The new reserve Sredneussuriysky established in Primorye

Russia fulfilled its international obligations to protect tiger created in Primorye Reserve "Sredneussuriysky" connect the population of tigers in the Sikhote-Alin with a group of tigers on the ridge Vandashan in China.

Reserve "Sredneussuriysky" connect Tigers Russia and China on the ridge Strelnikova / ridge Vandashan

Primorye Governor Vladimir Miklushevsky signed a decree on the establishment of a new regional natural ecological goszakaznika "Sredneussuriysky", that will help to preserve the Amur tiger population, listed in the Red Book, said the regional administration.

A new state natural biological reserve "Sredneussuriysky" got the status of regional significance. In its territory,

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CTZ introduced forest engineering machine

In Moscow, at the VI international exhibition-forum "Forest and Man" Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant is a forest engineering machine created on the basis of a tractor B-10M.

Chelyabinsk unit with a tree stump and forest plow equipped with protection from falling trees, is shown at the Forest Forum this year, but now it’s a real trade pattern. Attachments have been thoroughly tested.

Plow seen in the work of foresters in the Chelyabinsk demonstration exercises in the area Chyrvonaarmeiski area. Next to the guard band, laid wheeled tractor crawler dozer B-10M did his routine, twice the width.

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Volgograd region to open up rural stadiums

In Farm Ponds Kikvidzenskogog region Volgograd region open stadium.

For Ozerkinskoye rural settlement, where about a thousand people, the discovery of the complex was a welcome event. In farm work section football, volleyball and athletics. Now the local sports fans have their own football field with cover and layout, paved jogging track, track and field sector, volleyball and children’s play area. For fans of a covered grandstand for 500 seats.

Stadium construction was funded by the district and township budgets, as well as the sponsors — the agricultural and peasant farmers working in the settlements.

The first event,

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New roads and interchanges in Moscow (photo)

The report’s author — Alexander "Russos" Popov

The other day I was taken aback by the question: what are the new roads and interchanges have been built in our capital city for the last time? When driving, I mostly enjoyed only a new departure with Novokurkino on the Ring Road. Fast guglenie showed that it was opened several new roads, and, quite necessary and important. At the weekend I rode a little in Moscow and looked to these new objects.

I deliberately did not bring a focus to their merits or demerits — in order to evaluate them,

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LISKI city of Voronezh Region

Do not judge me harshly — I’ve never been in LISKI.

My eye came across an article about the city and region. Then he found the photos — I liked them very much. I place my findings. I would be glad if liskintsy connect themselves write about their wonderful city.

First — paper, bring it fully.

A secret place "Where or in Russia?

January 25, 2012, 17:10 ["Arguments of the Week", Vladimir Leonov]

It turns out that in Russia there is a unique area where young people are not eager to get into the

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By historical events center is preparing SELKUPS

In the north-east of the West Siberian Plain Big River Basin is located one of the most remarkable parts of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug — Krasnoselkupsky. The uniqueness of Krasnoselkupsky district that is one of the few places in the Tyumen North, which is not affected by the process of oil and gas development and preserve the pristine nature and traditional way of life of the indigenous population. Area due to its remoteness has always been set aside, but times are changing. Area on the verge of great change, building a new airport in the area will

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In Vladivostok, opened a new quay

The grand opening of the waterfront in a residential area, "Patroclus," was held in Vladivostok in October 18. Walkup length of 2.5 km will be available to all residents of the seaside capital.

Residential Zone "Patroclus" — one of the largest integrated development projects in Russia, which is part of the APEC summit in 2012.

In addition to housing, the district will erect all the elements of infrastructure: kindergartens, schools, sports complexes and stadiums, shopping, social and business centers, recreation facilities, sports and recreation and beach area.


Photo by: Anton Balashov PrimaMedia

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More than 700 emergency workers got an apartment in the new Moscow

More than 700 emergency workers on Wednesday received the keys from new apartments in the village of grace in Novomoskovsk administrative district. Apartments have 479 soldiers and 225 federal fire service professionals. Rebuilt village opened in the morning the head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov.

"Today we are launching a residential complex for emergency workers — soldiers, specialists of the Federal Fire Service, lifeguards. During its construction were used the most advanced technologies in the short term plans to build shopping centers, kindergartens, schools — all the necessary infrastructure," — said the Minister.

The village is

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USC and Astrakhan create the country’s first special economic zone shipbuilding


United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) and the Government of the Astrakhan region concluded on October 11 agreement on cooperation.

As the press service of the USC, the main focus will be the establishment of cooperation in the region a special economic zone of industrial type, specialized in shipbuilding industry.

 USC president Andrew Diachkov and Astrakhan Region Governor Alexander Zhilkin signed a memorandum of cooperation shipbuilders and regional authorities in the preparation of a joint bid to build Russia’s first industrial-production zones shipbuilding destination in accordance with the Federal Law 305-FZ on the support of

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In Novonikolayevsky area opened multi-purpose center

Multipurpose center municipality in the district was already Novonikolayevsky twentieth service "one stop shop", organized in the region. The institution will operate in a spacious building area of 144 square meters. m The cost of establishing a cell divided between district and regional budgets — 2,000,000 and 3,100,000 rubles, respectively.It is planned that day there will be able to serve about 60 people. The focus of work — the provision of municipal services, such as provision of land on lease or ownership, issuance of permits for major repairs, construction and renovation of buildings, as well as translation into non-residential premises.

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