Continued invasion of the tropical Florida

Continued invasion of the tropical Florida Weather and Climate

South Florida peninsula was again dominated by tropical storms. The system that brought heavy rainfall to the Caribbean, continues to move into the peninsula. The greatest need for the gift of the Florida Keys, Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Florida again tropical rainfall. Precipitation are particularly dangerous for traffic on the roads, since the probability of falling to zero visibility in all regions of Florida is very high. But forecasters say the system did not have enough power to develop into a full tropical storm. This is good local residents,

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United States: in the Martian soil found perfect spheres




Thousands of tiny regular spheres were found in the soil around the dark marsrovera Opportunity. Tiny beads like glass beads, were seen panoramic camera system, and two of them are discussed in detail in a sealed chamber.

Anything like this before on the surface of Mars, scientists

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Flooding in Taiwan

Flooding in Taiwan Natural Disasters

After prolonged rains, the strongest in the last couple of years, in the heart of Taiwan have been many mudslides. Seven thousand people were evacuated and 11 are injured, including six people killed in the province of Nantes, two of them died in hospital. Two people reported missing. In large cities, schools are closed, dozens of roads no longer be operating, including 57 major roads in Taiwan, large areas are de-energized.

Taoyuan County poultry farms suffered damage after the flooding of their facilities. From the south, the second largest city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung

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New Moon could destroy state of Tuvalu: it will go under water




Located on nine atolls in the South Pacific, a tiny nation of Tuvalu may be flooded at the end of this week, said on Tuesday the Indonesian electronic media.

Expected by the end of week high tidal waves connected with the new moon,

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East Australia again "sink"

East Australia again "sinks" Natural Disasters

In the eastern part of the Australian state of Victoria announced the threat of flooding. Hazards include floods in Gippsland, whose level rose to an impressive height of the last few decades. Victoria liable to flooding, as there are already night torrential rains brought to 200 mm in 24 hours. In the next day the staff waiting for about 50-60 mm.

Several dozen residents of low-lying parts of the city Traralgon were forced to leave their homes after diving areas around the city by the bay water. Reported damage to 45 homes

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Flooding in Japan. Video


3.07.12.Vo Tuesday in western Japan in Fukuoka and Oita prefectures rains caused severe flooding. Tens of thousands of people forced to flee their homes. Reported one missing person.

According to local media, over the banks of the river drowned residential areas. Water is poured into the apartment. Order to evacuate was given 20 thousand people.

[Local resident] "We tried to use sand bags, but did not have time."

[Local resident] "We used to have twice suffered from floods, but it is — the worst"

Missing the old man. Police suggests that his could carry water over the banks

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Taiga midges undertook Ivanovo animals



26.05.12.Spetsialisty note: such cases — mortality of cattle from midges — in the region have not yet been observed.

And this is due, most likely, with the May abnormal heat, which stood for a few days. Now, despite the fact that the hot weather has receded, the population continues to buy up Yurievets pharmacies drugs that protect against bites of dangerous insects. Midges, which settled on the banks of the Volga, has always lived only in areas of the taiga.

"The bite of the midge is very allergic, causing swelling of the throat, and the animals fell

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Rain and flooding in eastern France

Rain and flooding in eastern France Natural Disasters

Recent severe thunderstorms and downpours turned east France in this disaster area. The absolute record for the country was observed in one of the administrative centers Lataringii Nancy, where three hours dropped 86 mm of rain. From the last census shows that over the first six minutes of the city hit 15.7 mm, and for the first hour — 49 mm. Emergency services staff received about 460 calls for help related to the flooding. Only in the flooded areas are about two hundred firefighters and 80 vehicles. Because of the threat of

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The most eco-friendly beaches are in Greece

The most eco-friendly beaches are in Greece Facts

For those who are planning to spend your vacation on some beach in the EU, it is nice to know that 92.1% of European beaches meet international environmental and health standards. 22,000 holiday destinations, including beaches, rivers and lakes, are recognized fully fit for the safe stay of tourists.

Scouts take part in a beach clean-up in north-west France. April 2008. The leaders of the list are Cyprus, Croatia, Malta and Greece, where the water quality and purity of more than 90% of cases were with the smallest percentage of

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Locusts found on 50 hectares. Stavropol fields



12.05.12.Na Stavropol surveyed nearly 200,000 hectares of crops, locusts found more than 50 thousand hectares.

The maximum number — 71 per square meter of the pest — marked on individual fields Levokumskij area. Settlement of the Moroccan locust found in five areas — Arzgirskom, Budennovsky Levokumskij, Neftekumsk and Turkmen. Moreover, due to the high temperatures of its emergence occurred in April — before the average long-term periods.

Another species of grasshoppers — Italian locust showed itself in seven areas: Alexander, Arzgirskom, Budennovsky Ipatovsk, Levokumskij, Neftekumsk and Turkmen. Continue processing the necessary selhozposevov and arable land. As

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