At the station in Sochi install solar panels

On the roof of the Olympic Park station is being installed photovoltaic modules. Solar panels will produce and direct the overall energy system of the station up to 128 kilowatts of electricity per hour. Sochi — one of the most favorable regions of Russia to introduce techniques for solar generation. There’s enough high insolation — the amount of solar radiation falling on the surface of the earth. The total duration of sunshine per year than 2000 hours. Station complex "Olympic Park" was an example of the wide use of "green" technologies are under construction in Sochi transport and

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In Novosibirsk, the construction of the Regional Centre for


Center is being built in the Kalinin district of Novosibirsk Tyulenina the street.

The total area of the building will be more than five thousand square meters. Center will be equipped with a fencing hall for 12 tracks (1.1 thousand square meters.), Gym, swimming pool 25x11m and stands at 158 people. The project also includes landscaping Center multipurpose sports field with artificial surface area of 800 square meters.

Construction of a regional center for fencing is within the target program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Novosibirsk Region for 2011-2015" for co-financing

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Agricultural Complex Kovdor ‘products provide the population

In 2010, in the Murmansk region began reconstruction of dairy farming, pig production and processing industry "Agrocomplex" Kovdor ".

The project is implemented with the support of the federal budget. Agrocomplex develops three areas of production — dairy cattle, pig and poultry farming. This is the only farm in the area, which is full of all kinds of processed products. Here, let sausages and meat and dairy products, and the stores in the area are always a fresh chicken egg.

At the end of Reconstruction, agro will provide the population of the Murmansk region of agricultural production

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Construction of two livestock farms began in Voronezh region

On the territory of Osikovskogo rural settlement near the village Kuznetsovka begins construction of a dairy complex, which will be one of the largest in the area and the largest in KANTEMIROVSKAJa area. The project develops the agricultural enterprise LLC "InterAgro." There will contain 3,400 Simmental dairy cows. Workforce of the new complex will be about 60 people. It is planned that the first phase of the complex for 2,200 head dairy herd will be commissioned next year.

The total amount of money invested in the project will be about two billion rubles. Now, the future of

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In Kaluga launched substation Sputnik

July 26 was launched in Kaluga 220 kV satellite after its complete reconstruction. In place of the physically and morally outdated substations of the same name replaced by a modern, high-tech power facility, which meets high requirements of international standards.

At a power plant complete replacement of obsolete equipment. As a result, increased its capacity by 135 MVA and 500 MVA was. The reconstruction used the latest innovative technologies and materials. Updated Kaluga substation will improve the reliability of power supply not only the regional center, but also consumers Babyninsky, Meshchovsk and Dzerzhinsky district. 


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Sentry Robot Tral Patrol

Based onunmanned vehicle chassis SRXdeveloped and ready for mass production guarding robot Tral Patrol. Robot solves the problem of street patrol protected areas by automatically moving the camera system. Stopping at pre-selected positions that are optimal for video surveillance, he examines the territory within a radius of 50 meters in order to detect moving objects and people. In the case of detection, video surveillance system leads to a managed object PTZ-camera and transmits the video image to the guard post. 

Patrolling and guarding the perimeter of the robot is carried out continuously, day and night and

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In Astrakhan opened Aquatics Centre

July 26 in Astrakhan there was a major sporting event — in the sports-entertainment complex "Star" to open the pool for diving and for teaching children to swim.

New development — the second and third stages of sports-entertainment complex "Star." In 2009, the "Star" was opened arena game types, the 2011 complex "rooted" swimming pool, and now it was added two more specialized bowl.

Total area of the sports complex now has increased to forty thousand square meters, half of this area is owned water sports. The competitions of the highest international level here can simultaneously

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In the Stavropol region completed the harvest

In the Stavropol region ended the harvest: harvested 6.2 million tons of grain yield more than 30 tons per hectare, reported on July 25, the Ministry of Agriculture edge. 

82 percent received this year, the province’s grain — high, the quality of the food. The best cleaning results showed Novoaleksandrovsky area where harvested more than 415 million tons of grain. More than 360,000 tons produced in Budennovsk area, more than 350 thousand tons in Ipatovsk and Soviet areas. First of yield — Kochubeevsky area: 52 quintals per hectare.

With the end

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The growth of housing construction in the I half-year was 7.6%, or 22.6 million square meters

In the I half of 2013. commissioned 278.2 thousand apartments with a total area of 22.6 million square meters, accounting for 107.6% of the corresponding period of the previous year (in the I half of 2012. was introduced 21.0 million square meters of housing, 101 , 7% to the I half of 2011.).

Among the subjects of the Russian Federationthe largest volumes of housing construction were carried outin the Moscow region, where 10.0% of the administered put into operation a total area of housing in Russia as a whole,

Krasnodar region — 7.5%

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In the region of Samara region Koshkinsky bumper crop of wheat

In Koshkinsky area recorded a bumper harvest for the area of winter wheat — 54 quintals per hectare. Such indicators are usually obtained in the south of Russia — where the soil and climate are favorable for growing grain. And in our arid zone ceiling — 35 quintals per hectare. Especially, in the present, poor moisture year. Koshkinsky miracle is simple: first, the growers themselves are not stingy with the good seed and did not save on agricultural chemistry, and secondly, at a time when many rural areas have not seen rain in the spring, where they were

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