School buses — children of Bryansk

Educational institutions of the Bryansk region awarded 46 new school buses.

Certified school buses "Peugeot" got Neginsky orphanage Suzemskogo area high school number 3 in Bryansk, Starodubskaya secondary school number 1, Domashovskaya Secondary School Bryansk region, Netinskaya Secondary School. Yuri Levkina Bryansk region, Staronovitskaya mainstream schools Gordeevskoi area Gordeyevskaya Secondary School, Zhiryatinskaya Secondary School, Zhukovskaja secondary school number 1, Zlynkovskaya secondary school number 1, Larnevskaya Secondary School Krasnogorsk district, Mglin secondary school number 2, Shcheglovskaya secondary school Navlinsk area Dolbotovskaya Secondary School Pogarsky area Sopychevskaya Secondary School Pogarsky area Pogarskaya secondary school number 2, Voronovskaya Secondary School Rognedinsky

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Electrograd a supplier of equipment for construction

multi-purpose complex Respublika

Multi-purpose complex Respublika — the whole country united new format trade, entertainment and lifestyle. For the first time in Ukraine’s largest shopping center will be integrated into the housing array c 1,2 million sq.m. high-quality housing. Residents of the neighborhood do not have to waste time looking for comfortable places to relax or meet friends, and they will be able to reduce the time and the usual shopping trips because everything here — next. In the district will have their own nurseries, schools, fitness centers, health center, bus station, hotel and multi-storey car parks. After the

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In Ivanov built a new kindergarten

Today solemn transfer of the new pre-school "Firebird" in the neighborhood of Moscow to balance the regional center. This kindergarten is designed for 160 seats.

In preschool educational institution will be 8 groups: 4 groups of children up to 3 years, 2 groups — at the age of 3 years, 2 senior group. For all-round development of children in the institution offer modern music and sports halls, every studio, game room.

Its construction began in 2011. The building was built using the latest construction techniques and materials. The basis was taken a sample project kindergartens

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The number of poultry in the Stavropol region has increased significantly

According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Stavropol Territory, agricultural organizations today are more than twelve million heads of chickens Ruffle that 26 percent more than last year. The maximum increase was recorded in the area Izobilnenskaya — almost eightfold, Kochubeyevo — 4.4, Blagodarnenskogo — twice, Kirov — seven percent. Ltd. "Megaferma-2" from Izobilnensky area increased livestock almost eightfold, CJSC "Kochubeevsky Poultry» and «Stavropol poultry complex" — more than twice, Ltd. agrofirma "Kitz" Neftekumsk district — more than five times. Egg production was more than 197 million pieces. The leader in this area Shpakovsky district, where

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In the Frunze district of St. Petersburg opened two new preschools

On the street Oleko Dundicha opened a new kindergarten number 48 and the Department of Early Childhood Education School number 296 on the streets of Turku. The opening ceremony was attended by the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Vasily Kichedzhi, mayor of the Frunze district of Vladimir Omelnitsky and chairman of the Committee on Education Jeanne Vorobyov.

Vasily Kichedzhi noted that "now, the city government is doing everything to overcome the shortage of places in kindergartens." District head Vladimir Omelnitsky told that opened kindergartens has everything you need for health and education.

In kindergarten,

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In Sochi, completed the construction of four buildings GK «Bridge

Resort »

Prior to the 2014 Olympics is a little more than five months, so the developers are in a hurry to complete the construction of hotels in the Imereti lowland and transfer them to management companies.

This year, from 26 to 29 Septemberanother investment forum "Sochi", first held in Ice Palace "Big", in the Olympic Park Imereti lowland. The first guests of new hotels will be the participants in the forum. No exception and a four-complex "Bridge Resort », Housing is already preparing to receive its first guests.

Four five-story residential buildings, located in

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CJSC MBNMK Cytomed opened a pharmaceuticals plant in Finland

In June, Rauch (Lappeenranta) opened a new pharmaceutical plant in St. Petersburg ZAO "MBNMK" Cytomed ", built by the standards of GMP.

New pharmaceutical plant Cytomed Oy is designed for capacity of 12 million units per year. The area of industrial plants — about 400 square meters, and the area under the warehousing — 600 sq.m. Apart from the production of equipment procured quality manufacturing equipment, controlling product quality.

After obtaining a license to import plant in the country to test drugs and drug manufacturing process.

At the start of the working process

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In the Novosibirsk region has earned a new bridge over the Kamenka

In the Novosibirsk region commissioned bridge over the river Kamenka in Suzun area.

According to the press service of the government of the region, this is the first built in this year’s Bridge on the territorial road network. Its reconstruction was completed in 5 months, a month ahead of schedule.

"The building was erected in place of the emergency bridge with wooden poles. The old bridge did not meet the safety requirements, and did not provide the necessary level of capacity ", — the press-service.

The new bridge reinforced concrete structure,

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Kaliningrad Oblast gasification continues

August 22 ceremony release of the gas in the village of Fish Gurievsky municipal area. Guriev district is one of the leaders in the gasifier. Strong performance in the townships Road, Orlivka, roads, Large Isakov Vasilkovo and Small Isakov.

Last year in the Kaliningrad region has built more than 300 kilometers of gas pipeline networks. Was supplied with gas to cities like Gvardeysk, Gusev, Mamonowo, Pravdinsk, Slavsk. Were built or renovated gas inlets in the cities of Pioneer, Polessk, Slavsk, Krasnoznamensky, Neman, Bagrationovskom and Zelenograd areas. As a result, the natural gas has been connected 8,336 households.

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Black Sea Fleet forces begin to survey the war dead Soviet submarine u-216

Black Sea Fleet in conjunction with Ukrainian specialists proceed to the practical implementation of the tasks on the survey and determine the feasibility of increasing Soviet submarine "u-216" sunk during World War II at Cape Tarkhankut (Crimea). 

In the management of search and rescue (UPASR) BSF noted that, given the finding of the wreck at a depth of 50 meters, the possible presence of explosives on the boat itself, and near it, the operation for further examination and recovery require significant forces on the part of the Black Sea Fleet ,

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