In Bulgaria, the burning of the forest. Video


28.07.12.Forest fires are raging in the south-eastern Bulgaria. Local government is the third day could not cope with ognem.Na fight the fire cast army. Now in extinguishing fire in an area of 320 hectares involved 300 people.

To knock down the flames, used helicopters to civil aviation. But localize the fire is not yet possible. The situation is aggravated by intense heat. Bulgaria — traditionally popular among Belarusian tourists. However, as long as they do not worry: the forest burn in Haskovo. This is not a resort area.

Source: ONT Belarus

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Big dip in the road in China

Karst holes

The failure on the road in the city of Chongqing. Photo from

3.01.11.Proval length of 70 meters and a depth of about 3 meters was formed in the middle of highway in Fuling Chongqing City on January 1, at 11:30 am local time. Luckily no one has ever suffered. According to the publication, "Chongqing Evening", according to witnesses, it all happened in about 20 seconds, crash are such that they thought of an earthquake.

The day before the incident on this stretch of road has cracks. Local residents reported this to management to monitor compliance

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A series of earthquakes took place in southern China


Collapsed in the earthquake roof farm house. Yunnan Province. January 2011. Photo from

3.01.11.Neskolkimi earthquakes began the new year in the southern province of Yunnan. The three largest of them the power of 4.6 and 4.8 points. At the epicenter damaged more than 10,000 peasant houses were evacuated for more than 80 thousand people. Many people sleep on the streets for fear of more powerful aftershocks.


Hardest hit village Binyuan. According to official data of the local authorities, only a succession of earthquakes affecting more than 30 thousand families, urgently evacuated 85.6 thousand.

Local residents

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15.06.12.Gibel fish, bees and animals in the Bryansk region



15.06.12.Prirodoohrannaya prosecutor checks processing fields with selhozaviatsii near the village Specific Uta Vygonichskogo district.

According to assumptions after spraying herbicide from the air in the local lake fish surfaced, the apiaries bees died, and in the woods — small animals and birds. The two-year Diana recently released from the hospital, where she was, eating strawberries, grandfather collected near the village. Local residents fear that the processing of land from the air with herbicides, which was held by the agricultural holding, the chemicals could get not only on the field. Population forbidden to pick berries in the woods.

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Forest fires in Spain

Forest fires in Spain Natural Disasters

Not far from the Spanish city Raskera, Tarragona province began a spring fire. According to preliminary calculations, the fire destroyed three 081.59 hectares of land, of 76.28% of the area occupied by trees, and the rest were in the pine forests and pastures. In the most affected one Raskere 370.57 hectares of forest. More southern areas where the flame penetrated, such as El Perello, Tivenis Benifallet and lost 1 248.79, 462.12, and 0.1 hectares respectively.

With fire nearly four days more than 300 firefighters fought by promoting rescue east of Tarragona. The

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The Russian GLONASS system has stood the test of the Bermuda Triangle

July 13, Friday yacht "Scorpius" came in a strong storm in the area of Bermuda. At the height of the elements in the vessel was hit by lightning, and then broke down almost all navigation systems. Communication with the vessel was lost.

July 16, the captain Sergei Nizovtsev made contact and said that immediately after the lightning struck, the yacht has broken down all of the equipment: satellite phone began to run rough and noisy, disappeared internet connection. The only navigation system is not out of service on board was the GLONASS system.

As a result of the accident

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A state of emergency because of the rains in the south of Ecuador


23.12.11.Sektor peak, located 1 kilometer from the Canton province of Azuay Gualaseo declared a state of emergency. In view of the enormous threat of collapse, this area is controlled by the Ecuadorian military, residents evacuated.

The main highway is completely blocked area to prevent people at risk. Along the road, known as Highway Kanyaris, over 540 meters, there are dips deeper than 1 meter. 15 residential buildings were seriously damaged during the crash, registered over the weekend, due to heavy rains in the area, according to the mayor Gualaseo, Juan Diego Bustos. Residents, 31 people, including two small children,

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In Northeast China recorded outbreak of FMD


Beijing, Nov. 25 / Xinhua / — According to news reports the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of China, in a new area Puvan Dalian City in Liaoning Province / Northeast China / recorded outbreak of FMD type O.

At one of the pig farms in the village Erdaotsun new district Puvan Dalian November 19 were found symptoms of FMD, 24 November, state the reference laboratory for foot and mouth disease epidemic confirmed the outbreak of FMD type O.

After the detection of the case of the epidemic, local authorities cordoned off the area. Now authorities are

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Prolonged rains in Bolivia have caused floods and landslides

February 3, 2013. Strong incessant rains, often accompanied by hail, have produced a number of landslides on all Bolivia. As a result of the 8159 Bolivian families were left homeless, as the space in which they lived, were completely destroyed by the elements. Downpours and gale brought into disrepair about 2 million hectares of agricultural land.

According to the Ministry of Defence, 48 communities in eight states of the country are in a critical condition. It is especially difficult had the southern areas Bolivia, and in the three southern states in the first place decided send enhanced humanitarian assistance.


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The death of shrimp in Vietnam


27.11.12.Gibel shrimp in ponds marked area of 79 hectares in the provinces of juice Trang, Ca Mau, Tra Vinh, Kien Giang and Bac Lieu (Bac Lieu).

Shrimp ponds in the area about 30 thousand hectares died of acute necrosis of the liver and pancreas, in other bodies of water — from other diseases and contaminated water. There is a check for the presence of water, pesticide residues, in particular, the most toxic to shrimp cypermethrin and deltamethrin, and illegally used by farmers banned substances when growing aquatic organisms. Rosselkhoznadzor is monitoring the situation.

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