New boats GCC Vympel

5 September launching of the upgraded boat project 12150A "Mongoose" (serial number 02684).

This is the second boat series built for the Russian Navy this year. After passing the mooring and boat factory sea trials will be transported to the place of service.

The modernization project was carried out by specialists of the enterprise together with the CMDB "Diamond". Interior layout has been changed ship, increased superstructure mounted combat remotely controlled module. The result has been to improve the modernization of combat, tactical, maritime and performance boats, as well as significantly improved its habitability (crew

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Sports battle areas of Kiev

For the first time in Ukraine, in Kiev were closed areas competitions in the disciplines of push-ups, dips and pull-ups on the bar. Everyone could come up and do the exercise, after which the result was fixed for a specific area.

This event took place on August 24, 2013, held an event in honor of the Ukrainian holiday — Independence Day and will be continued until September 14 — the day of physical education and sport in Ukraine. A series of 10 regional competitions in Kiev supported the company "Pharmak" in support of the development of fashion

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The company AEROPRAKT

AEROPRAKT company founded in 1991.

The main activity — the development and mass production of ultra-light aircraft of various modifications. The company produces a standard light aircraft A-22, A-24, A-36, as well as provides services to individual.

Conducted advanced research and development of special modifications of the basic models: tested and "went into a series of" aircraft for aerial photography, agricultural airplanes, amphibious aircraft, four aircraft.


State enterprises is 50 employees, highly qualified professionals with extensive practical experience in the famous Ukrainian enterprises such as Antonov.

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In p. Noisy Primorye opened a school with a kindergarten on

300 people

September 2, the day of solemn lines indicating the beginning of a new school year in Noisy was given another start — the beginning of a new life of the school building number 5.

Lasted for more than three years of new construction, including a spacious, bright, modern school with 220 students and kindergarten, which is designed for four groups of preschoolers. In addition, the building is a large sports hall, shestiugolny music room, spacious dining room, catering department, bathrooms, library, utility room, offices for the director and teachers, and more.

In the

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In p. Petrovka Tambov region opened a school for 397 seats with the study agroekotehnology

The new education center will serve as a regional resource center for the development of environmental technology intensive horticulture, gardening and farming.

It will work environmental technology and science centers, historical and cultural heritage, the laboratory of biological research, ecology and environmental economics, physics, and engineering mechanics, design bureaus, mediastudiya, the school’s press center, a study of spiritual and moral education, study of intercultural communication, the laboratory " Smart House "design bureau.

On school grounds are also equipped with agro, boxing mechanized equipment, areas of landscape design, intensive gardening, energy-efficient technologies in crop production,

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Kaliningrad Oblast gasification continues

August 22 ceremony release of the gas in the village of Fish Gurievsky municipal area. Guriev district is one of the leaders in the gasifier. Strong performance in the townships Road, Orlivka, roads, Large Isakov Vasilkovo and Small Isakov.

Last year in the Kaliningrad region has built more than 300 kilometers of gas pipeline networks. Was supplied with gas to cities like Gvardeysk, Gusev, Mamonowo, Pravdinsk, Slavsk. Were built or renovated gas inlets in the cities of Pioneer, Polessk, Slavsk, Krasnoznamensky, Neman, Bagrationovskom and Zelenograd areas. As a result, the natural gas has been connected 8,336 households.

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All areas of the Kirov region are now connected year-round communication with the regional center

August 20 opening ceremony site Almezh — Scriabin road interregional importance Kirov — Kotlas — Arkhangelsk.

The main importance of the road is to provide a transport link between the north-western areas of the Kirov region with the regional center and each other, and further provides transit out to the Arkhangelsk region. Recall, until recently, the three districts (Luza, Podosinovets, Oparinskaya) lacked all year round by road to the regional center.

Construction of the road is a step by step — in November 2010, was openly regular vehicular traffic on the site Vazyug —

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In Novokosino opened Friendship Boulevard areas!

August 17 Novokosino the grand opening of Friendship Boulevard areas. Some areas have worked before, but with the completion of the fountain, the board of which are decorated with coats of arms of 16 districts of the Eastern District, the boulevard is ready.

— September 3 at the district Novokosino birthday, so the fountain itself Boulevard, is a gift to all novokosintsam. We have many years of waiting the opening of boulevard and pedestrian zone. And finally, today, we have a big celebration — said the head of the district council Novokosino Natalya Petrovna Artamoshin. 

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New ships LSZ Pella for the Russian Navy

15 August 2013. implemented Launching head speed patrol boat project 03160 "Raptor", designed and built by JSC "Pella" on the instructions of the Russian Navy.

The boat is designed to perform in the bright and the dark of the following tasks:

delivery of personnel at least 20 people with ensuring the maximum possible speed at landing and landing the group; incurring duty in designated areas; capture and detention of the minor goals; rescue people in areas incurring duty.

Navigation area — coastal zone of the seas, straits and estuaries in the ice-free shipping

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The construction of new berths Novorossiysk

Naval Base

New berths Novorossiisk naval base are preparing to take ships of the Black Sea Fleet. The work does not stop, day or night. Specialists of "SU number 413" FSUE "GUSST number 4 at Spetsstroy Russia" has already completed coloring concrete structures of these berths modern waterproofing coating. At the same time their sides overgrown with new upgraded fenders, and on the surface of the rollers powerful layer upon layer of compacted asphalt. On the shore, too, does not abate hum techniques — created access sites berths, accommodation areas and

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