What is light pollution?

Dave Ridgley

Light pollution is excessive or misdirected artificial light. It comes from a number of sources, from streetlights to external lighting. The majority of light pollution comes from lights either being pointed upwards or the light bouncing off of objects and scattering into the sky. With the main sources being street lights and illuminated buildings it is obvious that light pollution is considerably worse in heavily developed areas.

Excessive light pollution can have some notable effects, one being ‘skyglow’. Skyglow is the name given to the phenomenon of a glow effect that is often seen over populated areas. This

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The forestry commission

Unlike many other transport companies this enterprise not only operates and manages its fleet of vehicles and equipment, but in some areas also has to build the roads on which they run.

Wales and Ireland. The creation of the new authority was a direct result of the difficulties which the country» had faced in meeting the demand for timber during the First World War. The country’s forests had been declining since the Middle Ages and ever increasing demands for timber had resulted in the forested areas reducing to only 5% of the land area. The outbreak of war resulted in

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This beautifully designed cabana is the perfect place to relax after a game of tennis or a swim.

A Total Concept Landscape Architects was commissioned to design the extensive external entertaining areas of this Brisbane acreage property integrating a cabana, swimming pool and tennis court for relaxing and socialising. The location of the tennis court was set on level areas of the property running east-west, which suggested the location of the cabana and swimming pool. Positioning the pool to take advantage of level changes from the court to the home enabled A Total Concept Landscape Architects to utilise the outside

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Shoot a stunning subterranean scene!

Capture eerie and striking images of caves using light-painting techniques and long exposures

For this month’s Masterclass we’re leaving the sunlight behind, and heading deep underground to show you how to capture photos of caves illuminated using light-painting techniques. You’ll need a tripod and a couple of torches — a head torch will come in handy as well when you’re adjusting your camera settings. You’ll also need a remote release to open and close the shutter, as you’ll be using Bulb mode. Shooting in the dark can be tricky, so it’s a good idea bring someone along to help you.

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This single-storey residence breaks away from the usual linear architectural form to give its owners a rare structure that not only ensures privacy but also allows them to enjoy the surrounding greenery.

A bungalow’s structure plays a significant role in creating a strong identity. Generally, architects and designers like to keep the structures clean and straight-lined, especially when it comes to single-storey homes. Very rarely do we see a structure that breaks the usual norms and exhibits an interesting amalgamation of forms, shapes and patterns.

However, this home by architect Arpan Shah of Modo Designs does exactly that. It not

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Durable and beautiful, this luxury limestone will exceed all expectations.

The initial brief from the client was very specific «I need something I can use inside and outside. It must be a natural stone, durable, hardwearing, non-slip, salt- and chlorine-safe, and which won’t look out of place on a large rural property.» It was clear from the outset the stone had to be refined enough to be used indoors while tough enough to be used externally around the saltwater swimming pool.

The chosen stone was Cinajus Midland Blue limestone and it exceeded the client’s expectations. More than 1300 square metres

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Conteporary design and a stunning pool are just some of the standout features of this family-friendly space.

Building a new home can be one of the most rewarding and challenging projects you’ll undertake. However, the experience and eventual outcome can be highly influenced by the professionals you choose to help you through this process. A professional architect or building contractor is an obvious choice when it comes to creating your dream home, and these days so too is selecting a landscape designer for your outdoor areas.

Today, homeowners are creating more outdoor living spaces that act as an extension of

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Dynamic Range

Turning HDR

Creations into Reality

Recently, I wrote an article about the accuracy of my high-dynamic range images and how these photo renditions were the most realistic I had ever created. Our eyes have the ability to adjust from bright, sunny areas to deep, dark shadows in an instant, but try to replicate this in a single photographic frame and you begin to understand the limitations of your image sensor. A big misconception of many amateur shooters these days is that it’s possible to capture all the detail in every scene in one single frame. The invention and advancement of

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Do I get the Canon 70D, or 7D?

Q: l’ve owned a Canon HOOD for a couple of years and feel my photography has progressed to a level where I need a camera that shoots faster and is more responsive. I was about to buy a Canon EOS 7D to use with my EF-S lenses when the Canon 70D was announced. Now I’m not sure whether the 7D or 70D is best for me?

A: The 70D shouldn’t be looked upon as a replacement to the 7D but as a strengthening of Canon’s line-up between its enthusiast DSLRs and professional models.

The areas where the 7D outshines the

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Balance sheet. Nature versus man.

Over the last fortnight, much has been written, said and shown in public media, both print and otherwise about the flash floods and landslides that have devastated Uttarakhand, parts of Himachal Pradesh and Western Nepal. The weather pundits tell us that this is due to abnormally heavy rainfall for four days — as much as 375% more than the normal monsoon, along with melting snow from the Himalayas. Road networks, riverside settlements, and small towns in particular have borne the brunt of a furious nature. The thriving tourist season during these months has worsened the situation with huge loss of

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