In Stavropol, opened the first aid station

This event residents of Southwest neighborhood waited many years to come. The most populous and fastest growing residential area of the city is still deprived of medical attention. One hospital, one health center — and it’s a hundred and fifty thousand people. And if the construction of large medical institutions — the question long and costly, then a substation ambulance proved to be quite feasible.

According to exercise the powers and duties of the head of administration of Stavropol Andrew Dzhatdoeva, it has become possible thanks to the work of the municipality, the City Council and the

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In the Tambov region develop horticulture

In the region of the programs "The development of horticulture and nursery in the Tambov region in 2012 — 2014 years, with the continuation of activities until 2020". The program foresees a budget funds for compensation of the cost of a bookmark, care, stubbing perennial plants, purchase of specialized agricultural equipment.

The leader in this area — Ltd. "Snezhetok". This forward with 70 years of experience in horticultural industry on the First District. Last fall, here laid the 300 acres of the new garden. Gardens, LLC "Snezhetok" planted on innovative technology-intensive method.

In 2012, "Snezhetok" will continue bookmark perennial plants

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Near the village of Krasnaya Gorka Smolensk region opened a logistics company Rhenus Terminal

New customs and logistics terminal covers an area of 8 hectares, has a total warehouse area of 2200 sq.m. and has 400 parking spaces for trucks. As a result, the project will create about 400 new jobs. The construction of German investor has sent 30 million euros.


AIC Kursk — Works for many, and the results are encouraging

A little more than three weeks have passed since the moment when the first sowing units took to the field Kursk region. Today the spring field work suitable to the final stage. Kursk region has successfully coped with the sowing of early spring crops and sugar beets, which are sown respectively 358 and 108 000 hectares.

During this period, a large volume of work on the seedbed preparation, fertilizing and harrowing area of winter crops, fertilizer application and other necessary technical measures. Organized and coordinated work of the Kursk farmers, assisting sowing at the optimum time, already yielding results.

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MegaFon expanded 3G network in the Trans-Baikal

"MegaFon" launched into operation of 3G base stations in communities Trans-Baikal region, the inhabitants of which for the first time have access to high-speed mobile Internet.

During March and April of this year, 3G connectivity appeared in towns and Khushenga Zhiphegen Khiloksky area Zarechnyj Nerchinskogo area Urulyungui Krasnokamensk area Aleur and Bagulnaya Chernyshevskii area Vershino-Shahtaminsky Shelopuginskogo area Semiozerny Mogochinsky area Arey Uletovsky district. More than 13.5 million people living in these settlements are now able to fully enjoy the full range of services provided "MegaFon" network-based 3G.

In 2011 the volume of investments in the development of

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Of CMH (Moscow region). Modernizes machine assembly department

Public corporation "Krasnogorsk plant them. SA Zvereva " OJSC (KMZ) — The leading Russian company in the field of optical and opto-electronic instrument, a well-known both at home and abroad with its products with the trademark "Zenit".

As part of the modernization of the mechanical assembly plant opened a new section of the assembly machinery products, covering an area of 890 sq.m. When major repairs section were applied new technology to meet modern requirements for the premises in which the optical components are assembled.

The new site is equipped with innovative equipment and is designed to increase product assembly special

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In Kurgan opened a new swimming pool

Swimming pool "Olympus", complementing the ensemble sports city in the Youth Park Mound City, opened on May 11.

The new pool is provided with all the necessary equipment to carry out the training process, physical education and sports activities.

One-time bandwidth pool "Olympus" is 120 people. In the day swimming pool will take more than 1200 people. The total area of the new sports facility 6222 square meters. m

In December 2009, opened a sports complex "Youth", which became the hallmark of sports infrastructure area, and a modern sports complex in the city Makushino.

In 2011 was

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Report / Vladivostok aerial (Spring 2012)

The bridge across the Golden Horn

Central square

Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Dynamo Stadium and Sports harbor promenade

Cinema Center Ocean

Construction of five-star class hotels in Cape Stormy


Ferris wheel on the waterfront

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In Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk area, the pool

In the Soviet district of Novosibirsk start-up pool "Akademvolna," which was listed as long-term construction since 1992.

As reported in the press center of the municipality, in 2010, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences passed the unfinished building at ul. Field, 5 municipality and the construction began in December. Today, the pool opens.

Contractors completed reconstruction of the building with total area of 3635 square meters. m, staged a ventilated façade, spent decorating, mounted process equipment and internal networks, spent landscaping and landscaping. For any labor spent more than 146 million rubles.


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In the Volgograd region has opened a new garment manufacturing

In the city of Volgograd Oblast Kamyshin the grand opening of a new garment factory. The company is equipped with modern equipment. In the factory already employs 120 people.

Later — with the development of production — staff of the company will be more than 400 people. Note that the factory has been operating under the name "Gloria Jeans", and this is the second production in the region, which operates under this brand. The first was opened in February of this year Surovikinskom metro area.

The company plans to sell in the area are a number of investment

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