Russia’s first center opened in GIMS Akhtubinsk

Center of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, equipped with the latest technology, opened on Friday in Akhtubinsk.

This is the first target complex of buildings inspector area GIMS Russian Emergencies Ministry today. At the moment of this unique building in Russia. The total building area is 1500 square meters, building area — 754 sq.m. Created favorable conditions of service and fulfillment of the tasks that solve inspector GIMS.

On the basis of available: classrooms, a meeting room, a workshop for maintenance, recreation room, dining room and even a

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In 2012, the Group Ilim conducted work on reforestation

territory of 35 hectares

In 2012 year reforestation carried out in the forest branches "Ilim Group" Koryazhma, Bratsk and Ust-Ilim region an area of about 35 thousand hectares. As part of the establishment of forest plantations planted 4 million 700 thousand seedlings of pine and spruce, planted more than half a ton of seeds of these species.

Also on the square for more than 7 hectares is caring for the young.

Total area of reforestation work in the concession area in Irkutsk, Arkhangelsk, Vologda Oblast, Komi Republic and Krasnoyarsk region was 42 thousand hectares.

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New kindergartens built in St. Petersburg

In Shushary Pushkin District of St. Petersburg opened a new kindergarten number 41.The new preschool will visit 190 children. Kindergarten meets all modern requirements. The building is equipped with comfortable classrooms and recreation, there is a swimming pool with wellness area. From the city budget has been allocated for the construction of 218 million rubles.

This is the third kindergarten in one of the newest areas of St. Petersburg. Work on the pre-school will continue. Prior to July 2014 in the new quarters of Pushkin area will appear 4 kindergartens. And only in 2016 in St. Petersburg

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The new terminal Pulkovo

At the construction site of the new central passenger terminal "Pulkovo" I ended March 14, in the company of two colleagues. In this volume, and angles of the new terminal building still no one showed, so to some extent, this first report, in which the object will be shown on all sides, top and inside. Watch it! The ceremony of laying the first pile of the new passenger terminal was held November 24, 2010, and the planned date of entry of a new terminal complex completed — December 2013 View from the roof of the old terminal Pulkovo-1 (from

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20,000 hectares of silence

March 11 this year by the Administration of the Tambov region formed a new specially protected natural area — biological reserve "Nizhnevoroninsky"  

It is located on 20 hectares, adjacent to the Crow River in Uvarov and Muchkapsky areas. Reserve "Nizhnevoroninsky" joins the list of specially protected natural territories of Tambov previously submitted by the State Natural Reserve "Voroninsky" three sanctuaries of regional importance: Morshanskoye, Hmelino-Kershinskim, Polnovskim and 97 natural monuments. In addition, in the Tambov region created 8 green areas — protected areas of local significance, formed around the large settlements Tambov, Rasskazovo SOSNOVKA, Kirsanov,

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In Novgorod launched digital TV

In Novgorod and four settlements Novgorod region — the village of Proletariat (Novgorod region), in Valdai, village Zaluchchya (Staraya Russa area) and the village of Uglovka (Okulovsky area) — took place the ceremony of launching digital television.

In addition, on the basis of the Novgorod regional center opened RTPTS consulting support to inform the public about digital TV in the Novgorod region.

The transition to digital broadcasting in the Novgorod region is carried out under the federal program "Development of broadcasting in the Russian Federation for 2009-2015." According to the Committee of Information and Communication

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The military destroyed the enemy, for the first time applying Pinocchio in combat

Heavy flamethrower system "Pinocchio"

Accuracy of heavy flamethrower system (TOS-1) "Pinocchio" was first held at the site in the Eastern Military District. As noted by the military, all targets were destroyed.

As part of the exercise flamethrower battalion brigade of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense (NBC) County realized the alarm. They carried many kilometers march and arrived in the area of combat shooting. Their task was to hit the imaginary enemy, who was at a distance of three kilometers.  

"As part of the special tactical exercises flamethrowerfirst performed practical

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In the district of Primorye Chuguyivske opened a new bakery

Chapter Chuguevsky District Anatoly Baskakov, deputy head Vladimir Savrinsky and Head of Economic Development and the consumer market of the district administration Lyudmila Fedotov visited the new bakery, built in a. Cleaning Chuguevsky area businessman Edgar Hakobyan.

The bakery is made according to the most modern standards. This building has an area of 420 square meters. m, packed with modern equipment, stoves, shapes, hoods, bath appliances, outdoor surveillance cameras. Two rooms are designed for storage of bakery and confectionery products. This bakery bread today provides almost all the villages Chuguevsky district, including the

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The new office and equipment for firefighters in the Komi and Novosibirsk

Firefighters in the village Seregovo Knyazhpogostsky district of the Komi Republic now carry clock duty in the new building. The building offers a warm box for two tanks and auxiliary facilities, including post gazodymozaschitnoy service, rooms for duty and rest.

Firefighters ensure the safety of the villagers and the village Seregovo cats, as well as local health facilities, education and culture.

With the support of the Republican government control fire service acquired log cabins made of logs. Of these, the depot was built not only in Seregovo, but also in four other villages of Ust-Kulomskiy,

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In Pereslavl Yaroslavl region, opened the first phase of the plant VITAFARM

In Pereslavl came into operation another object of Yaroslavl pharmaceutical cluster — plant "VITAFARM." The investment project was launched in 2010. The company has leased the building and land in Pereslavl by signing an agreement with the City.

In December last year he completed the renovation of the first building area of 500 square meters for the production of probiotics.

In February of this year, started the production of products. The new plant will manufacture drugs for the treatment of intestinal dysbiosis and immunomodulators. And soon begin production of a vaccine "Vitagerpavak" against gerpis-viral infections.

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