Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation: gross grain yield and exceeded last year’s figures

In Russia, grain and legumes threshed with area 32.3 million hectares, accounting for 70.1% of the sown. Gross yield amounted to 72.4 million tons of grain yield at 22.4 t / ha, compared with 63 million tons of grain last year, with a yield of 18.3 t / ha. 

As of September 19, threshed wheat from an area of 17.9 million hectares, or 71.2% of the cultivated area. In 2012, the harvest was made up of 19.8 million hectares. Gross yield was 45.2 million tons of grain, which is significantly higher than last year’s result, as

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In Sochi, commissioned SEC Mandarin

In the Adler district of Sochi completed constructionthe shopping center "Mandarin" — Russia’s first "open-air mall", which is September 23, 2013 has finally been put into operation.

This much-anticipated event of the Adler district residents were waiting for a long time. By the construction of the complex builders started in March 2010 and be completed in 2012. Some stores have earned the complex this spring. Today the area of the complex is open to visitors 24 hours a day.

Project Architect: Jerde Partnership. Designer:Company AB "MOUNTAIN PROJECT". Landscaping: Jerde Partnership. General contractor: Ltd. "ALK +

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In the Volgograd region began construction of an oil extraction plant

The total investment of the company "Cargill" amount to more than 6 billion rubles. The plant will Novoanninskii area of more than 140 jobs. The annual tax return is planned in the amount of 260 million rubles.

Another important point is that the vast majority of employees will be recruited from local staff. "Cargill" plans to work with local farmers who produce sunflower.

September 19, in the district of Volgograd region Novoanninskii the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of an oil extraction plant of the American company "Cargill".

Novoanninskii "Cargill" will process

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In Ulyanovsk region gather sunflower

Cherdaklinsky economy, Novospasskogo, Sengileysky and Staromaynsky areas started to collect sunflower. On 19 th September 1986 from threshed 176,200 hectares harvested 2,619 tons of oil seeds with a yield of 13.2 t / ha, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Ulyanovsk region.

Tsilninsky, Cherdaklinsky and Ulyanovsk regions came to the sugar beet harvest. With an area of 1,727 hectares dug out 53,900 tons of root crops, yield of 312.4 kg / ha.

Most municipalities have started harvesting of vegetables and potatoes. With 397 acres harvested 7.7 million tons of vegetables

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From China to Russia in 10 days: the building TLK ‘Yuzhnouralsky

September 25, in the Chelyabinsk region there was an event largely determines the development of the economy of the country: the first stone at the site of the transport and logistics complex "South Ural."

The aim of the project — provide a transport corridor along the route China — Kazakhstan — Chelyabinsk region and further spread the traffic flows in the direction of Western Europe.

The total project area — 180 hectares, including himself TLC — 120 hectares industrial area — 60 hectares. The volume of investment at Stage I — 120 million euros. General

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The Dnipropetrovsk create a dairy farm

Since the beginning of 2013 in Dnipropetrovsk realized Ukrainian project "Native village", whose main goal — the establishment of rural cooperatives.

The project in the area in the Novomoskovsk, Apostolovo and Intercession areas already established three dairy cooperatives and 7 dairy farms family, another 40 — reconstructed.

 This is the director of the Department of Agribusiness and Rural Development Vadim Udovicki, reports Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration.

In general, in Ukraine there are about 4.5 million households. In his address, they have 45% of all land and produce 48% of gross agricultural production.

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The second stage of the Volga industrial park to be built until 2011

The second phase Volga Industrial Park, which is being built seven kilometers from Nizhny Novgorod, will be built before the end of 2011, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday as part of an international real estate exhibition MIPIM-2011 Griffin Partners analyst Anastasia Kornevich. According to her, The first phase of the project a Class A industrial park area of 31 thousand square meters has already been built and rented.

"Volga Industrial Park" located 7 km from Nizhny Novgorod to Kstovsky area on the federal highway M7. The new facility will consist of logistics and industrial complexes. Logistics

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In Astrakhan, running pipe plant

September 18 "Moscow trubozagotovitelny Works" and "ballast piping swap" held in Astrakhan presentation production and logistics complex "SWAPO-South", working on the world’s only technology concreting pipes.

The complex is located in an area of 21 hectares in the area ATSKK on the banks of the Volga. Monthly plant produces about 50-60 kilometers of pipes for Lukoil, learning in the Northern Caspian.

In addition, produced and shaped tubing and metal structures required in industrial and civil construction.

"SWAPO-South" — production and logistics facility in the Astrakhan region, launched at the end of September

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Sport and internal troops opened


September 18 at the military camp of the Eastern Regional Command of Russian Interior Ministry troops opened a new fitness center designed for training in various types of fitness: sports games, swimming, gymnastics, fighting, etc.

The total area of 4330 sq ft three-storey building, a medical rehabilitation center, a hall-hand combat with ancillary facilities, methodical study. Also ready to conduct training gym total area of 260 square meters, universal gym, a total area of 600 square meters, designed for volleyball, basketball, football, games and table tennis.

The pool is 25 m long with 5

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In suburban Noginsk laid plant pumping equipment Wilo

September 17, 2013 in Technopark DegaClusterNoginsk ceremony of laying the first stone of the Wilo factory in Russia.

The new complex will include production — a logistics center with an area of 10000m? and administrative and academic building area of 6,000 m².

Commissioning is designed for late 2015 — early 2016. Investment of about 30 million euros. Construction of the plant will create about 400 new jobs.

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