Brest: military is often violate traffic rules

The last such incident took place in Drogichin area where the military who served in Brest, drove a car and shot his father 76-year-old resident of the village of silicon, which rode a bike. Pensioner died on the spot, and the soldier was gone, because, as it turned out later, was deprived of the right to drive a vehicle.Soldier detained in Ivanovo region during a special operation "Interception". Instituted against him criminal case.

Mogilev bureaucrats — for beet, veterans — to Lenin

Two 10-ka people commemorated the October Revolution in Mogilev. They laid flowers at the monument to Lenin, stood under it for half an hour and left."In the area we came to remember the Soviet power and life for her. Come here once a year. Us for no one organizes" — as explained to the people, leading them on Lenin Square.Mrs."Normal life has been. All for free. And now to pay for everything. My children have graduated from universities, they were paying. Pazagrabali Now, pazagrabali poprodavat yes, that’s all. And the Soviet government put …"Prince"I did almost 70 years. Practical man

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Vitebsk youth unwilling youth center

Series of shares of public protest began about a month in Vitebsk reverse — when the company "Vitebskvodokanalu" without permission from the Ministry of Culture has taken earthworks at Freedom Square. Paving communications staff "Vitebskvodokanalu" massacred remains of the cathedral, demolished in 1957 — destroyed what remained of the monument architecture under a layer of earth and asphalt. These works were carried out without permission Academy and the Ministry of Culture, and suspend them never failed any complaints to the prosecutor, nor appeals to bureaucrats.Now pits, in which were perfectly visible pieces of old walls, already bombarded again. But Vitebsk

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Week in Belarus in photo: 20 — 25 May

May 20. Action protest cancellation of privileges in MinskCommandos inspect personal belongings of guests squad Peoples ParkAfter detention Franak Vyachorka was taken to the police department RussianStudents are sent towards Yakub Kolas Street SurganovaMask "rabbit ears" — one of the signs of the action against the abolition of benefitsDuring an impromptu procession music sounded. Students play the guitar melodies and included mobilesIn process action was delayed More than 20 peoplePaddy on the street KolasPaddy detainees sent to the central police stationArsene Pakhomov on the porch of the police station shows how its commandos injured during arrestPlayground at the Sports Palace.

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Vitebsk: Plein Air for the revival of the cathedral and the area

Announcement of the plein-air appeared on the web on one of the forums Vitebsk. The invitation was the following: "By the fact that at the Freedom Square destroyed the foundations of St. Nicholas Cathedral, destroyed by Russian authorities in the 60s of the last century, we invite everyone to Vitebsk painters role in the outdoor open air" Revival Nicholas Cathedral and Cathedral Square. " In the open air and also invited journalists who are interested in this problem. It so happens that journalists and participants artists came equally — of four. Although in general the appointed time on the Liberty

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Participant of protest: Not Available funeral socialism

About 2-10’s people took to the Independence Square to the Government building at the time, when the deputies perceived a law abolishing privileges.Commandos in civil snatched from the hands of the 1st protesters poster. Whereupon began to push people from the area of the underpass.Organizers of the action, the members of an unregistered organization "New Way" counting on a huge number of participants. Coordinator of Andrew explained to "Freedom":"Working time at the moment. Bythis people and could not come to the area to study and work. This is one reason, as I think . "His colleague Igor added:"Not many people

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Minorities share on Independence Square dispersed go detention

Commandos snatched poster "No — abolition of privileges"Activists of the unregistered organization" New Way ". Militiamen civil drove people from the area of the underpass. Midst protesters was representative of the liquidators of Chernobyl. 2 protesters policemen in civilian detained approximately 12.30 square near Leningrad. Later detained another 5 Young people, which went towards the Independence SquareSee also:Price concessions — 160 billion rublesYoung people want to protest on Independence Square

Young people want to protest on Independence Square

The House of Representatives has now see a 2-reading the draft law "On the municipal social benefits, rights and guarantees for certain categories of citizens." During the last week a number of young activists held pickets porazdavali students leaflets calling come to the square in front of the Government House, where MPs will adopt a law on the abolition of privileges. Activists hope that they will be joined hundreds of people. Coordinator of "New Way" Andrew said Sprynzhuk "Freedom" that the action activists join other youth organizations. The organizers believe that the square and students come from some institutions. Andrew

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New Way held in Minsk protest against the abolition of benefits

Initially youth tried to hold a rally on Yakub Kolas, but if protesters came to the area in 19 hours, she was already blocked police officers, Playground nearby buildings Philharmonic, too, and in the yards adjacent to the square, was 10s commandos.Youth activists moved to the building of the Presidium of the action Academy. They are holding a banner "No — abolition of privileges students! "Police did not have time to place the action, which lasted a couple of minutes.In process action youth activists handed out leaflets. Just then, the area had a lot of students who vorachivalis with faculty

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In Minsk there were leaflets calling to come to Independence Square

On the ground near the building in Minsk Philharmonic youth activists attached several leaflets calling to come to Independence Square on May 23 at 12:00. After that, the protesters are as follows. See also: May 20 youth arrange cleanup in the park of Friendship of Peoples

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