Opened new fire stations in the Tomsk and Pskov regions

In the village of Ust-Dolyssy Nevel district of the Pskov region opened a modern separate fire post. Fire post in Ust-Dolyssah — fifth, built in 2010, and the second — in the year.

"Creating a fire post in Ust-Dolyssah will strengthen the cover area of 60 km from the Pustoshka to Nevel and improve fire protection are all situated in the area of objects.

The village Tsiganova Zyryansky district of Tomsk region opened fire post.

It will protect the right of two villages — Semyonovka and Tsiganova — with a population of 1,305 people, as well as

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On the Troitsk GRES commissioned a modern warehouse

The branch of JSC "OGK-2" — Troitsk GRES (Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region) launched a new logistical warehouse, built as part of the region’s largest investment project for the construction of new coal-fired power tenth CSP capacity of 660 megawatts.

Modern warehouse for storing spare parts for equipment and raw materials for industrial purposes, lubricants, clothing and personal protective equipment consists of six buildings, densely covering an area of one and a half acres. Administrative building, two warm and one cold storage, box trucks for parking and outdoor storage areas form the optimal storage system designed to provide all the needs

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The city’s first oil

Urai — A city in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug — Yugra, marked the beginning of the industrial development of the north of Western Siberia.

In 1922, at the mouth of the river flows into the river Konda Spikes immigrants from Central Russia was founded Urai village. In the late twenties of the last century in the village of Urai Shaim Village Council was organized by the fishing guild name Decembrists. In 1957 he drafted a master plan to build a settlement on Urai area 57.0 hectares.

May 25, 1959 near the village of exploration well Shaim party

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Zvenigorod near Moscow opened two kindergartens

In suburban Zvenigrode open 2 kindergartens "Sunflower" and "The District", with a total capacity of more than 100 people.

Kindergarten "Sunflower" by 60 places for children aged between five and seven years. In kindergarten, an area of over 2,000 square meters. meters for young students all the necessary conditions: on two floors of a kindergarten located gaming and sleeping rooms, a dining room, medical center, medical offices, as well as sports and music halls.

"The District" — a non-governmental kindergarten-oriented, in addition to the overall development of children, their study of English. Its area is 700 square meters. meters, kindergarten

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In the Novosibirsk region was put last in this year’s Bridge

After a major renovation opened to traffic on the bridge over the river Kargath on a regional road in Zdvinskom area.

Renovated bridge has a length of 45.5 meters Builders also works on the reconstruction of the roadbed on the approaches to the bridge and found a barrier fence.

Overhaul of bridge construction allowed to provide uninterrupted transport links Zdvinskogo area residents with the district center and Baganskim, Karasuk, Kupinsky Chistoozernoe and districts of the region.

In total, since the beginning of the year on a territorial network of roads in the municipalities of the region

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In Moscow earned decoupling between Leningradku and Ring Road!

Running traffic on the new viaduct on the Leningrad highway, which is worth 5 billion rubles. Now, when going from the cars can turn on the outside of Moscow on a new 1.8-kilometer overpass. This should reduce the traffic flow in the area, relieve Leningrad highway and ring road.

On Wednesday officially launched a movement for a new traffic interchange between the Leningrad Highway and Ring Road. On a left turn flyover length of 1.8 km can be rotated from the Leningrad highway when driving out of town on the outer side of the Ring Road. On the second, a

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The village Shuryshkary (Yamal) opened a new school

The builders were allowed to commission a new school in the village of Shuryshkary. The building is designed for 160 students.The two-story building located on a plot area of 1.45 ha, in the courtyard of organized sports and playground area of 6196 square meters. The school building is connected to a warm passage to the building gym, which is also located on two floors. In the educational building a wardrobe, classrooms, workshops, dining room, conference room, library and conference room.

Now all the children enrolled in Shuryshkar komfotrtnyh conditions, newly opened in the village main

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In the Chelyabinsk region launched a new electric substation

In Kunashaksky region (Chelyabinsk region) was launched a new 110 kV substation that will provide electricity not only to area businesses "Healthy farm", but also socially important objects of the two villages and the railway station Muslumovo.

The new substation 110 kV "Uralbroiler" I will give a powerful impetus to the energy security of not only the main consumer — company "Healthy farm" — but the entire municipal area.

"Substation" Uralbroiler "built as part of the investment program of OJSC" IDGC of Urals "- Chelyabenergo. Construction was carried out within six months. The total investment amounted to 242

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The reconstruction of Astrakhan Airport

About 270 million rubles invested Airport "Astrakhan" in the reconstruction of the airport complex, which was conducted during the year. During the reconstruction of the airport waiting room built for domestic passengers area of over 900 square meters and updated arrival hall, renovated reception area of air passengers and baggage. Fully updated navigation system and inform the passengers in accordance with international standards.

In addition, the airport arrival hall appeared International Airlines 600 square meters, designed for the simultaneous placement of more than 400 people.

The renovation of the airport is also included renovation of commercial warehouse, which will

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In Omsk, built a new kindergarten

On the left bank of Omsk built a kindergarten. Over the last twenty years, this — the first new building in the preschool million city. Socially significant project is implemented in cooperation area and the city. Construction of a kindergarten in the district "Crystal" started seven years ago. And only resumed in August 2012. Object practically rebuilt in record time — 4 months. The construction cost almost 83 million rubles. Of these, 50 million rubles — grants regional budget.

Child Development Center is designed for 140 children. The two-storey building with a total area of 3.5 thousand square meters. m

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