15M69 unit comes into service.

The military has shown a unique vehicle engineering and concealment, which cover their tracks missile systems "Yars" and "Topol-M" and can be misleading spy satellites.

The unique machine engineering and masking "unit 15M69" entered the compound Teykovskogo rocket SRF in the Ivanovo region.

According to the Strategic Missile Forces, the new machine is designed to perform multiple tasks. One of them — the engineer reconnaissance combat patrol routes of mobile missile systems "Yars" and "Topol-M". Tractor equipped with various devices, with which you can clear the area of debris, de-mine the area, to determine the load capacity of highway

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New Wedding Palace opened in Muchkapsky region Tambov region

Yesterday I published the news about the new plant, Muchkapsky built in the area of the Tambov region, and here’s more good news from the same area. Event not as large but symbolic. After all, if the new palaces open marriage, so that someone needs.

July 8 in a working village Muchkapsky the grand opening of the Palace of marriage.

Sculpture "Family" is located behind the building of the registrar.

In the area of Printers (Moscow) after open repair of modern sports ground

In the area of Printers (South-East District, st. Guryanova, 2, cor. 4) open renovated playground consists of two complexes.

On the main floor there was a modern acrylic coating that allows you to hold competitions in basketball, volleyball, mini-football. The second part is equipped with exercise equipment for extreme sports-vorkaut (set of horizontal bars, parallel bars).

During the opening event took place among children "Merry Starts" and were shown workshops professionals vorkauta to promote this trend.

The government, in partnership with the business will develop the potential of Russia in the field of IT

The development of the information technology industry will be one of the main priorities of the updated Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications. The ministry will be a special IT trend that will oversee separate deputy minister — an expert on GLONASS Mark Shmulevich. This was announced at a press conference the head of department Nikolay Nikiforov.

Currently, the share of IT technology in GDP is less than 4%, but Russia has serious growth potential in this area. According to the minister, the development of information technology as the industry requires the establishment of appropriate telecommunications infrastructure and an enabling

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Park Avialesookhrana resp.Komi added 2 aircraft

July 5, in the district of Kazan Izhemsky arrived AN-2, which if necessary will be promptly delivered to forest fires to extinguish professionals. Today is expected to arrive in the area Knyazhpogostky (Emva) light aircraft Yak-18, which will be used to patrol the area.

In addition to new aircraft in the Park "Avialesookhrana" also listed three other small-engine aircraft, which are located in Izhme, Ukhta, Syktyvkar, and four AN-2 (in the Trinity-Pechora, Ust-Kulomski, Kortkerosski and Udorski areas). In the past year, to fight forest fires in Komi has been involved three aircraft An-2 aircraft and three small aircraft.

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At JSC OKTZ reconstruction began to organize the welding and assembly area.

OJSC "Power Boiler Turbine Plant" is reconstructing parts of the production premises for welding and assembly area.

The reconstruction of the part of the production facilities of JSC "OKTZ" at the site is planned to organize a new welding and assembly area using modern automatic welding equipment.

On these areas is expected to organize a capacitive output of various products, including those under construction for the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1. To be put into commercial operation is scheduled for June 22. The use of new technologies will significantly reduce the production cycle and, as a consequence,

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Elegant LCD Zhylyanskaya passed on the first section

LCD "Elegant" Zhylyanskaya passed on the first section of the total area of 6.7 thousand square meters. m, the press service of the company.

Living area in the first section of 4.3 thousand square meters. The average price of 1 sq. m. m of residential space — 17-17.5 UAH / sq.m. According to the developer, in the first section there were 5 of 93 available units.

In the complex are 1-3 bedroom apartments with an area of 30.0 square meters. m to 117.0 m. Ceiling height is 3.0 m

The first floor apartment is located on level 3 floors.

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Air Shield on CVO

With the start of summer training at the Central Military District on combat duty to intercede six air defense command posts. Three of them — the new lineup with the introduction of three types of units: communication, automated control systems (ACS), and radar. As a result, at the expense of radar reconnaissance and opportunities of modern information system has increased reliability and durability controlled radar field, in the area which are 29 subjects of the Russian Federation.

According to head of Air Defense and Air Force Colonel Eugene CVO Tuchkova, strengthening the structure of the defense

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New production Safonovo district of Smolensk region

In Safonovsky district of Smolensk region, several construction of several large industrial facilities.

On the territory of Baranowski rural settlement construction Safonovsky meat. By the end of 2012 will be put into operation a killer production, refrigerator and the freezer. The next year — two of the case: deboning and meat production. The new facility will give area of 700 new jobs, the basic position of the investor — to buttress its work only on local talent.

In the area of construction plant for the production of sandwich panels. The first production company plans to launch by the end of

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Cherepovets farmers beat the 20-year-old record for milk yield

Agriculture under the Cherepovets (Vologda region). Rapidly increase milk production. Manufacturers believe that we have achieved such astonishing results thanks to modern technology and the quality of the grass. According to local farmers, in Cherepovets area of milk production was in 1990.

"In May, a cow on the average milk yield of 421 kilograms of milk, once considered a good indicator of 350-370 pounds" — says a leading specialist local Ivestock Svetlana Smirnova.

This efficiency is due to several factors. Besides the high quality of the grass, yielding results improved breeding, raising the level of work culture and the

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