03.06.12. Fish kill in the Tambov region. Video


03.06.12. On 6 March, it became known that the river Voronezh pal in Nikiforovskii and Michurinsky areas are massive fish kills. TV "Tambov" contacted the District Attorney Nikiforovskii Yury Popov, and that's what he said on the phone:

"During the test, the following facts were revealed that around 9 am today, the staff of LLC" Central "is not authorized discharge accumulated in the gearbox pig liquid manure fractions in the terrain at the intersection of Highway LLC" Central "- the loudspeaker and the federal highway M6 Caspian. How dangerous these actions? The fact that liquid manure fraction can

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NORTH KOREA supported the creation of air defense zone «DAWN»

November 29 Chinese Air Force planes were raised in the air to check compliance with military aircraft of other states requirements of modern air defense zone «Dawn», which identified the presence of aircraft the U.S. Air Force and the Land of the Rising Sun, reports now mil.news.sina.com.cn. Earlier, the U.S. and Japan «proudly» stated he did not want to adhere to compliance requirements of the Chinese in this area, stating that «Beijing miscalculated.» But now it appears that the intent of Beijing more than harsh. November 29 Deputy Director of the Center of American research Institute of Fudan Tszinbo Wu

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14.08.12.V Nieman suffered fish kills. Photo


14.08.12.V Friday in Neman upstream from Grodno were discovered hundreds of species of dead fish.

Biologist Yuri Tsydzik have witnessed this scene before hydroelectric dams. He says: — In the water, on the site of the old bed of water killed many inhabitants, pike, tench, bream and roach. I think the reason is that the water contains too little oxygen that fish could not breathe. Vegetation after the water level rose due to construction of power plants, begins to rot and produces toxic substances. However, the official version of the plague of fish yet. Non-living specimens have been found

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From 11 to 18 January in the funnel in Berezniki revealed 11 seismic events

Karst holes

Photo: 59.mchs.gov.ru

21.01.12.Po post OJSC "Uralkali", on January 19, elevation of the water level in the funnel dip in the industrial area Mine 1 was 109.55 m

The level of seismic activity in the area of the failure of the low — events caused by destruction processes in rocks, have been identified.

Continue monitoring the area strewn with craters on the tracks. Over the past week recorded two seismic events. They are caused by shifts in the cup-strewn sand and gravel.

Size of the crater formed December 4, 2011 ABA BSHSU north building on January 19 were

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Atyrau region locust attacks. Video


25.05.12.Atyrauskuyu area attacked millions locusts. Pests have already reached the suburbs of the regional center. Insects literally besieged the house of villagers.

Phytosanitary in emergency mode started treatment in areas adjacent to Atyrau. At the same time, experts urge people not to panic.

Ruslan SHUGAEPOV, deputy chief of the Atyrau regional territorial department of the Ministry of Agriculture: — Dangerous damage they cause since age 3. Now basically 3.2 age. We managed to hold processing. There was information that the cankerworm infests. But no crop there. There's only a cane. For residents of any danger locusts represents.


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Hail broke harvest Kotayk region of Armenia


YEREVAN, September 17 — News-Armenia. Hail the day before broke agricultural land in the village of Bjni Kotayk region of Armenia, the rescue service MOE.

According to the release, as a result of disaster damaged sown area of agricultural value and orchards with a total area of about 50 hectares.

Source: News Armenia

Fish kills in the Lipetsk region


File photo

14.07.11.V village pond Red Lipetsk fish kills occurred. One of the causes of the accident area environmentalists called sewage runoff that occurred as a result of the accident at the CND.

— This place is a cascade of water, but suffered only Furmanov pond located in the center of the village — told state inspector environmental Lipetsk Natalia Bessonova. — The valves are on the pond, above and below the affected area, have not given water and contaminate it.

Preliminary estimate is killed all the fish in the pond — from small to large.

Now experts

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locusts in western Kazakhstan. Video


18.07.12.Nashestvie locusts in the west! Pests mercilessly destroy hundreds of acres of crops. Suffered from the hordes of insects and other border regions with Russia. Farmers have counted loss.

Aktobe field Mass Attack locusts. Barley crop pests in this area destroyed in just a fortnight, distressed farmers. Now, instead of the planned 16 centners per hectare farmers are hoping to collect at least 3.

Winged pests become true masters of the fields. But the peasants were unarmed. The locusts have destroyed hundreds of acres of crops. For example, a field of sunflowers insects also had thoroughly spoiled.

Khromtau of

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In Emanzhelinsk village explosion in apartment buildings


22.05.12.V Zauralskiy Emanzhelinsk village area in a building explosion.

Indoor demolished interior partitions between rooms, and supporting walls shifted by a few centimeters. This "UralPolit.Ru" reported today, May 22, the press service of the administration Emanzhelinsk municipal area.

PE occurred in the village on Monday, May 21. At the scene, immediately left emergency services. The apartment is on the third floor heater exploded. Tenants in the apartment was not. Smashed all the windows, internal damage localized in the explosion.

Damaged several neighboring apartments, flooded apartment downstairs. The explosion working gas workers, firefighters, police, local experts of the management

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Military depots caught fire near Nizhny Novgorod


14.07.12.Voennye warehouse caught fire near Nizhny Novgorod. To extinguish the fire in the Ministry of Defense facility left 20 fire brigades.

In the village Yuganets where burst into flames with ammunition left spetsbrigady rescuers. The fire started in an open area around 6.30 am.

— Pre-fire area of 500 square meters, there were 3 open hearth, — reported in the MOE of the Nizhny Novgorod region. — In Yuganets directed fire train and helicopter fire. Conducted pouring structures.

An hour later, the fire was contained and eradicated. No one is hurt. In the basic version, warehouse caught fire due

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