Earthquake in Tajikistan

Earthquake in Tajikistan Natural Disasters

In the central part of Tajikistan earthquake with magnitude 5.7 points and a depth of 10 km. Despite the fact that the seismic standards can not be considered a strong earthquake, it brought significant damage in the Tajik Garm area a hundred miles north of the ancient Kulob (Khatlon region). Officially confirmed information about a deceased person, to whom fell the wall of the building collapsing.

In addition to damaged houses reported landslides that occurred in the same area. Beneath the mud killed herds of cows and sheep. In the Tajik capital Dushanbe

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The mass poisoning of pollen in the Samara region



SAMARA, May 13. / Correspondent. Itar-Tass Sokolov /. In Samara, 14 people were hospitalized with poisoning unknown poison.

As reported in the regional center of disaster medicine, they did today in a hospital in the area of Sergius. All of them were diagnosed with "poisoning unknown poison plant."

According to the victims, they were collected in the area of Sergius ambrosia bee — pollen, bees in the cells conserved and used as a therapeutic agent. The circumstances of poisoning set. Children among the victims. Now they are transferred to the regional hospital in Samara.


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In Donduseni sea birds. Video


24.01.12.V Donduseni was recorded massive sea birds. Residents of the city are concerned about this event. Head of the Veterinary Public Health and safety of animal products, Yuri Wenger commented on the situation in the region, if not alarming, although signals of deaths of birds came to him, not only from the city but also from villages moshav and Corbin.

According to George Wenger, citizens, faced with plague poultry should apply to free-practicing veterinarian, who will need help. The area has 12 such doctors, including one in the city, and control over their activities, the district veterinary service.

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Kazakhstan: the attack of FMD is not completely repulsed


3.02.12.Kak Paradoxically, the desire to go to the international market of meat products has become an indirect cause of the outbreak of FMD in the area Urjar

This was discussed at the briefing on the Elimination of epidemics.

Today in the foci of infection removed all sick animals: 1137 head of cattle and 1886 — the flock. The last case of FMD was registered on 5 January. Now Urjar area quarantine. According to experts, if there is no new outbreaks have been registered, it will soon be removed. However, even after the quarantine area will be under special control

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19.04.12.Gibel fish pond Zarechny. Video


19.04.12.Gory debris and decomposing carcasses of carp and roach — so now it looks like a pond in a park in Lermontov Zarechny. Dead fish cover the entire water surface, lying on the shore. Zarechenskaya fishermen complain — this catch was gone!

They have a version of why this spring in a recreation area "Solar" killed so many fish. This pattern can be observed every year. Management of natural resources experts say that the fish dies, and from lack of oxygen. Olga Zhuravleva — Engineer Environmental MU "Natural Resources Management" Zarechny: — Spring with snow melt ice

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Europe in the area of natural disasters. Video


7.01.12.Na shift stormy wind came the heavy rains and floods. In Germany, the banks came just a few rivers. Suspended shipping, roads were under water and the yards of houses along the shore.

According to forecasts, the water did not subside for days. The situation is similar in the Netherlands. There has been declared due to flooding evacuation. Of the affected area removed 800. Under the water were hundreds of acres of land, traffic on many roads closed.

And in Switzerland, and Austria — unprecedented snowfalls. Heavy wet snow stopped trains, blocked the road, cut the wiring harness.

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Contamination of the manganese Bezenchuk


8.02.12.V Bezenchuk river near to. Vasiljevka Bezenchukskaya area exceeded the maximum permissible concentration of manganese in 151 times. This was reported on the website of the Volga UGMS.

Management specialists have figured out that in early February during a routine survey of small rivers in the region. On behalf of the Regional Forestry Ministry officials from the district administration to check up, whether harmful substances leaked into the river at one of the nearby businesses. To do this, they tested organization located at 1 km upstream and downstream. It turned out that it was not. Therefore, in the Volga

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04.06.12.Gibel bees in Kuban



9.04.12.Zhiteli village Sea Yeisk district complained that on May 15 fields, which come close to the residential area, were treated with aviation chemicals. Got poison and residents of the village, all animals in the village okruge.V Krasnoflotskoye, according to residents, killed all the seedlings in the garden. Many people complained, no one responded. In Rospotrebnadzor said that for the proceedings to a statement indicating the entity.

But this Monday, June 4, above the village again visited aviation. This edition reported V.N.Taranenko resident of the village. After the visit, "corncob" coastline was dotted with dead crustaceans. The next

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In Kashmir intensified attacks of cold weather

January 9, 2013. In the area of Kashmir under the control of India increased significantly strengthened cold and frost. Icy winds blowing from the north, led to a lowering of the temperature down to zero or below. Record night temperature in Srinagar was -4,9 ° C, in the area of Leh air cools to -14,2 ° C, and in Kargil it was colder still at 2.2 degrees. Weather will remain so dry and cold for about two days.

The city Drass, the second coldest recognized settlement in the world, the thermometer dropped to -27 ° C. All the

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In the East Kazakhstan area burned prairie


7.05.11.V East Kazakhstan region one day there were two major steppe fire, reports referring to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan.

The first fire occurred in Sennoy Bolshenarymskogo forestry area. Involved in the elimination of 61 fire officers and fire CSR field Hay forestry. Approximate fire area is 70 hectares. Victims and victims.

Another fire broke out in the Lower Turgusunskom Ziryan forestry area. So far, firefighters managed to localize the heat source. In fire fighting involved five personnel and two units of fire service equipment DES East Kazakhstan region MES RK, and 35, and two pieces

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