital — this year‘s first socially significant facility constructed in the Republic in accordance with the Program "The development of Udmurtia".


The new two-story clinic a total area of 5000 730 square meters consists of adult and child counseling offices with separate entrance group. It is designed for 200 visits per shift — 140 visits and 60 visits to adult children.

The clinic will employ 112 health care

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In Paris, built Russian Orthodox center

Russian architects Arch-group and the French studio Sade Sarl won the competition for project of the Russian Orthodox spiritual center of cultural du Quai Branly in Paris, which will be located near the Eiffel Tower. The total area of the construction will be 4500 square meters. m

The planned complex is located at the intersection of the embankment Branli (Branly) and av. Rapp (Rapp) that form in the north area of the Resistance and the bridge of Alma. The southern facade of the complex is on the street. Universite (university).

On the Quai Branly directly

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In Bashkortostan, opened a new fitness center

The first stone of the foundation of the sports complex was built in the village Nicholas Beryozovka Krasnokamsky area in autumn 2011. Charity Fund "Ural" construction funds became available in the amount of 130.5 million rubles.

The new sports facility meets all modern requirements. There are sports and fitness facilities, a fitness room and a swimming pool. Sports Complex will be the basis for the development of more than 15 sports. Within the walls of this beautiful building at the same time be able to deal with more than 200 people.


The project has

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In the Kuban increased yield of sugar beet and maize

In the Krasnodar Territory continued harvesting of sugar beets, soybeans, sunflower, corn, rice. Sugar beet yield 460.3 kg / ha. It is 74.2 t / ha more than last year. 

On October 7, 2013 removed 67,500 hectares of sugar beet, or more than half the area planted to this crop. Gross yield amounted to 3,106,700 tons.

Soybean crop harvested from an area of 87,300 hectares (57% of the cultivated area). Gross yield was 176,000 tons. Yield this year, 20.2 t / ha, 2.2 t / ha more than in 2012.

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Ministry of Agriculture: by 3 October, we collected 80 million tons of grain

By 3 October in Russia collected 80 million tons of grain in bunker weight, which is 12 million tonnes more than in October 3, 2012, but at 18.4 million tons less than 3 October 2011, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Grains and legumes threshed from the area of 36.1 million hectares (78.3% of the cultivated area) against 36.7 million hectares in 2012 and 38.3 million hectares in 2011, the average yield totaled 21.9 c / ha compared with 18.5 t / ha and 23.1 t / ha, respectively.

Wheat harvested 48.9 million tons against

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