Belarus threatens whether antyraketnaya NATO protection?

Now in Moscow last meeting U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Russian control. During the meetings will be open a discussion blending plans in Poland and the Czech Republic antyraketnay parts of Defense and NATO. South American side says that the missiles that are out there install will not be targeted against Russia. According to the Yankees, their purpose — to shoot down those Iranian missiles or rockets other dictatorships of Asia that can poruha to Europe and the United States. Military analyst Alexander Alesin believes that such events may be dangerous option for Belarusians:

"The Fall of downed

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Vitebskvodokanalu sapping the old buildings of the town

In a large pit with a diameter of about 5 meters and that of the same depth are clearly visible remnants of walls, on some pieces of plaster and pieces preserved murals. According to the employee of the cultural department of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Nina Suletskoy, workers’ Vitebskvodokanalu "cut through the laying of the 1st of the buildings of the complex of St. Nicholas Cathedral, while any underground work in this place in general is strictly prohibited.Complex remains of St. Nicholas Cathedral"Dr. Olga Levko gistrychnyh Sciences, which oversees this area — has an open letter from Academy, responsible

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The Tribunal continues: disgruntled already 15

So makarom, it is clear that with an appeal to the supreme judicial institution of the country has turned 15. Earlier, the chairman of the Supreme Court Valentin Sukala read about 14 appeals, but once came in the mail. Because the Supreme Court did not rule out that there may be added a few complaints.Among those whose appeals now make out Supreme Tribunal and two representatives of one of the list of the UDF. It Alexander Apanasyuk (16th Stolin District) and Vasily Lopatin (61th Berezinski area).Supreme Tribunal also make out a complaint Larissa Shukailo Alexandra Kazakevich Tadeusz Kryuchkovsky and Yuri

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Flash mob on Yakub Kolas

Several youth activists from various democratic groups launched newspapers "Narodnaya Volya""Nasha Niva"" Consent "and others. They defiantly read them. Militiamen no one was detained, but police operator took all the camera.Since there were no arrests, young said that during this night, they will hold more such mini-stocks — October Square, Victory Square, as in other places of Minsk.

Liberty Photo Contest: the best pictures from the Chernobyl zone

Burning political and cultural actions worthy of attention to the situation and the people — all it can to find reflected in your photos. The main prizes of the month — shortwave radios.Pavljuk Mickiewicz, Gomel. Chernobyl zone.Pavljuk Mickiewicz, Gomel. Chernobyl zone.Pavljuk Mickiewicz, Gomel. Chernobyl zone. The main prize of a day or — your photo on the website of Liberty. The main prize of the week — books Radio Liberty. The main prize of the year — a trip to Prague. Please send us your pictures. Mailbox:

UN Secretary-General — the resumption of activity in the dirty areas

The proclamation issued to the 21 th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, it is emphasized afterdnie studies demonstrate the ability of a gradual return to normal life in the areas affected by radiation. Ban Ki-moon said. affected areas that need "new jobs, new investment and restore the people’s sense that they can host on their own land."Yesterday and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko called for the resumption of activity in the area around Chernobyl. He expressed the belief that the area uniformly alive and that Ukraine will develop the ability of the neighborhood. "President said that" after the tragedy in the

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Organizers Chernobyl Way suing bureaucrats

Applicants require the tribunal to cancel the decision of officials who willfully, without preparatory coordination with the organizers changed the route and format of the mass action.The application organizers "Chernobyl Way" planned march from Yakub Kolas to the State Library.Bureaucrats allowed to collect about Academy, a procession to the chapel on the street Karastayanava that area around Bangalore.

June alley memory …

Tsyganovich: "Walk we had. There, on the square. And presently all povyrezali. Erected buildings — and everything."This pensioner Maria Tsyganovich. I talked with her on arrival in June. From the tip of the village move to the center.Area here is called the center of town, the area in front of the executive committee.At the moment, in an area of Chervene was only monument to Lenin.The priest of the local evangelical church Misha Glushko sure to stand on the square remained long:"Talking about, man to elevate and perpetuate his name, the Bible is strictly prohibited. I believe that Lenin will be

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From the organizers of Chernobyl Way require wage policemen

Now applicants "Chernobyl Way" will visit Minsk city police department, so again coordinate their actions during the event. April 20, for the next day after, authorities forbade procession from Piazza Kolas to the State Library, Alexei Yanukevich Yuri Zenkovich and Anatoly Sidorevich visited Minsk city police department. Managing the department of public safety Naydenko Alexander said that the applicants should pay for the work of policemen during the event. He explained that the amount will depend on the number of employees of militia. In addition, A. Naydenko warned applicants that they have to pay and "Zelestroyu" for warped lawns. He

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