In Khakassia create a natural park

350 Scots pine seedlings at the age of six half-hectare area planted on May 5 in the Smirnov Altayskogog forest area of Khakassia. Seedlings were provided by the State Forestry Khakassia. Organizer create a natural park made PX Regional Development.

Prior to 1955 on the site of boron were Smirnovsky state farm plantations. The emergence of wind erosion on the site required the creation of windbreaks. Were first planted pine seedlings. Then landing twenty years were suspended. In the 70-80-ies of the creation of boron was resumed.

Smirnov boron is 90% man-made, created by the foresters of the Republic of

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Vladimir region develops downstream processing of timber

The administration of the Vladimir region as a priority encourages the development of deep processing of wood — one of the main natural resources of the region. Since 2008, in the Vladimir region began implementation of priority investment projects in the area of forest. Applications for participation in the tender for the implementation of investment projects submitted 13 organizations.

One of the largest wood-processing companies in the region — "Highland lesokombinat".

Main activities combine — harvesting, production builders’ carpentry and joinery. The plant produces a wide range of planed products (wood panels, furniture fronts, euro wood) produces log houses made

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Report / Vladivostok aerial (Spring 2012)

The bridge across the Golden Horn

Central square

Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Dynamo Stadium and Sports harbor promenade

Cinema Center Ocean

Construction of five-star class hotels in Cape Stormy


Ferris wheel on the waterfront

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In Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk area, the pool

In the Soviet district of Novosibirsk start-up pool "Akademvolna," which was listed as long-term construction since 1992.

As reported in the press center of the municipality, in 2010, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences passed the unfinished building at ul. Field, 5 municipality and the construction began in December. Today, the pool opens.

Contractors completed reconstruction of the building with total area of 3635 square meters. m, staged a ventilated façade, spent decorating, mounted process equipment and internal networks, spent landscaping and landscaping. For any labor spent more than 146 million rubles.


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At Novokuznetsk Aluminum Plant launched the first cell

As part of its modernization program at Novokuznetsk aluminum smelter RUSAL launched the first cell in the pre-baked anodes RA-167.

The new unit has a number of advantages over the previous generation of electrolytic cells — energy efficiency and better environmental performance. Operation is excluded release of fumes of coal tar pitch, and the relatively simple and reliable in the shelter allows a high degree of performance capture technology evolved gases and direct them to clean "dry" gas cleaning plants.

Modernization program involves translating the four electrolysis on electrolytic cells with prebaked anodes, two more — on electrolyzers

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AKIMOV make yourself a good GIFT

The events that took place the last week in Irkutsk could not touch the "growth", because in the near round is against Alhazova and K had to play Dolmatova wards. Despite reports that the "Star" is removed from the championship, "yellow-blue" went to Lake Baikal. [Cut] Returning to the location Rostovites Hong Kulchiy added optimism and coaching staff, "growth", although in the starting lineup Hong did not appear, but like the other striker Dyadyun, which already match, watching the game from the bench. Realizing that most likely this fight will be the last for the "Stars" in this championship, the

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In Alcor Bio completed construction of cleanrooms

SC Alcor Bio: Stem cell bank of "Trans-Technologies" has moved to the newly built complex for him "clean rooms"

In April, the new building of biotechnology holding company Alcor Bio was completed construction of "clean rooms" designed for the Bank of stem cells of "Trans-Technologies", after which the Bank has moved into the prepared him for the modern clean zone.

Earlier, in his own four-story building with a total area of over 7,560 square meters. m moved production and research laboratories Group Alcor Bio. Before being transported under the common roof of the stem cell bank

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The village Safarova (Rep. of Bashkortostan) opened a library

The village Safarova Uchalinskoe district opened model library — the second in the area. Book fund here is 17 thousand copies, issued about 30 periodical titles. Safarovskaya Library — one of the most visited in the area. The new status required some investment: from the local budget allocated funds for the renovation of the building, the installation of fire alarm systems, new furniture. On the Republican budget purchased computers.

A modern library enables readers to learn how to use a computer to get online access to electronic documents. In the first model Uchalinski District Library was opened in 2011 in

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In the first quarter of the year in Perm built 376 apartments

Permstat published recent data on housing construction in the region.

1073 apartments with a total area of 85.6 thousand square meters. meters built in the Perm region in the first quarter of 2012 enterprises, organizations of all forms of property and individual developers. Compared to January-March 2011 figures are 83%.

Their own and borrowed funds by individual developers built houses with a total area of 55.4 thousand square meters. meters, accounting for 94.2% of new housing in the I quarter of 2011. The share of single-family homes had 64.7% of the total volume of residential construction in

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In Mari El begin reforestation

This spring conduct silvicultural activities planned for the total area of 2,400 hectares. For planting forests will be set aside 1300 hectares (65% of the area will plant pine trees, 20% — and 15% of fir trees — birch). Addition of forest plantations is expected by 1100 hectares, with almost 740 hectares of forest will be planted on burned in 2010.

Activities will hold 38 tenants plots in 18 forest districts.Forest fire in 2010 damaged forestry plantations 8: Volga, Zvenigovsky, Kilemarsky, Kokshaysk, Kuyarskogo, Morkinskogo, Rutkinskogo and Yurinskaya. There is now a need for a sample of sanitary and recreational activities

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