This private retreat is a place where one can leave behind the day-to-day grind and unwind in the comfort of home.

This private and serene outdoor retreat was designed by Dean Herald of Rolling Stone Landscapes. The brief given to Dean by the homeowners was to create an outdoor area that would make the most of the relatively small backyard space. They also needed the design to fit in with the look of their new contemporary-style home. The area would be used for relaxing and unwinding, so privacy from neighbouring properties was an important factor. A pool and outdoor entertaining

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Building mindfully

An architect and documentary producer teamed up to create an industrial off-the-grid pad that’s perfectly in tune with its country setting in the eastern Free State.

Wessel van Huyssteen wanted a fuss-free, no maintenance, contemporary, green, low-cost weekend retreat in Rosendal in the eastern Free State, where he could think and create to his heart’s content.

This site has high visibility with no nearby buildings, as it’s situated on the outskirts of the town,’ explains architect Daniel van der Merwe. ‘It’s positioned high up on a hill with sweeping views of the surrounding landscape and dam.’ Daniel was tasked with

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Battle for Bihac

A report by Alan Warnes.

DURING THE FIRST half of November, the Bosnian Army’s 5th Corps, with the aid of the Bosnian Croats, broke out of the pocket of Bihac, a designated UN ‘safe area’, in northwestern Bosnia and seized 100 square miles (260km2) of land from the Serbs.

Until March 1994 both the Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Muslims were enemies; it is alleged that their alliance was forged by the OA. The US, in effect, was involved in the war on the Muslim side, providing satellite intelligence and tactical operations training.

On November 18, in retaliation for repeated attacks

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Arctic Danes

Jan Jorgensen reports on the specialised missions undertaken by the Royal Danish Air Force’s Eskadrille 721.

THE DEMANDING geography of Denmark, including Greenland and the Faroe Islands, presents the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) with a real challenge.

For over 65 years the primary role of Eskadrille 721 [Esk 721) at Valose Air Base outside Copenhagen has been to provide an airlift capability, while other missions involve it in sea-surveillance, ice-reconnaissance, search-and-rescue, and medical evacuations throughout the Arctic.

Over the years, these roles have been carried out by a variety of aircraft. However, three types have provided the backbone of

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Having returned from their six months operational tour OP HERRICK 14 in the Helmand region at the end of October 2011, 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales) went back to their roots, starting training for their basic task, to provide formation reconnaissance to 7th Armoured Brigade. At the beginning of 2012, an intensive CT-I (troop training) began to improve the basic skills and drills, facing CT-2 training (squadron level) in advance, culminating in the off-training area FTX “Alamein Lance“ in June 2012.

Regarding the name chosen for the exercise, the aim of the FTX was to find something that could

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This house’s design philosophy of contemporary minimalism simultaneously reflects a sense of detachment

Sumie is an ancient Asian art form of pen and ink drawing. It is minimalistic, comprising the fewest brush strokes in monochrome to capture the essence of a subject. Sumie paintings are characterised by the contrast of dark and light and the vast empty spaces left in their composition. The pictorial emptiness represents the Buddhist philosophy of detachment while the brush strokes capture feelings visually.

Ashish Patel, Nikhil Patel and Vasudev Shcta of Ace Associates wittingly turned this Anand house into a giant canvas that creatively expresses

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Monument Lev Sapieha is on Lenin Square

"Narodnaya Volya" tells the story of how, in practice, load Presidential Decree number 148 of 25 March 2005 "On urgent measures to support the business." According to this decree, markets and shopping centers began to create business tips. These tips have become masters of conflict with the markets and shopping centers, because very often been fundamentally position in defending their own interests. Former Chairman of the Board business shopping center at the metro station "Pushkinskaya" in Minsk Tatiana Mironova certain: this is the position fundamentally become a prerequisite that it did not renew the contract of lease and deprived of

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On-line reporting from the streets of Minsk

23:15 On the street Nekrasov unknown in civil tried to detain members of the BPF Youth Franak Vyachorka, Anton Kalinowski and Stepan Sviderskii. Stepan put repel attackers Swiderski. He … 23:15Street Nekrasov unknown in civil tried to detain members of the BPF Youth Franak Vyachorka, Anton Kalinowski and Stepan Sviderskii. Stepan put repel attackers Swiderski. He believes that they were not police officers, and delinquent youth. 22:30 Before gathered in the square, were Olga and Alexander Kozulin. Kozulin Emperor thanked everyone who came to express their position and urged the protesters to disperse. To join this call Franak Vyachorka. People

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Jaroslav Evdokimov hit National Audit Office

Checks were carried out in Minsk, Vitebsk, Gomel and Mogilev regions. For example, in the Vitebsk region revealed more than 120 unauthorized seizure facts excavation sites in riparian zones. Also, more than 170 — in coastal waters bands. Then constructed mansions 9, 99 baths, 13 pavilions and more than 40 outbuildings.Not the smallest scale in the Minsk region, including near lakes and snow-white Narač. Some citizen Osipovich the illegally occupied the site on the banks of the reservoir Rovbitsky built a tennis court in 13 meters of water. Names of the owners of illegal buildings exists in the media a

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On October Square — policemen in civil

Now October Square pass quite easily. No cordons, no cordon. But the authorities This time, since it is impossible to make an ice rink, put eight of these decorative designs,  which occupy almost a third of the area. This iron pillars on which set flower pots, and across the bottom — improvised klyumby, also with flowers. It turned out that the entire center of the square — decorative klyumba and two more klyumby little away from this place.

Additional cameras can not see, but I see a lot of special forces soldiers who pretend that just resting. But

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