The school opened in Nizhny Novgorod 186

fitness center

During construction

The school number 186 on the street Genkina in the Soviet area has opened a new fitness center. In the school Fox has a 25 meter swimming pool, two gyms for basketball and volleyball, modern fitness equipment.

FLC is designed primarily for students at the school, but in his spare time, learned there can be engaged neighborhood residents living close to the educational institution. Season tickets for activities for children will be free.

The total area of the building pools with ancillary facilities — 3 163.18 sq.m.


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In Crimea plan to restore the temple in Bakhchisarai area

The National Committee of the ARC for the Protection of Cultural Heritage is considering the restoration of the temple in the Greek village of Laki in Bakhchisarai area. At a press conference, said the deputy chairman of the Crimean Republican Committee for the Protection of Cultural Heritage Vyacheslav Zarubin.

"There is a need for memorialization local architectural monument — the church in the village of Lucky. We have a proposal, draft appropriate remediation we have already approved, there are proposals in the budget to support us for the restoration of the church "- said the deputy.

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… well forgotten old!

In Russia, about 2.5 million of the rivers with a total length of more than 8 million km. Also in Russia, there are more than 2.7 million lakes with a total water surface area of almost 409 km2! And when you consider the area of swamps and peat bogs (~ 1.4 million km2), it turns out that our army, under the new military doctrine (non-aggression — approx.), As air is needed weapons can and should be applied in those theaters of alleged war actions. Today He passed the information as follows:

In Russia in the near future to

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Moscow: Moscow at around R-44 helicopter

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov


This flight took place in autumn 2011 and somehow overlooked on the screw. We look at Moscow and the surrounding area.

1. The route begins at the heliport Lindsay (Aerosouz). The flight took place on October 20 with the doors removed. To say it was cold — to say nothing. But the photographic art requires sacrifice and the right equipment.

2. Vitenevo. Specifically about these sites is not clear, but there still blooms coast of illegal buildings. (On the Water Code to all

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Gazprom Neft beginning of the second project to develop reserves

shale oil

"Gazprom Neft" has started drilling the first appraisal well to industrial research and testing bazheno-Abalak horizon Palyanovskaya area Krasnoleninskoye field (developed "Neft-Khantos").


Drilling is carried out within the framework of the company’s involvement in the development of alternative and stranded oil. Study bazheno-Abalak complex is part of a project to build competence in the development of the reserves of shale oil — hydrocarbons, located in the Bazhenov, abalak, Frolovskaya suites — rocks of West Siberia with ultra-low permeability but high oil saturation. Thus the stores are characterized by a low enough level

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In Sterlitamak opened a new kindergarten for 210 children

January 14, 2013, in the district of "Sunny" Sterlitimak opened a new kindergarten — Mado "Kindergarten number 2" generally developing form. Kindergarten began in June 2011. It is designed by the Design Institute Ltd. "Promgrazhdanproekt" general contractor — "Sterlitamakstroy" customer — the Office of Capital Construction of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

Funding was provided from the national budget — 108 million for the purchase of equipment from the federal budget has been allocated 1.4 million out of local budgets — 1.9 million rubles.

The total area of the kindergarten is 8397 square meters, building area of

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Construction of an industrial park Strunino (Vladimir region).

Industrial Park "Strunino" has prepared for the construction of an industrial area of the objects of engineering infrastructure, communications and security-service business, including a protected area, an administrative building, parking heavy vehicles. On the territory of the "Industrial Park Strunino" created all necessary conditions for the location of production and logistics structures. The project is implemented in accordance with the Master Plan of the Alexander Vladimir region.

The purpose of the Industrial Park "Strunino" provide project participants the opportunity to develop their business in the most convenient and cost-effectively.

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In Ryazan Region has opened a new sports complex

On the eve of the New Year in the village Sheremetyevo Ryazhsky region Ryazan region the grand opening of the new sports complex. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the administration Ryazhsky municipal district, teachers and students of secondary schools of the village Sheremetyevo. Total area of the sports complex is 429 square meters. meters. It includes a modern gym, designed for competitions in various sports, gym, locker rooms and showers. Sports complex built by the SEC "Ryazhskiy Agricultural Center," which management pays great attention to the social development of the area. In the past four years has

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The city’s first oil

Urai — A city in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug — Yugra, marked the beginning of the industrial development of the north of Western Siberia.

In 1922, at the mouth of the river flows into the river Konda Spikes immigrants from Central Russia was founded Urai village. In the late twenties of the last century in the village of Urai Shaim Village Council was organized by the fishing guild name Decembrists. In 1957 he drafted a master plan to build a settlement on Urai area 57.0 hectares.

May 25, 1959 near the village of exploration well Shaim party

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A new pedestrian zone is open in the Central District of Moscow

In the Central District of Moscow has opened a new pedestrian area on the Stoleshnikov Lane — Chamberlain Lane — Kuznetsk Bridge — Rozhdestvenka street. The total length of the route is about 2 km.

During a visit to the pedestrian zone Sobyanin noted that the area has been replaced by light, the old paving stones, and the reconstructed monument Yu.Dolgorukomu Tverskaya Square. "The most important thing is that this space is freed from the machine and given to pedestrians," — said the Mayor, adding that a few months ago, this place is almost completely occupied by parked cars.

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