New kindergarten opens in St. Petersburg

September 8 in the residential complex "New Okkervil" Realized investment and construction company "Otdelstroy", the grand opening of the first kindergarten.

Under the project, the company will build four pre-school educational institutions and 2 schools.

A two-storey kindergarten "Limpik" the total area of 5500 square meters, located in an area of 1 hectare, is a modern training center. The establishment is designed for 230 students, distributed to 12 groups, two of which — the crib.

The building also run elementary school (grades 1-4), child development center, leisure clubs and sports clubs for children up to 16 years.

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On the 70th anniversary of the Kemerovo area planted over 50 million trees and shrubs

In saplings attended by members of administrations, members of the Soviets of People’s Deputies, veterans, labor collectives of enterprises, institutions and organizations regardless of ownership, public representatives, political parties, youth, college students, high school students.

As part of the One Day tree planting workers Kemerovo regional administration headed by Governor A.G.Tuleevym landed one thousand pine trees in the Kuzbass regional center of the park. Thus, the continued planting area between pr.Himikov and Lenin. It is assumed that the green areas in the future will take a closed and empty until the area along pr.Leningradskogo. Aman Tuleyev supported the idea

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In STZHT opened a new ground-lab

As described in the Saratov Railway College, ground laboratory and inspection of rolling stock is designed for students of the "Maintenance of railway rolling stock."

Polygon area laboratory is 200 square meters. In the room there is a modern site inspection of wheel sets and construction details of freight car bogie, equipped with functional learning stands and standard samples with defects. Work on the creation of such an area lasted for one and a half years. Helped implement the long-standing dream college staff and students. Assistance in establishing laboratory had deputy chief of the Volga Railroad in Saratov region

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In the Novosibirsk region build livestock farms

By October 1, in the Tatar district livestock complex will be built on the 400 head of cattle.

Construction of the complex is with government support under the regional program "Construction of livestock farms (farms) for the production of milk and beef production in the Novosibirsk region in 2010-2012". Under this program, the regional government farms offset 50% of the cost of purchased machinery and equipment, as well as part of the subsidized interest rates on loans.

In 2011, the program had been built 17 livestock farms.

Now the region during the construction phase of the complex are 34.

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In Pogar (Bryansk region) has opened a sports center

In Pohar commissioned a sports center with swimming pool "Odyssey." Its construction and equipping of the regional budget allocated about 120 million rubles. The complex includes a swimming pool with two baths — for adults and children, sports, fitness and wrestling rooms. Under the open sky a tennis court, basketball and volleyball courts.

Construction of sports facilities in Bryansk is in full swing: from 2006 to 2011 in the area were built and reconstructed 45 objects. Even during the crisis, the region did not reduce funding for the work in this direction. Actively building new stadiums, ice rinks, sports and

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In the Tver region open to traffic on three new bridges

Management of the highway Moscow-St.Petersburg opened for traffic in transit to three new bridges. The first bridge is located across the river turns in Oleninskoye area, the second through the river Meza in Nelidovskiy area, and the third — is 391km overpass on highway M-9 "Baltic" is already Zapadnodvinsky area.

Work on the repairs were done ahead of schedule by more than two months. As the road builders, the quality of the repair is not affected! When work had been entirely replaced by beams of the superstructure with a widening of the carriageway, reinforced suspension towers and foundations, arranged a

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In Nizhnevartovsk (Khanty) opened sports complex

In Nizhnevartovsk the grand opening of the new sports complex "Jubilee." Construction work lasted less than two years, the cost of the project amounted to 166 million rubles.

Total area — 2672 square meters. meters Here are the universal game room and a special room for storage of sports equipment. When conducting training sessions complex game room can be transformed into a playground for mini football, basketball, volleyball and tennis. Capacity of the hall — 200 people. On the second floor of the complex is a gym where you installed the line strength training equipment. In addition, the Center

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In Krasnoyarsk, has opened a new indoor playground

In Krasnoyarsk, in the Central Stadium built a new sports facility, which is part of the Krasnoyarsk School (college) Olympic reserve.

On the territory of the covered area is located a football field with artificial turf length of 50 meters and a width of 25 meters. Located on the perimeter of the track to warm up. The stands will be able to accommodate 60 fans. The total construction area of 1.8 thousand square meters

In Kabardino-Balkaria, commissioned Akbashsky main canal

In July 2012, the federal target program "Conservation and restoration of soil fertility of agricultural land and agricultural land as a national asset Russia for 2006-2010 and for the period up to 2013" commissioned Akbashsky main canal from outfalls in the Terek region of Kabardino-Balkaria.

The complex structures of the channel is located in the foothills of the Eastern Caucasus on the right bank of the Terek River.

Akbashsky main canal — a major part of the Republican irrigation system. The system has a multi-purpose, other than irrigation canal provides water supply for energy, fisheries,

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The Northern Fleet took mine danger from a big area of the Gulf of Ob

In the Kara Sea, the Gulf of Ob on the proposal of the operational command of naval force clearance (Omori) of the Northern Fleet (NF) is removed mine threat in the study area with total area of 36 km2.

Within 4 weeks from the start of demining Ob Kara Sea specialists Omori SF were found and destroyed by the explosion 11 explosive objects. The destruction of explosive devices produced after the installation of the charge to undermine the diving experts, who were making the descent from the board rescue tugboat (SBS) "Pamir".

Currently sea mine "Vladimir Gumanenko" Kola Flotilla of

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