In China, millions of starving children

In the poor mountain villages of China there is a serious problem of food and physiological development of children. Many wonder, did the government has no money?

School children in poor areas of China. 2011


In March of this year, more than 500 employees of the Chinese media have launched a campaign to children in poor areas. According to data for the last month, they already have carried the children a free meal in the amount of 16.9 million yuan ($ 2.3 million). Campaigners say that to fully address the problem of

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Chechnya: such an important road

In the Chechen Republic of the construction of the road, which will not only connect mountainous Vedeno and Shatoisky areas, but will also provide access to inaccessible mountainous tracts.

The course should provide access to forest areas in the event of fires, floods, landslides, or other man-made disasters.

Mountain road will originate from the village of Selmentauzen Vedeno district, will host the canyons near Lake Kezenoi-Am and will run in the direction of Itum-Kali Shatoysky district. The total length of the road — 22 kilometers.

Construction of the will to carry

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Kiev subway will get the money for the repair pathways


Yesterday, the director of the utility (KP) "Kiev underground" Vladimir Fedorenko said that after the adoption of the capital budget for 2013 KP failed to agree on the allocation of Rs 15 million for the replacement of rails in the subway tunnels. Recall last week’s press service issues statement on the possible change of the schedule of trains due to deterioration of 8.5 km of rails, wooden sleepers 3500 and nearly 400 translations and bridge beams. According to Mr. Fedorenko, these problem areas are on all three branches of the Kiev Metro: "They can get

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In suburban Schelkovo opened a kindergarten for 180 places

Twenty-fifth of January in Schelkovskoy area has a new social object. In urban areas Schyolkovo, in the district of "Sunny", has opened a kindergarten number 58 "Pearl" with 180 seats.

Modern two-storey building of the kindergarten is equipped with everything necessary. Along with game rooms are places for day stay. In the neighborhood housed special areas for walking.


Titanell. Surgical suture material of titanium.

          Completed clinical trials and received registration for non-absorbable suture is twisted polyfilament"TITANELL" on the basis of pure titanium. This is another innovative product developed by NPF "TEMP" from the city of Yekaterinburg.

The original surgical suture material "TITANELL" meets all the requirements and is widely used in traumatology and orthopedics."TITANELL" is a versatile material that extends the options for the surgeon during crosslinking of both soft tissue and bone fragments. It seems promising to use the material for suturing tendons attach to the places on the bones, the blood supply is

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Krasnoyarsk innovators have developed a mobile fluorograph

Remote resident of Krasnoyarsk Regional Innovation and Technology Business Incubator (KRITBI) have developed an innovative project "Mobile Digital X-ray complex (MTSRDK) Emergencies — XXI». The unique medical technology will enable the Krasnoyarsk production quality and easy to survey people in remote areas and difficult to access areas.

Mobile digital X-ray diagnostic complex "Emergencies — XXI», weighing about 50 kg, can be deployed anywhere. It operates at a temperature range of +5 ° C to +40 ° C, while in transit withstand an even wider range of temperatures — from ≥ 40 ° C to +60 ° C.

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The trade turnover between Belarus and Russia has grown to $ 42 billion

This indicates an improvement in relations between the countries. And in many areas — said the Russian ambassador. As before, the main objectives are the development of economy, modernization of old and creation of new businesses, improving the quality of life of people. By the way, a year income of Belarusians and Russians were up 18%.

Alexander Surikov, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Russia to Belarus: "We do not like to come into a new stage of cooperation, and began to work more intensively integration processes, including the Union State. It is today the flagship range, an example of

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Elektrouchastok assembly facility modernized at Kurgan Machine-Building Plant

December 4 Kurganmashzavod after reconstruction started in operation elektroradiooborudovaniya site assembly and commissioning of production (MOP).

The purpose of the reconstruction project — the separation of technological conversion — procuring and wiring (assembly) as well as training areas for promising products. In addition, it will greatly improve productivity and product quality. Now harvesting operations and assembly of finished products are focused on different floors of an office building.

On the "new" areas equipped with 27 stationary jobs secured orgostanstkoy ergonomic and modern tool for electrical work — manufacture of cable products, shields the driver, control units, etc. The

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The new line of self-regulating cables from GC FTA

GC "Special systems and technologies", Russia’s largest manufacturer of electrical heating systems, introduces a new line of self-regulating heating cables for the electrical heating of pipelines, storage tanks, process equipment. The new line of heating cables designed for use at sites and mining companies, chemical, light and food industries, energy, metallurgy and mechanical engineering. The data cables are certified for use in hazardous areas.

Versatility new line is that the heating cable can be used for electric heating of industrial plants, and for the heating of the roof, drain and open squares. The new line of self-regulating cables can be

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Pella launched the tug of the project 16609

At JSC "Pella" launched one of the tugs acceptance of the program in 2013 — Tug Project 16609 (building number 623).

The tug is designed for towing and berthing operations at the port, the roads and coastal areas, appropriate navigation area R2 (swimming in the sea areas with distance from shelter to 100 miles) of escort operations at speeds up to 10 knots, refloating of ships and the courts, fighting fires on floating objects and onshore facilities, participate in oil spill response operations, transportation of goods, ice breaking, as well as to participate in rescue and special operations.

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