For the year 2011 in Moscow was built 7 FOKov

The construction of the three fitness centers (FLC) with ice rinks in the North, South-West and South-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow. New FLC area 3.76 million square meters. m is located on the street Lobnenskaya the CAO Moscow, a fitness center area of thousands of square meters. m open to Chechersky Travel in South-West of Moscow, and at the Ryazan Avenue SEAD Moscow builds FLC area of 5.4 thousand square meters. m

In each of these complexes is provided Icefield area of 1.83 million square meters. m, gym area of 108 thousand square meters. m and other sports

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New village Isetskoe Tyumen region

For 10 months in Isetsky region of Tyumen region commissioned 48 houses. According to the federal target program "Social development of village" and "Housing" support is provided 146 young families. They paid 87 million rubles.

During the construction season in the village Isetskoe already commissioned 20 houses, and 30 more under construction. Each house has its own feature, because the owners want to see the house, not only comfortable, but also smart. But the key to any home — merit. To see this, it is enough to drive through the streets of the village new Isetsky. And to make

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Scientists have a new building of Akademgorodok

Two scientific research institutes of got a new building in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok. The building has a total area of 7 thousand square meters. m


Two floors of the building will take Institute of Soil Science. The second part of the building is designed to Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, which is isolated from the Institute of Cytology and Genetics.

The new building of the two institutions will be included in the biological cluster, which also includes a vivarium area of 5 thousand square meters. m deposited 2 years

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In Krivoy Rog opened a modern swimming complex


6 August 2011. Ternovskaya in the area, with the participation of Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk region governor Alexander Vilkul and CEO of PJSC "SevGOK" Andrew Studs inaugurated a modern swimming complex, consisting of two outdoor swimming pools, sports areas and recreation areas.


— I’m proud of the fact that the best practices of investment in important social projects, which for many years demonstrates Northern Mining, adopt and actively implement the leading industrial enterprises of Krivoy Rog, the entire region — said Alexander Vilkul during the opening ceremony. — This is an example of the

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Bykovskii agrocenter technology will help farmers

In Bykovskii district opened its first technology center in the region for landowners. He should be a good tool for agricultural producers who do not have their high-quality equipment. And those in the majority.


Bykovskii area is unique in its kind — here is extremely small-scale production. 90 per cent of the agricultural sector — micro-enterprises with the number of employees from one to fifteen people. Plots are small, old appliances. And buy a new one — there is no way.

For farming equipment to be collected by the neighbors, somewhere to hire, buy old

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Samara scientist has developed a unique implant


The invention of the Samara scientist in the field of medicine Sergey Litvinov is soon to receive widespread use. While working on his doctoral thesis he developed a material that can replace, and then rebuild the bone tissue. Experiments have shown — the implant inserted gives amazing results.

The implant is a biopolymer in which the crystals were grown gidraksil-Appatity. The author described his drug "Litar" and continues to work on it. In the most recent experiments showed that it is able to replace not only bone, but also in general — any other tissue of

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The new road and bridge in the Bor district opened ahead of schedule

The grand opening of the road Big Orel — Rustan with a bridge over the river Kerzhenets in Bor district of Nizhny Novgorod region on December 6.

"The people were waiting for Rustem this road for more than 10 years. Of course, this is a great holiday. This settlement — "extreme point" Bor area. And, unfortunately, to get to him was not easy. But now to the area to pay attention both investors and tourists. Especially since it is here that begins Kerzhensky reserve " — Said the head of the territorial control of the Ostankino district of the

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City within a city

In the town of Mytishchi full swing construction of the new town of 50 000 people, "Yaroslavsky."


Residential Zone "Yaroslavl" is being built on the area of 114 hectares and includes two integrated development district number 15 and 16, the total area of the dwelling in which will be about 1 million square meters. Has now been built and inhabited 14 houses.

Comprehensive development area involves the development of social infrastructure — public schools and kindergartens, sports and playgrounds, commercial and business center, health center and shops. For residents of the new district "Yaroslavl" project provides

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Industrial Park Schyolkovo

The group of companies "Domostroitel" opened a large industrial park in suburban town of Schyolkovo.


Shchelkovskiy industrial park is located 20 km from Moscow in Schyolkovo Schelkovskogo in house-building. Is a set of ready-made production, storage and administrative areas with developed infrastructure, including logistics. In the park is its own railway line adjacent to the Yaroslavl direction of Moscow Railways.

The total leasable area "Schyolkovo" is more than 20,000 square meters. It is composed of industrial, warehouse and office buildings. Park also has its own railway siding. The park is a type of brownfield (old

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Russian scientists have found a cheap way to search for oil

A team of scientists of the Geological Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences has opened a fundamentally new way of predicting oil and other minerals, called thermotomography. The essence of it is to build three-dimensional models of temperature distribution and heat flux, which allows you to get maps, sections geothermal field at any depth and thus determine the level at which there are conditions for the formation of hydrocarbon molecules. This method allows a first approach to predict the depth and location of placement of deposits and savings on finding hundreds of millions of rubles.



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